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5 Reasons Why it is Important to Make Your Garden Personal to You 

25 Mar

The garden should be a place you enjoy.

Reasons Why The Bowflex Max Trainer Is Such a Great Option For Quick At Home Workouts 

25 Mar

If you are looking for a Bowflex Max Trainer , you are making a wise choice.

How the Nutrisystem Program Can Help You Lose Weight After Pregnancy 

24 Mar

Are you carrying around extra weight after childbirth and want to find a way to get rid of it? Do you wish that you could find a system that will work well for you without you having to spend a bunch of time in the kitchen making complicated meals ...

Interior dreams focus – bathtubs 

24 Mar

Question – where do you go in your home when you really want to relax? For me, the answer is always the bathtub.

The Return of the Bumbag 

23 Mar

There are some fashion trends that shine brightly for a while and then disappear forever.

November Rain Ponchos – Made for the British Weather 

23 Mar

If there is one thing we are guaranteed in Britain, whether it is Winter of Summertime, it is that we will have some rain.

Gangsta Granny – Live on Stage at the Wolverhampton Grand 

23 Mar

David Walliams is a literary genius when it comes to children’s literature.

Win with Ellie Beans Prints 

22 Mar

Going to a wedding this year and want to give a gift that is personal, beautiful and heartfelt? I think I may have found the perfect gift that would delight anyone romantic at heart.

Spring fashion Ideas 

21 Mar

With the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere occurring on Monday (10.28 to be exact), we are now officially in Springtime.

Everything Between ‘Yes’ And ‘I Do’ 

21 Mar

Pexels Your wedding needs to be so many different things .

An evening with Mary Berry at Birmingham Town Hall 

20 Mar

Mary Berry is the grand dame of British cookery.

6 fashionable shoes for flat feet in 2017 

19 Mar

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches or pes planus, is a deformation of one or both feet wherein the longitudinal arch of the sole of the foot has sagged off or flattened out.

March 18th – I popped up to a wind-blasted Chasewater, which is… 

19 Mar

March 18th - I popped up to a wind-blasted Chasewater, which is still a mud-bath.

Ruffles and Frills – Romantic Fashion 

17 Mar

One of the key trends for Spring/Summer 2017 is the frill/ruffle effect.

Finding The Best Beauty Products For Less 

17 Mar

Whether you are looking to buy some beauty products for pampering yourself or for gifting, finding the right ones can be a bit tacky at times.

Salon at Teddy’s Hairdressers Bloxwich 

17 Mar

I am excited to announce I will be based at Teddy’s Hairdressers on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Mobile treatments will be available on Wednesdays and Thursday evenings! Call me on 07595476835 or message me to book an appointment! The...

Wedding Ring Fashion Trends 

17 Mar

Are you getting married in 2017? If yes, congratulations! If not, it’s never too early to start planning! Fashion-forward brides love capitalizing on the latest wedding ring trends and fashions.

Wild Science Perfume Factory – Making Science Fun. 

17 Mar

Science is one of those subjects that notoriously finds it hard to attract admirers.

Can A Mom Be An Individual Too? 

15 Mar

What did you think of mothers before you became one? Better yet – if someone had asked you to imagine a stereotypical Mom, what would you have come up with? Chances are one of a few stereotypes would have come to mind.

Parenting While Pregnant 

15 Mar

So much of the advice you will find about pregnancy is wonderful and useful – but it does have one major drawback: it tends to be aimed at first-time Moms.

5 things to consider before you invest in a home gym 

14 Mar

Having your very own home gym offers convenience and privacy.

Win! Lee Stafford ‘Lighten Up’ Illuminated Mirror 

14 Mar

I am a huge fan of Lee Stafford and his range of affordable, yet oh so glamorous, hair and beauty accessories.

Living off Grid – What Would You Miss? 

13 Mar

For many people, the idea of living ‘off grid’ – that is, off the beaten track and away from lots of home comforts that we now take for granted, is becoming a more attractive proposition.

So how much do you know about Olive Oil? 

13 Mar

No, this is not a post about Popeye’s girlfriend, but a post about one of those kitchen essentials that we just seem to grab from the supermarket shelf without really paying attention to what we are buying.

Blood Fulfills Vital Functions Which Should be Kept In Check in Order to Stay Healthy 

11 Mar

Blood is the most vital element in our bodies as it has some amazing duties to fulfill such as regulating the consistency of the internal environment.

NEW TREATMENT – Lash Lift, Perm & Tint 

10 Mar

We are excited to bring this new treatment to Beauty by Viki Hibbs and will be running a special offer until the end of March! Book now for just £25 and save £10.

The Three Stages Of Moving House 

10 Mar

Deciding to up sticks and move somewhere completely new is never an easy decision to make, nor an easy process to go through.

Where Fashion and Gaming Collide 

10 Mar

Is the annoying shopping mall crowd or clingy salesperson putting you off from your next shopping spree? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore! You can still cheer up with a unique kind of retail therapy online at Bingo Extra.

Olivia Palermo – Key picks for Coast 

9 Mar

The Fashion Weeks have come and gone, and, once more, the lady who’s style we’ve all been admiring has been Olivia Palermo.

Billy Elliot – Just Brilliant! 

9 Mar

Growing up in Durham during 1984/85, as the Miners strike was at its height was difficult for anyone.

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In the soup at Chasewater – this Saturday! 

24 Mar

Two events in one: Kate Cardigan Gomez from Lichfield Lore, Lichfield Discovered etc.

Backing Stoke-on-Trent‘s bid for City of Culture 2021 

24 Mar

I’ve often spoken about how Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent have always been closely linked and are steeped in history with a proud and rich heritage going back many years.

Stationary travellers 

23 Mar

There is a good deal of concern at the moment in Brownhills West about a planning consultation currently being undertaken by Cannock Chase District Council, regarding many aspects of local development, but in this case about future provision for ...

Supporting our armed forces and their families 

22 Mar

Staffordshire has a long and proud military heritage, which continues right up to today.

Where does the water go? Find out this Sunday! 

21 Mar

An interesting history walk is taking place this Sunday, 26th March 2017 at Chasewater, entitled 'Where does the water go?' which takes a look at how the dam infrastructure functions, and some of the industrial history of Anglesey Basin and surrounds.

Chasewater Railway 2017 Industrial Gala this weekend! 

18 Mar

Chasewater Railway - the little gem of a preserved industrial railway right on our doorstep is holding it's annual Industrial Gala this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 18-19th March 2017.

The issues around building houses in Staffordshire 

13 Mar

I spoke at a conference on the subject of development in Staffordshire this week.

Woodmen battle Badgers for a draw 

12 Mar

Yesterday (Saturday 11th March 2017) saw Walsall Wood take a scenic trip over Cannock Chase to Brocton, where despite a good fight, the Badgers held the lads to a one-all draw.

Working through the Chancellor’s Budget 

9 Mar

This week we had the Chancellor’s Budget and while we work through the detail and what it means for Staffordshire, there appears to be support for small businesses, money for skills training, help for  those in need, and more childcare to help ...

Creating a more agile and confident organisation 

6 Mar

This week we had the first Senior Managers’ Conference for almost exactly a year.

Chasewater Railway 2017 season starts today! 

5 Mar

I've noticed that Chasewater Railway - the little gem of a preserved industrial railway right on our doorstep is re-starting passenger services this weekend after the winter shutdown.

Your chance to find out about our local deer this Saturday… 

3 Mar

I don't know much about this one, but just a quick heads up: there's a talk entitled 'The Deer of Cannock Chase' on at Chasewater Innovation Centre at 2:00pm Saturday, 4th March 2017.

Staffordshire Strikes Gold again and hits the national headlines 

2 Mar

This week Staffordshire made the international headlines again with the discovery of yet more golden treasure.

Discussing Smart Working at the Senior Managers’ Conference 

27 Feb

This week sees the first Senior Managers’ Conference for a year.

Nurturing our young entrepreneurs 

27 Feb

It’s great to see thousands of our young people taking part in this year’s young enterprise scheme to help develop their personal and business skills.

Get stuck in the bog… 

25 Feb

For those of you into conservation and the local environment, there's this event going on at Norton Bog (that's north Chasewater) this Sunday, 26th February 2017 - the Friends of Norton Bog are a great group and you can find out more about them at ...

Highways crews battle with Storm Doris 

24 Feb

Storm Doris made herself known this week as she swept across the county, bringing with her winds of up to 60 mph which brought down dozens of trees and power lines.

Fakllen tree at Parade, Brownhills 

23 Feb

Take care folks, it’s windy! Another fallen tree at The Parade Brownhills are causing services 10, 10A & 937 to use Chester Road North #Walsall — NX West Midlands (@nxwestmidlands) February 23, 2017 Filed under: News...

Update on recent Chasewater Dam works from Andy Dennis 

19 Feb

There's ongoing interest in the drainage works taking place at Chasewater Dam, and I'm indebted to reader and top blog contributor Andy Dennis who's kindly sent me another bunch of pictures and a short video of what's going on.

Growing the County town and beyond 

15 Feb

I keep repeating that growing our county remains a priority for the County Council and stagnating is not an option.

Delivering the Health and Care Sustainability and Transformation Plan 

13 Feb

It’s been a busy and mixed week, with a lot happening.

Cannabis factory fire in Walsall Wood High Street 

11 Feb

It's been a busy night in the area for the emergency services as Saturday evening (11th February 2017) saw a major accident on the Pelsall Road in the Highbridges area, an incident that closed the M6 Toll for a while and now a blaze in what West ...

Road accidents on Pelsall Road and near the M6 Toll this evening 

11 Feb

I'm receiving bits of information about a couple of road accidents this evening (Saturday, 11th February 2017) - a clearly quite serious one on the Pelsall Road between Brownhills and the Fingerpost, and another either on, or on the approaches to the...

Staffordshire County Council issue statement on Chasewater Dam works currently ongoing 

11 Feb

I've been asked by more than a few people this week what's going on with Chasewater Dam - in the last few weeks water levels have been lowered and traffic blocked from the dam road; crews and equipment have been working on apparent drainage works.

Nominations now open for Staffordshire’s dignity in care Awards 

8 Feb

It’s that time of year again when we start the search for our Dignity in Care champions and you’re invited to nominate care workers, carers, volunteers, young people, family members, teams and organisations.

Moving towards life long learning 

7 Feb

I’ve spent the weekend at the Staffordshire University strategy weekend, along with the other governors.

Approving plans for record spending on care 

3 Feb

I met with Cabinet colleagues on Wednesday to approve plans for a record £300million spend on caring for the elderly, people with disabilities and vulnerable children.

An enduring history 

2 Feb

There are two subjects I really wish I could feature more of here on the Brownhills Blog - recent, postwar history and images of Chasewater, and more on local industry, like the BRD - well, today I get to feature both are reader David Hughes recently...

Back in the black 

30 Jan

Today (Monday, 30th January 2017) I was contacted by Irene 'The Swan Lady' Hodges who was in a state of some enthusiasm, as amongst her usual daily cohort of swans and waterfowl at Chasewater, there was a single black swan, which she fed and caught ...

How we fit in with the Government’s new Industrial Strategy 

30 Jan

Last week saw the publication of the Government’s Industrial Strategy , it’s plan to grow the UK economy and spread the benefits across the whole country.

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