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Valentine’s Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life 

20 Jan

Looking for a Valentine’s day gift for the man in your life? Then step this way.

Fabulous First Date Destinations 

19 Jan

A few days ago I posted about finding love in 2018 , making this the year you banished being single and made that ‘me time’ into ‘we time.

Delivery Made Easy With Shiply 

18 Jan

It’s an age old problem.

Muddy Boots Storage With Vintage Apple Crates 

17 Jan

One of the negative point people often mention when they are talking about storage solutions is how unattractive it can be.

January 16th – A shot I was keen to try with the TZ 100 has been… 

17 Jan

January 16th - A shot I was keen to try with the TZ 100 has been the M6 Toll bridge at Anglesey wharf.

January 16th A second day off sick. My congestion was better,… 

17 Jan

January 16th A second day off sick.

January 14th – Still awful, but hoping to be better for work… 

17 Jan

January 14th - Still awful, but hoping to be better for work next day, I pushed myself up the canal to Chasewater to try out the TZ100 instead of the Canon I’m getting very accustomed to.

6 Ways To Escape The Demands of Daily Life 

16 Jan

In life, it is important that you strike the right balance between passion and practicality.

Save Some Money – Make Some Money 

16 Jan

Yesterday was officially Blue Monday, not a celebration of the fabulous New Order song, but the most miserable day of the year.

Find Your Future With Palmistry HD 

15 Jan

Whether you consider yourself to be deeply spiritual, or deeply sceptical.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas For The Lady In Your Life 

15 Jan

We are now just a month from the most romantic time of the year.

Why Online Dating Could Be For You 

14 Jan

If you are currently single, but not enjoying the fact, then 2018 could be the year your decide to make a change.

Friday Fashion – What’s New In Stores 

12 Jan

If you are now truly sick and tired of trawling the sales and want to see something new, then this post is just the medicine you need.

Preparing For Your Prom 

11 Jan

It may seem a long time until the Summer, but time has a way of creeping up on you, and, before you know it, it will be May and Prom Season will be upon us.

Sprucing Up Your Home For The New Year 

11 Jan

Ok, you’ve done the run-up to Christmas, the actual Christmas bit, the run-up to New Year and the actual New Year.

Casino fashions that influenced the runway with glamour and sparkle 

10 Jan

When people think about casinos, it is safe to assume that glitz, glamour and good times won’t be too far from the brain.

Are you Brexit ready? 

10 Jan

Build a more robust business for 2018 Whatever the eventual structure of the Brexit deal there’s one thing for sure, the more robust a business is the more chance it has of riding out any storm.

Open Or Broken-Plan? A New Design Trend 

9 Jan

Multi-functional rooms have been popular for a long time, they allow you to use your space in a way that suits you, and this seems to be a practical option that appeals.

Travel Wish List For 2018 

9 Jan

As a person who is a total Winter-phobe at the best of times, I find myself spending a lot of January and February Summer dreaming.

5 Tips To Looking Great On A Budget 

9 Jan

After the holidays it can be somewhat of a challenge to get back into the swing of things.

Better Self Care For 2018 

8 Jan

If you have one aim for 2018, it should be to take better care of yourself.

Golden Globes 2018 – The Day The Red Carpet Turned Black 

8 Jan

If we’re being honest, the choice of the colour black for the red carpet is a bit of a no-brainer.

Business as Usual: GDPR free seminar 

7 Jan

On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law in the UK.

Homes And Interiors: Alternatives To Carpet 

4 Jan

Excuse the pun, but where do you stand when it comes to carpet in the home? Do you still have it in your living room , or, like me, is it now banished to bedrooms only? (Please don’t say you have it in your bathroom, perish the thought.

My Perfect Winter Escape 

4 Jan

Winter, and the cold, dismal weather than comes with it, can often leave us longing for a break somewhere new.

December Outfits Post 

4 Jan

December was lovely.

Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly 

3 Jan

Winter is often considered the toughest time of the year to sell your home, but sometimes needs must and you need to sell your home quickly, possibly wanting to sell your house for cash .

Get Involved in Grassroots Football In 2018 

3 Jan

From a very early age my boy Joe has kicked a football.

Adding Vintage Touches To Your Home 

2 Jan

Your home is a reflection of you, your style and your taste.

Holiday Ideas For Early 2018 

2 Jan

For many people, today has been the real end of the Christmas break.

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Dam freeloaders? 

19 Jan

It seems all is not rosy between Staffordshire County Council, owners of Chasewater, and the Canal and River Trust, the people who actually use the water it supplies to top up the canal network in Birmingham and the Black Country.

Highlighting the difference fostering can make 

12 Jan

Finding loving homes for our children in care is something that is close to my heart and I hope yours, and remains a priority for the county council.

Remembering those who lost their lives at the Minnie Pit Disaster 100 years on 

11 Jan

On Friday we will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Minnie Pit mining disaster at Halmerend in Newcastle.

The importance of cyber security 

8 Jan

In the coming weeks, all staff will be required to do some mandatory cyber security training.

Future plans building on past successes 

3 Jan

Look around Staffordshire today and you’ll see new business premises and enterprise parks occupied by global companies, inventors, entrepreneurs and local creative companies.

Happy New Year 

2 Jan

Firstly, I would like to wish you, your families and friends a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in 2018.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly Newsletter – 31st December 2017 

31 Dec

EVENTS Nothing this week but we are starting off the New Year with ‘Rogers New Year’s Party’ on Thursday 11th January beginning at 10.00am.

Frozen in time 

31 Dec

I'm pleased and delighted to have been contacted once more by top local photographer and friend of the blog Peter Booth, who this time has sent me some images of Chasewater - some taken from the 'lighthouse' structure on the old pier in what I ...

Living next door to the Grove – what do you know? 

21 Dec

Last year I featured a very popular set of images from a place I genuinely didn't realise still existed: The Grove Colliery, the remnants of which - the house and offices situated just off Lime Lane, between Pelsall, Brownhills, Norton and Great ...

Staffordshire’s War, a window into the home front in Staffordshire 

20 Dec

A number of years ago our Archives Service rediscovered some very interesting WWI Military Appeal Tribunal Papers  which should have been destroyed after the war but weren’t.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas 

18 Dec

It almost feels too early to be wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but Christmas Day is only a week away.

Setting out our budget 

14 Dec

This week we set out our budget plans for the next five years which will see a record spending of £310 million on care for the elderly, more support for children in care and further work to grow our economy.

Gritting crews working round the clock 

11 Dec

Having been working round the clock since Friday to tackle sub-zero temperatures and snow, our gritting crews are continuing their work to keep the roads clear.

Senior Managers’ Conference, and a thanks to our highways teams 

11 Dec

We had our Senior Managers’ Conference last week.

Creature feature 

8 Dec

Here's one to check out if you're up at Chasewater in the week, or maybe this Sunday at the Christmas Fair - a great looking exhibition by local Artist Lesley 'Will' Littleton, which runs at the Innovation Centre until December 21st 2017, open from ...

2017 Christmas Fair and Lantern Parade at Chasewater this Sunday! 

7 Dec

There's a further chance to get into the Christmas spirit this Sunday (10th December 2017) -  there's the Annual Christmas Fair and Lantern Parade being held at Chasewater Innovation Centre.

The Digital Revolution 

4 Dec

We seem to be making real progress on the Smart Staffordshire work, in which the county council is working with our universities, businesses and the Staffordshire public sector.

Any road up? 

4 Dec

I've been busy with real-world work most of this weekend, so apologies for the reduced power in transmission, but here's the first of two interesting articles I've had in from Ian James, both regarding the history and physical geography of Chasewater.

Reggie Bear needs your help! 

30 Nov

Christmas is usually a special time for families and something that children very much look forward to.

On the shore 

29 Nov

While I'm busy, a couple of great postcard images reach me from Dean Rogers in the Norton Canes History Group - these are of Norton Pool around 1910 and seem to have been taken at the same time.

The Budget and what it means for Staffordshire 

29 Nov

Last week we had the Chancellor’s Budget with Pledges to invest more in the NHS this winter, a drive to increase house building and extra investment in education and skills, Alongside this was increases in personal tax allowances for people, and ...

The Woodmen fell Coppice residents 

20 Nov

On Saturday afternoon, Walsall Wood FC took the short stroll up the road to Five Ways at Heath Hayes to comfortably beat Heath Hayes, continuing the Woodmen's somewhat astonishing performance so far this season.

Walsall Wood away to Heath Hays at the Coppice this afternoon! 

18 Nov

Come and watch stellar Walsall Wood play at Heath Hayes this afternoon! Continue reading...

Staffordshire’s best tourism businesses celebrated at awards 

17 Nov

Tourism plays a vital role in our overall economy and on Wednesday over 40 of our top tourism businesses gathered for the 2017 Enjoy Staffordshire Tourism Awards.

Pictures and video from Brownhills and Heath Hayes 2017 Remembrance events 

16 Nov

Last weekend, Saturday and Sunday 11-12th November 2017 saw the annual Remembrance weekend in the UK and I'm pleased to say Walsall Borough and South Staffordshire did themselves proud and staged a whole range of parades and events that were well ...

Remembrance, and St Peter’s Bridge 

13 Nov

I am extremely proud of Staffordshire’s close links with the military, and therefore it was humbling to see so many people in our county pay their respects to the fallen over the weekend.

Keeping healthy this winter 

8 Nov

Winter brings with it lots of different challenges for everyone and In my last post, I touched on our winter preparations from a highways point of view.

Putting you front and centre 

6 Nov

Hopefully, you will have received my email message on the recent Connecting Us survey.

Winter preparations underway 

2 Nov

We are feeling the first signs of winter now and rest assured behind the scenes our highways teams have been busy putting our army of gritting machines through their paces so they are ready to be rolled out when needed.

Make it Strictly West End with Brownhills finest – who are also returning home! 

31 Oct

Martin Morris from the Shire Oak group on Facebook has drawn my attention to the fact that Brownhills Musical Theatre Company have their latest show 'Strictly West End' on this week at the Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock.

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