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Interiors Focus: Wall Art 

18 Apr

A home with lots of bare walls is a home without a soul.

Spring Clean Your Life This Spring 

17 Apr

With temperatures that are going to hit the mid twenties this week, it certainly feels like Spring has finally sprung.

March Outfit Post – #WIWT 

16 Apr


April 14th – Just in the nick of time the weather improved. It… 

15 Apr

April 14th - Just in the nick of time the weather improved.

April 14th – Spring came today properly, and brought with her… 

15 Apr

April 14th - Spring came today properly, and brought with her warm sun and the general population out enjoying itself in what seems like the first temperate weather since last year… Interested to note as I rode out through Chasewater on a bike ride...

Is Egg Donation Right for You? An Explanation and Guide to Choosing a Donor 

14 Apr

Couples struggling with infertility often find themselves in a perpetual cycle of grief and loss.

The Biggest Challenges You Face as a Single Parent 

14 Apr

No-one intentionally sets out to be a single parent, in many cases, there was love in the early the days of a relationship, so it can be upsetting when you then have to face life alone with your child.

10 Tips to be a Yummy Mummy 

13 Apr

Everyone’s idea of a yummy mummy is different – but in most cases the definition is an attractive (dare we say it) middle aged Mother who wears trendy clothes in-keeping with the latest fashion, has amazing hair that isn’t out of place – and ...

How Sport Can Bring The Community Together 

13 Apr

Image There is no better feeling than the one where you know your family extends beyond the people you are blood related to.

Boden: The New Icons Collection Is Here 

12 Apr

Over the last few years Boden has had a reputation for style based on the best of British.

Staying Safe On Your First Date 

12 Apr

Whatever situation you find yourself in, one thing is always important, and that is to keep yourself safe.

We All Need A Credit Card At Some Point. 

11 Apr


Turn Of The Screw Raises The Chills At The Wolverhampton Grand 

10 Apr

It is generally agreed the the 1961 film ‘The Innocents’ is one of the most frightening of all ghost stories, based on the classic Henry James novel ‘The Turn of the Screw’, the story of a governess who may, or may not be seeing malevolent ...

The Perfect Grey Jumper From Cho Fashion And Lifestyle 

10 Apr

Once upon a time, my choice of basic and classic clothing was always black.

Set Your Boundaries When Dating Online 

10 Apr

The past year has shown that even in the 21st Century, the treatment that women receive at the hands of men, particularly men in powerful positions, can be shocking in its nature.

Don’t Ignore Embarrassing Health Problems 

9 Apr

It seems incredible that, in our current, enlightened age, when we know the risks og ignoring health issues, there are still things that we see as too embarrassing to seek help for.

Introducing: The Old English Company 

8 Apr

If I was to list my current passions it would read something like this:- My family – natch! Even though there are days when I could happily make them disappear Kevin McAllister style.

4 steps to being more environmentally conscious 

8 Apr

4 steps to being more environmentally conscious There’s no denying that family life is a busy life.

Places For A Mini Break In The UK 

2 Apr

If you are trying to save the cash this year, then an overseas holiday might just be out of the question.

Choosing Window Shutters For Your Home 

30 Mar

A recent trend when it comes to home decor has been the rise in popularity of the window shutter.

7 Tips for Getting a Great Prom Dress on the Cheap 

30 Mar

Prom season is coming, and it’s time to start thinking about buying a dress.

Travel: Try A Cruise This Summer. 

29 Mar

If you are currently planning your Summer holiday, it might be time to think about trying a cruise.

Tips To Give You Glowing Skin With The Best Hydrafacial Treatments 

29 Mar

Are you always out for field activities? Does your face have loosened vitality with time? Do you want your glow back? Do you want people to admire your beauty? Yes.

Shoe Shopping Tips Every Woman Should Know 

29 Mar

Shopping for shoes can be a frustrating experience when you are a woman, which is why you need all of the tips you can get.

The Rat Pack – The Sands Hotel 1960 Comes To Birmingham 

29 Mar

If I could choose a time to go back to, the Las Vegas 1960 would be where I would head.

How to pack lightly for a weekend away 

28 Mar

Packing for a weekend away can be tricky, especially if you’re flying with cabin only luggage which means trying to squeeze it all into a small case.

A Teenage Girl Wish List 

28 Mar

What to buy a teenage girl? To be honest, the fact that I was once a teenage girl myself is not all that helpful – times really have changed, and whilst I was interested in buying CDs, posters from Athena and accessories of all kinds from ...

Chocolate And Wine – Who Could Resist! 

27 Mar

Easter is almost upon us, and if there is one thing that can be guarenteed, it’s that we are going to be eating our own body weight in chocolate, simply because it it the one time of the year that it is allowed, the one time of the year when an egg...

Spring Clean And Revamp Your Bedroom 

27 Mar

Spring is a time that is synonymous with Spring cleaning and revamping, especially when it comes to your home.

Tips for Improving Your Wellbeing 

27 Mar

In the increasingly fraught and frantic times we live in, sometimes it feels like there is no time for ‘me’.

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Current Squad. 30-33-34=37-38-Mr Mystery. 

19 Apr

All of the above were entered into the squad by Jon Whitney, but I cannot find any information on them I would appreciate it.

Congratulations to our Commonwealth medal winners 

16 Apr

I hope people got the chance to enjoy some of the Commonwealth Games over the last couple of weeks and in particular cheer on some of our very own Staffordshire sporting stars.

Learning at Work Week 

16 Apr

We have Learning at Work Week coming up from 14 – 18 May.

Current Squad 28. Callum David Cockerill-Mollett 

15 Apr

Callum David Cockerill-Mollett  (born 15 January 1999) is an Engliish born Irish professional footballer who is a full back, witth League 1 Walsall .

Current Squad 25 Maziar Kouhyar 

15 Apr

Maziar Kouhyar  (born 30 September 1997), is an Afghan professional footballer who plays in midfield for EFL 1 team Walsall.

Our Strategy, and good news for Staffordshire families 

9 Apr

I wanted to make sure that you had all had a chance to familiarise yourselves with the Plan on a Page , the short version of the council’s Strategy.

Extra funding to help vulnerable families 

4 Apr

Over the last few years we have been at the forefront of working jointly with other organisations to help families with complex needs and to help them avoid reaching crisis point.

Current Squad 24. Kory Roberts 

2 Apr

Kory Paul Roberts  (born 17 December 1997) is an English professional footballer who plays in defense for Walsall of League One.

Current Squad 23 JJ Fitzwater 

2 Apr

Jack Joseph Fitzwater  (born 23 September 1997) is an English professional footballer  who plays as a defender for Walsall  on loan from West Bromwich Albion He is a product of the  Albion academy and was named academy player of the year for...

Current Squad. 20 Ama Bakayoko 

1 Apr

Amadou Bakayoko  (born 1 January 1996) is a professional footballer , from Siera Leonne, who is  a  Forward for Walsall in the FL League 1.

Everyone needs a little help from their friends… 

27 Mar

Here's a good one for younger folk looking for experience of work as a park ranger, or maybe retired or older folk looking for something where they can meet the public - this year Staffordshire County Council are looking for volunteers to join the ...

The importance of talking openly and honestly about death 

26 Mar

I’m attending a friend’s funeral tomorrow, and, as well as reflecting on his life and the people he leaves behind, I couldn’t help but make the connection with the Dying Matters Staffordshire discussion that we’ve started on talking openly ...

Current Squad 18 Julien Ngoy. 

25 Mar

Julien Fontaine Ngoy Bin Cibambi  (born 2 November 1997) is a Belgian footballer who plays as a forward with Walsall of League 1, on loan from Stoke City Julien Ngoy was born in Antwerp and began his football career playing in the youth team at ...

Current Squad. 17 R.J Flanagan 

25 Mar

Reece James Flanagan (born 19 October 1994) is an Enlish pro footballer.

Countdown on until Staffordshire Day 

23 Mar

With just over a month to go to Staffordshire Day on 1 May, and more activities being added every day, the excitement is really starting to build.

It’s a diesel takeover – this weekend! 

22 Mar

Chasewater Railway - the little gem of a preserved industrial railway right on our doorstep is holding it's annual Diesel Gala this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 24-25th March 2018.

Currebt Squad 16 Justin Shaibu 

21 Mar

Justin Kwabena Shaibu  (born 28 October 1997) is a Danish professional footballer  who plays for Walsall on Loan from Brentford.

Still time to volunteer at this year’s UK Corporate Games 

21 Mar

If you love your sports and would like to join in the action at Europe’s biggest sports event for business then now’s your chance.

The importance of diverse teams 

19 Mar

I’ve been reflecting on decision making and diversity this week, and would value any feedback from readers.

Showcasing Staffordshire’s investment potential and the Chancellor’s Spring Statement 

16 Mar

This week representatives from the County Council and our Local Enterprise Partnership are at a global property exhibition called MIPIM in Cannes, France.

Current Squad. 15 Liam Kinsella. 

14 Mar

Liam Mark Kinsella (born 23 February 1996) is an English professional footballer who plays as a full back or midfielder for League One side Walsall.

Current Squad. 11 Keiron Morris. 

14 Mar

Kieron Morris (born 3 June 1994) is an English footballer who plays for Walsall.

Bearing up under the strain 

13 Mar

So, I decided to go and take a look at the nicely refurbished Ogley Junction Bridge , and hopefully cross it and get to Chasewater, extending my recent short rides .

Current Squad 13 Liam Roberts. 

13 Mar

Liam Joseph Roberts  (born 24 November 1994) is an English professional footballer who plays as a Goalkeeper .

Get into something Hobbit forming… 

13 Mar

There's a really great exhibition happening right now and continuing until 21st April 2018 at Chasewater Innovation Centre - Tolkien in Staffordshire, which is on at the Innovation Centre from 9am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Current Squad 10 Erhun Oztumer 

12 Mar

Erhun Aksel Oztumer  (born 29 May 1991) is an English professional footballer who plays in midfield for League one Walsall.

Identifying our values and making them work 

12 Mar

You will remember my talking about formalising a new set of values in the organisation as part of our Workforce Strategy.

Welcoming calls for stronger planning reform 

8 Mar

Earlier this year, the Government pledged to re-write planning rules to help to speed up the building of more homes.

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and looking ahead to the summer graduation 

7 Mar

  We need to keep repeating that apprenticeships are an important part of bringing growth and prosperity for all of us in our county, and they are a great way to start a career for many of our young people.

Thanks to our gritting crews, a ministerial visit, and recognition for Families First 

5 Mar

I couldn’t start this week’s entry with anything other than the winter weather – the combination of snow and wind has made it especially challenging for those keeping the roads clear.

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