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Altenew Class 

15 Jul 18

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a class run by Altenew and came away with a few cards and this layout designed by Lilith Eeckels.

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13 Jul 18

It is almost twenty years since I was expecting my youngest child; now he is a 6ft tall man, daily going out to work as an engineering apprentice.

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10 Jul 18

An old photo here of Kev and the girls (as both are now well into their twenties).

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More Old Holiday Photos. 

28 Jun 18

Here are a few pictures of Katie taken back in the noughties, she looks so cute that it’s ahrd to believe that she will graduate in a few weeks time.

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Go By Steam 

26 Jun 18

An unusual double layout today! As I had so many photos of our ride on the Rheidol Valley steam train I filled the right hand page with the majority of them, and added the pictures of us on the left hand page.

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Crazy Hair Contest 

24 Jun 18

When the children were smaller, we used to take them to a caravan owned by my aunt and uncle.

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The Libertine 

22 Jun 18

We went to Wales last year and Katie took us to a lovely cocktail bar called The Libertine.

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Aberwystwyth Castle 

20 Jun 18

This photo of Katie has been sitting in my Wales album for four years (when we took her off the University), and as she is about to graduate, I thought it was time to get it scrapped! I’m sure the image of her holding up the collapsing wall of the …

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Union Action 

17 Jun 18

Both my Dad and I have been union reps during our working lives.

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When we Were Four 

4 Jun 18

I love this photo of us taken on the harbourside in Weymouth before my youngest was born.

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My Little Lookout 

2 Jun 18

A very old 35mm photo on this LO of Hannah using toy binoculars to look at the view over Durdle Door in Weymouth.

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Uncle Tony 

31 May 18

My children have always been close to my brother and I love this photo of him with Hannah back in 1995.

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Another Donkey Ride. 

29 May 18

This time, the donkey ride is for two as both of my girls were old enough to enjoy the fun.

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Old Family Photos 

27 May 18

Now my children are all adult, I have been spending time catching up with some of my old scrapbooks.

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London Square 

24 May 18

The Squares in London a well known oases of green within the city.

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Really Old Photos. 

22 May 18

When Kev and I were ‘courting’ we took our first holiday together walking in the Lake District.

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Friends House 

20 May 18

The Society of Friends or Quakers run a cafe over the road fro Euston Station in London.

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The Grand 

18 May 18

A layout using very old K and Co stash to make this page about The Grand Hotel in Scarborough.

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A Double Layout 

16 May 18

Kevin found a lovely place to have afternoon tea while we were in London.

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A Day out in London 

14 May 18

After being unwell for much of the Easter holiday, the 11th of April was one of the few days I was well enough to go out.

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We Play 

12 May 18

My Dad used to love to make teeth from orange peel when the children were small and as Hannah was his first grandchild this is the first picture we have of us playing with the ‘dangerous teeth’ I was expecting Katie on this holiday and as it was …

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10 May 18

Here is another pre-digital photo, taken so long ago that I could hardly remember the occasion it was taken.

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Brownsea Castle 

8 May 18

This was the only photo I managed to take of the castle on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.

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A very old photo 

6 May 18

My eldest daughter is now 26 and this photo of her was taken down in Weymouth back in 1993.

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Break the Rules 

4 May 18

On our way home from holiday a few years ago, the weather was poor, so we decided to leave early and call in at Oxford on our way north.