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Save Acocks Green Police Station! 

2 Mar 18

Acocks Green Police Station by Mike Byrne Under a new plan put forward by  West Midlands Police and Crime commissioner Acocks Green Police Station is under threat of closure in order to save money spent on police in the West Midlands.

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Keep Acocks Green in Yardley! 

2 Dec 17

The proposed Boundary Changes for Yardley Constituency – to come into effect in 2022.

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Hands off our Heritage! Stop 16 Flint Green Road PA 

18 Dec 16

Local residents with councillors Roger Harmer (Lib-Dem), Stewart Stacey (Lab) John O’Shea (Lab) outside 16 Flint Green Road All three local councillors (Roger Harmer, Lib-Dem), Stewart Stacey (Labour) and John O’Shea (Labour) have joined with …

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Acocks Green Heritage Trail 

31 Aug 16

Have you seen these boards around Acocks Green Village yet? Picture from Acocks Green BID They are part of the eight boards which form Acocks Green’s new  History Trail    Learn about the rich History of Acocks Green and its different sights and…

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Your Acocks Green Candidates: BCC Elections 2016 

29 Apr 16

Votes being counted at the National Indoor Arena (B.

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Hands off Our Boundary! 

26 Jan 16

Note: if you are looking for the model letter or petition they are towards the end of this post.

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Eastbourne House, Acocks Green, under Threat 

27 Sep 15

Eastbourne House, Photo by Mike Byrne Eastbourne House in Acocks Green is under threat.

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The Avalon Hotel (48 Sherbourne Rd.) Urgent! 

4 Jul 15

The Avalon Hotel (48 Sherbourne Road, Acocks Green) Acocks Green people and conservationists have been stunned to discover that a planning application to convert the well-known Acocks Green building: The Avalon Hotel into an House in Multiple …

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Your Acocks Green Candidates BCC Elections 15 

29 Apr 15

It’s that time of the year again.

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Yardley Hustings 2015 

28 Mar 15

Yardley Hustings 2015: L to R Eamonn Flynn (TUSC) Arun Photay (Con) Jon Morris (Chair) Jess Phillips (Lab) John Hemming (Lib Dem) Teval Stevens (Respect) Thanks to John O’Shea for permission to use image.

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Acocks Green Post Office under Threat 

8 Oct 14

Check it out! Acocks Green Post Office above.

Local news
Tree on The Green under Threat of Chopping 

9 Sep 14

The healthy tree on The Green Amey want to chop down: ‘Health is not the issue here, highway obstruction is the issue that we are obliged to deal with’ Oh it always seems to go, like you don’t know what you’ve got.

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Party! Celebrating 10 Years of the Focus Group 

25 Aug 14

10 Years Ago – Saving the Green at Acocks Green – double-click on the cutting for a clear reading image.

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Red Letter Day for Acocks Green’s Post Boxes! 

26 Jul 14

If you live in Acocks Green you may well, at some time in the few years sighed over the state of our post boxes.

Local news
What’s Happening About the Conservation Area? 

18 Jul 14

NB to get a bigger image double-click this one and then use + signs arrows for fine detail including road names.

Local news
Acocks Green Ward Elections 2014 

14 May 14

Birmingham City Council – Councillors sitting in the  Council Chamber May 22nd 2014 is your opportunity to help decide who, out of the six candidates below, gets one of the seats you see pictured above, on Birmingham City Council, for the next…

Local news
Acocks Green’s Proposed Conservation Area 

23 Feb 14

Boundaries of the Proposed Acocks Green Conservation Area Acocks Green’s long awaited Conservation Area proposal is finally here and on the table.

Local news
Acocks Green Smart Route Goes Stupid? 

11 Feb 14

How much Parking will there really be, once the Smart Route is completed? Sadly, it seems to be time to say something more on the course of the Smart Route plans for Acocks Green.

Local news
Glynn Edwards Hall p.a. Recommendation: Refuse 

21 Nov 13

This is from the Planning Application report for the Acocks Green Baptists Application (p.

Local news
Do you want the Glynn Edwards Hall to become ‘Facilities’? 

5 Nov 13

Have you seen this yet?  (Double click to enlarge) You may have been the lucky recipient of this letter if you live in Alexander or Douglas Roads, or on the Stockfield Estate.

Local news
Glynn Edwards Hall – Latest 

25 Oct 13

This planning application is to demolish the 1924 Grade A locally listed Glynn Edwards Hall and to replace it with a plain and featureless unemployment training centre.

Local news
New Glynn Edwards Demolition Scheme. (Here we go again … ) 

15 Sep 13


Local news
The Secret of Arthur Moore Hall 

5 Sep 13

Acocks Green Ward Meeting 4 September 2013 certainly had its moments.

Local news
The Glynn Edwards Hall … 

3 Sep 13


Local news
Acocks Green Smart Route: Latest! 

1 Aug 13

The Dual Carriageway in Acocks Green Centre – Pedestrian View The Smart Route  through Acocks Green seems to have been on the agenda for ever.