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“Super Hero” football fans unite to keep justice hopes alive for pub bombing families 

22 Dec 17

Justice4the21 humbled by its army of new supporters…

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More people than ever are saving for the future thanks to pension reforms 

20 Dec 17

Pensions Minister Guy Opperman says Automatic Enrolment is helping more people save into a workplace pension…

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Here’s how Labour and rebel Conservative MPs could delay Brexit 

17 Dec 17

MPs could this week block Theresa May’s plan to make March 29 2019 our official Brexit day…

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The problem isn’t robots, it’s bad employers 

14 Dec 17

Tom Watson’s Future of Work Commission looked at the impact of new technology but the problems really lie with the way our economy works…

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It’s a crime to waste so much food when people are hungry 

12 Dec 17

A supermarket chain has announced it will give away unsold food this Christmas…

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Chancellor Philip Hammond also claimed the Government had studied impact of Brexit on sectors of the economy 

7 Dec 17

Brexit Secretary David Davis now says there are no ‘impact assessments’ showing what Brexit could do to the economy.

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We can never thank people enough for their support – pub bombings families 

29 Nov 17

Justice4the21 humbled by growing support for its campaign…

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The chancellor is right to target land bankers over housing crisis 

23 Nov 17

And it is not the only case of the Conservative Government following in Labour’s footsteps…

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Is it time to abolish the television licence fee? 

22 Nov 17

Why should you pay the fee if you never use the BBC…

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Current affairs getting you down? Don’t worry – here are the reasons to be cheerful 

18 Nov 17

It’s not all bad news.

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Is it just me or has politics got really horrible recently? 

15 Nov 17

MPs are terrified to say what they really think, we have a government of the living dead and suddenly it’s okay to be a bit racist…

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MPs have one last chance to save us from the Brexit disaster 

11 Nov 17

Many MPs are convinced Brexit is going to take this country off a cliff.

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Seven reasons why Theresa May’s government is a disaster 

8 Nov 17

Theresa May’s Government is in chaos but she may be able to cling on to power for a while yet…

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Secret Brexit papers revealing impact on the regions may never be published 

7 Nov 17

Brexit Secretary David Davis has promised to hand over data on the impact on sectors of the economy within three weeks, but we know the Government has more than this…

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It’s not a witch hunt. There’s a real problem at Westminster – but some of those accused may be innocent 

4 Nov 17

Fear and panic at Westminster as MPs face sleaze allegations…

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‘Blues and Villa fans – you were simply magnificent’ – pub bombings families 

3 Nov 17

They praise rival fans for uniting in support of their cause…

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Why we should embrace our driverless future 

30 Oct 17

The driverless car is the next revolution in transport and the Midlands is well placed to take advantage…

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Universal Credit vote shows the strength of Theresa May’s position 

21 Oct 17

The Universal Credit vote was a stark reminder that oppositions talk while governments get things done…

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Now is the time for cities and mayors to take the lead 

18 Oct 17

Britain remains one of the most centralised countries in the world – but our new batch of mayors are challenging that and rightly so…

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United we stand against terrorism – Justice4the21 campaigners 

16 Oct 17

Pub bombings families join thousands in London march…

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Here’s why a ‘no-deal’ Brexit would be a total disaster for the West Midlands economy, employers and people 

14 Oct 17

Theresa May says the Government is preparing for the possibility of quitting the EU without a replacement deal, but this would cause enormous damage to the West Midlands…

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Long term housing measures announced – but the homelessness crisis is here 

13 Oct 17

Housing and homelessness taking centre stage but more support is needed on the front line…

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Is Jeremy Corbyn right to say the Universal Credit helpline costs 55p a minute? 

11 Oct 17

Jeremy Corbyn told the House of Commons that Universal Credit claimants were charged 55p a minute for calling a helpline…

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Conservative Brexit supporters want Theresa May to stay – at least for now 

8 Oct 17

Theresa May’s conference speech went wrong but she has an important job to do…

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It’s been a tricky time for the bins chief 

5 Oct 17

Cllr Lisa Trickett scolds the Tories for exploiting confused messages in council’s new waste strategy…