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Long term housing measures announced – but the homelessness crisis is here 

13 Oct 17

Housing and homelessness taking centre stage but more support is needed on the front line…

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Is Jeremy Corbyn right to say the Universal Credit helpline costs 55p a minute? 

11 Oct 17

Jeremy Corbyn told the House of Commons that Universal Credit claimants were charged 55p a minute for calling a helpline…

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Conservative Brexit supporters want Theresa May to stay – at least for now 

8 Oct 17

Theresa May’s conference speech went wrong but she has an important job to do…

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It’s been a tricky time for the bins chief 

5 Oct 17

Cllr Lisa Trickett scolds the Tories for exploiting confused messages in council’s new waste strategy…

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The three reasons why Theresa May’s big conference speech was a disaster 

4 Oct 17

A heckler.

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How Jeremy Corbyn copied his conference speech from Theresa May 

30 Sep 17

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s big speech to the Labour conference was remarkably similar to the conference speech Theresa May delivered last year…

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Labour holds its annual conference in Brighton as the party finally appears to have united around the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn 

23 Sep 17

Activists and MPs are meeting as the Labour left has a real chance to lead the party into government…

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The Conservative Party needs winners and West Midlands Mayor Andy Street is one of them 

20 Sep 17

He’s already helped them win in the West Midlands but could Andy Street do even more for the Conservative Party…

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Universal Credit seemed like a good idea but will the Government admit it’s not working out? 

18 Sep 17

A new benefits system has left people behind with their rent or dependent on food banks – and taxpayers are footing the bill…

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It’s rarely the mistake itself, but the denial which ends the political career 

15 Sep 17

John Clancy would still be council leader if he’d owned up to mistakes on his aborted bin strike deal…

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Jeremy Corbyn and the left offer hope while Theresa May’s Conservatives offer nothing but fear 

13 Sep 17

Conservatives need to offer a positive vision if they are going to regain momentum, but show no signs of doing it…

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Jacob Rees-Mogg will never be Conservative leader but he does make politics more interesting 

9 Sep 17

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s religious views rule him out as party leader but he was never in with much of a chance…

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Bin strike: City Council still dysfunctional after all these years 

7 Sep 17

Damning review called for Birmingham City Council to up its game – but the bin strike shows lessons have not been learned…

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Embattled Labour council leader sees support waning ahead of showdown meeting with colleagues 

4 Sep 17

Pressure building on council leader John Clancy following claims he has ‘seriously mishandled’ the bins dispute…

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Who will last longer – Prime Minister Theresa May or Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn? 

2 Sep 17

Conservative leader Theresa May says she’s in it ‘for the long term’ but can she really lead the Tories into the next general election…

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The more the EU plays games over Brexit the more I think we’re better off out of it 

2 Sep 17

I’m a remainer but the EU’s behaviour during the Brexit talks makes me wonder if I was wrong…

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Mum FINED by council after pulling over to help her choking baby 

25 Aug 17

She claims Harrow Council are heartless and unsympathetic after she was ordered to pay a 110 Penalty Charge Notice…

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Bin Strike: This looks like a fragile ceasefire 

16 Aug 17

A long way to go before peace deal is confirmed and action called off for good…

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Here’s one reason there won’t be a new ‘centre’ political party 

14 Aug 17

There are calls for a new ‘centrist’ political party but it’s unlikely to happen…

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Some weird and wonderful ways the mayor can solve our problems 

10 Aug 17

Some inspiration for West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, plus more on bins and a councillor’s goal scoring comeback…

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Is mayor Andy Street letting down the West Midlands? 

10 Aug 17

Labour MP Ian Austin asks what new West Midlands Mayor Andy Street has achieved in his first 100 days in office…

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I’m not scared to eat an American chlorinated chicken 

26 Jul 17

The row over chlorinated chickens from the USA is just good old-fashioned British Yank-bashing…

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More than 300 violent crimes every day in the West Midlands 

23 Jul 17

Rising crime suggests we need more police, so why are we cutting police numbers…

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Why the bin strike could rumble on 

13 Jul 17

City council’s Labour bosses and Unite union polls apart in dispute which has been a long time coming…

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Supporting the Palestinians is not the same as supporting terrorism 

12 Jul 17

Criticism of Israel is justified, but associating the plight of the Palestinians with Hezbollah doesnt do the Palestinian people any favours…