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Thousands of new homes are at risk and the Government needs to act 

14 Feb 18

The Commonwealth Games Village at Perry Barr among projects hanging in the balance…

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Here are the places in Birmingham where more than half of children grow up in poverty 

24 Jan 18

There are seven areas in Birmingham where more than half of children are in poverty…

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Why Labour’s candidate selection secrecy is undermining our local democracy 

8 Dec 17

Rumours and conspiracy theories abound as Labour selects 101 candidates for the 2018 city council election…

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Why there were no winners in the Birmingham bin dispute 

30 Nov 17

After the chaos of the summer the deal has been a long time coming…

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Current affairs getting you down? Don’t worry – here are the reasons to be cheerful 

18 Nov 17

It’s not all bad news.

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Is it just me or has politics got really horrible recently? 

15 Nov 17

MPs are terrified to say what they really think, we have a government of the living dead and suddenly it’s okay to be a bit racist…

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It’s not a witch hunt. There’s a real problem at Westminster – but some of those accused may be innocent 

4 Nov 17

Fear and panic at Westminster as MPs face sleaze allegations…

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New MPs’ constituencies make little sense – they need to be redrawn 

2 Nov 17

At the very least the Boundary Commission need to use Birmingham’s updated council wards…

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Why we should embrace our driverless future 

30 Oct 17

The driverless car is the next revolution in transport and the Midlands is well placed to take advantage…

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Comment: Time to move anti-abortion protest out of women’s way 

19 Oct 17

Aston University lecturer Pam Lowe argues that Birmingham should follow Ealing’s lead and make steps towards banning abortion clinic protests in the city…

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Now is the time for cities and mayors to take the lead 

18 Oct 17

Britain remains one of the most centralised countries in the world – but our new batch of mayors are challenging that and rightly so…

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Will Labour really oppose a ‘no-deal’ Brexit if that’s the only one on offer? 

18 Oct 17

Labour says it won’t accept leaving the EU without a deal but will it stick to its guns if that means delaying or blocking Brexit…

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Bin strike: City Council still dysfunctional after all these years 

7 Sep 17

Damning review called for Birmingham City Council to up its game – but the bin strike shows lessons have not been learned…

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Embattled Labour council leader sees support waning ahead of showdown meeting with colleagues 

4 Sep 17

Pressure building on council leader John Clancy following claims he has ‘seriously mishandled’ the bins dispute…

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The more the EU plays games over Brexit the more I think we’re better off out of it 

2 Sep 17

I’m a remainer but the EU’s behaviour during the Brexit talks makes me wonder if I was wrong…

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Surely the bins dispute can’t get any more nasty 

20 Jul 17

After angry exchanges between unions and council bosses can they now get round the table and sort it out…

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Why the bin strike could rumble on 

13 Jul 17

City council’s Labour bosses and Unite union polls apart in dispute which has been a long time coming…

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Commonwealth Games would showcase a resurgent West Midlands to the world 

10 Jul 17

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street on why he is backing the Commonweatlh Games bid and why we should be confident…

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Time for Birmingham to turn the tables on the Government 

30 Jun 17

Why can’t Birmingham’s MP flex their collective muscles to get a better deal for the region, plus other observations on the week in local politics…

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Why Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games 2022 bid is better than Liverpool’s 

21 Jun 17

Birmingham’s bid is superior and will be delivered on time and on budget…

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Theresa May’s empty Queen’s Speech shows she is too weak to govern 

21 Jun 17

The Prime Minister was forced to dump policies she believed in just two weeks ago – and has no answer to the public demand for an end to austerity…

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General election: Why Birmingham is a Corbyn city today 

9 Jun 17

Biggest Labour vote for decades shows Corbyn has struck a chord with two thirds of voters in Birmingham…

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Millions rushed to register for General Election 2017 – but half need not have bothered 

8 Jun 17

Overworked election officials call for changes to voter registration…

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We haven’t discussed Brexit in this general election because both parties have the same policies 

8 Jun 17

It’s the most important issue facing the country but Brexit has hardly been debated in the 2017 general election…

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Opinion polls show Theresa May will be the most successful Conservative leader in almost 50 years 

2 Jun 17

Don’t believe the hype about a Conservative meltdown.