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Floods and Woods 

30 Dec 17

‘ Tis the end of another year and, as usual I am filled with enthusiasm for new starts for the new year, which involves taking more exercise, eating more sensibly, and being more organised.

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A Water Coal Man! 

30 Dec 16

Today’s walk was along the Coventry Canal, on one of my favourite routes, from The Glascote Road Bridge to the Fazeley Aqueduct, where you can stand by the canal and look down at the River Tame, which always intrigues me.

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A Frosty Day! 

29 Dec 16

Well, it’s an awfully long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but I thought I’d have a go at resurrecting it, since I’m currently full of post-Christmas enthusiasmfor eating more healthily, taking more exercise,attempting to keep the house…

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Waterbirds in the Picture! 

14 Mar 15

We have a lot of water in and around Tamworth – rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, streams, drainage channels, worked-out gravel pits, old quarries… Which means we have a wealth of water birds.

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Seagulls and Crab Pots! 

3 Jan 15

Well, Christmas and New Year have been and gone, and the world is slowly getting get back to normal.

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Hooky Happiness 

6 Dec 14

Ta dah! My first effort at designing a crochet blanket .

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Reindeer and Candles 

3 Dec 14

Look what I saw yesterday – reindeer!!! At the local garden centre!!! I was so excited when I spotted them I felt as if Christmas had already arrived.

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My Week! 

1 Dec 14

Oh dear, I was going to be so good, and blog every other day, and it’s been over a week since I last wrote anything here, so I’m going to post some words and pictures about my week.

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Mushroomy Things! 

23 Nov 14

This was on an old tree stump.

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Poppies at the Tower 

15 Nov 14

This Saturday Snapshot is a little late, but it is still Saturday (just), so here goes.

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Poppies and Gargoyles 

12 Nov 14

I was aiming to post something here more or less every other day, and schedule it so it pops up nice and early, but the plan has gone awry, and I’m a little later than I meant to be, but better late than never! I blame the fact that I’ve still …

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Tangled Wool! 

10 Nov 14

Good morning all! Are there any other crochet enthusiasts out there who battle with self-tangling wool? Or perhaps some mischievous elf or gnome has taken up residence in my home, like one of those brownies or hobgoblins you come across in old …

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Recreating a Medieval Abbey 

8 Nov 14

Lavender blue dilly, dilly…

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Wine Making Month! 

1 Sep 14

Well, it’s a long time since I posted anything on this blog or The Book Trunk.

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The Gherkin: A 21st Century Fairy Tale Tower 

18 Jan 14

More pictures from London for today’s Saturday Snapshot because I had such a good time on my day trip! Following on from last week’s ‘Paleys Upon Pilers’, which echoed a Medieval city gate and Chaucer’s ‘dream’ buildings, here are a couple of shots …

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Ice, Frost, and a Cold Saint! 

13 Jan 14

Today is St Hilary’s Day, traditionally the coldest day of the year, but it seems warmer outside than it was yesterday, when there was a hard frost, and it all looked so beautiful I wrapped up well and went for a walk along the canal, which is one …

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A Palace Upon Pillars… 

11 Jan 14

Well, I was going to post up some photos from my trip to the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, but I’ve had a day trip to London this week, to visit my Younger Daughter, and one of the places we saw was this fantastic ‘Paleys Upon Pilers’, so I …

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A Trip to HMS Victory 

4 Jan 14

HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship, which led the British fleet to Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1905.

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Best Foot Forward for 2014… 

1 Jan 14

Gateway to the past – or door to the future? This ruined arch is thought to be part of the old Friary that once stood in Lichfield.

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Speaking Machines, Mechanical Birds, and Evolution! 

14 Dec 13

A spectacular view of Lichfield Cathedral from a window at Erasmus Darwin House – imagine enjoying that view ever day! A couple of weeks back my Younger Daughter popped home on a flying visit, so on the Friday morning we decided we wanted to go out, …

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Pumpkins, Spiders, Candles and Leaves! 

9 Nov 13

Well, October has been and gone, the clocks have gone back, dark nights have arrived, the weather has been truly awful, and winter seems to be well on the way, so it’s a bit late for an autumnal post, but I’m doing one anyway for this week’s …

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Getting Back into My Stride 

21 Sep 13

Lakeside view: Tamworth’s Borrowpit Lake is fringed by bushes and trees, and provides a home for water birds.

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Copper Sinks and Chinese Silks 

14 Sep 13

The poshest back door I’ve ever seen! Much nicer than the front I think.

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Hooky Happiness 

28 Aug 13

A rosy view of life…

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Snapshots of a Camera 

24 Aug 13

This week’s Saturday Snapshot is really special to me because it shows my Father’s old camera.