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Cllr Deirdre Alden: Conservative - Edgbaston

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Saturday Campaigning 

21 Apr 18

Very sunny Saturday morning canvassing in Edgbaston.

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Sunny Evening For Canvassing 

20 Apr 18

Bright and sunny for our canvassing in Edgbaston this evening, and good to meet people who have already voted for us via post.

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Beautiful Weather For Canvassing! 

19 Apr 18

Long round of canvassing tonight and still warm enough to eat outside when I got home.

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Sunny Evening In Edgbaston 

18 Apr 18

A lovely sunny day in Edgbaston and we made the most of it with lots of leafletting in the day and canvassing tonight.

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Canvassing On Bristol Rd 

17 Apr 18

A bit blowy on the Bristol Rd this evening but the rain held off.

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Campaigning In Edgbaston This Evening 

16 Apr 18

Another good evening’s campaigning in Edgbaston.

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Canvassing In The Sunshine! 

14 Apr 18

Last night when we were canvassing, a resident likened the weather to November.

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Campaigning Hard In Edgbaston 

12 Apr 18

Another good evening’s canvassing in Edgbaston Ward.

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Canvassing In Edgbaston 

11 Apr 18

Good canvass in Edgbaston again tonight and the rain held off – just…

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Good Campaigning 

10 Apr 18

Good canvassing session this evening finishing off a full day’s campaigning in Edgbaston.

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Website Not In Tune With Reality 

9 Apr 18

Further to my post below about missed collections in Edgbaston: A number of roads in the ward were missed today and this state of affairs is becoming an all too frequent occurrence under Labour.

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Missed Collections in Edgbaston 

9 Apr 18

The depot have informed me that there are a number of missed collections in Edgbaston ward today due to sickness, and I have already heard from constituents that Westbourne Rd, Vicarage Rd, and part of Pershore Rd have all been missed.

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Busy Saturday In Edgbaston 

7 Apr 18

Very busy Saturday in Edgbaston – six out on the doorsteps with lots of people busy working behind the scenes too.

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Door Knocking In Edgbaston Tonight 

5 Apr 18

Good to chat to so many people on the door step tonight.

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Good Canvassing 

4 Apr 18

Good evening’s canvassing in Edgbaston tonight – and it didn’t rain…

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Canvassing In Edgbaston 

31 Mar 18

Good canvass in Edgbaston this morning – but wish it would stop raining…

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It May Be Raining… 

29 Mar 18

…but we’re out campaigning! Good canvass despite the weather…

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Rubbish Issues 

26 Mar 18

Birmingham Council has had issues with its rubbish collection service again today.

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Labour Get Their Boundaries In A Muddle 

25 Mar 18

Another lovely day for leafletting today.

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Campaign Launch 

24 Mar 18

Cllr Robert Alden, WM Mayor Andy Street and James Morris MP launched our Conservative campaign to take back Birmingham today and then we hit the doors in Edgbaston once again.

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Let’s Turn Birmingham Blue! 

23 Mar 18

Conservatives from across the city will be out campaigning in Birmingham this weekend.

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Delivering The Magazine! 

17 Mar 18

Many thanks to all the teams out delivering The Magazine in Edgbaston today (and yesterday and the day before as well!).

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Edgbaston Council Record! 

11 Mar 18

On a week when we have celebrated International Women’s Day, and the Council honoured former Edgbaston Councillor Dame Ellen Pinsent by renaming a committee room after her; I am grateful to activist Amil Khan for pointing out to me that last …

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Great Campaigning 

10 Mar 18

Great campaigning in Edgbaston this morning and after last night’s brilliant fund raiser we had a real spring in our step…

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Boris Arriving In Birmingham Last Night 

10 Mar 18

Boris Johnson being met at Birmingham New Street Station last night by Conservative Leader Cllr Robert Alden…