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West Midlands Police and Crime Panel 

14 Jan 18

The next meeting of the panel is being held tomorrow at Wolverhampton Civic Centre.

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HILLFIELD PARK – Woodland Management 

13 Jan 18

Work will be undertaken to manage the woodland in Hillfield Park beginning 22 January and likely to finish by 5 February.

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Cllr Alex Insley 

8 Jan 18

Alex has been a great ward and council colleague and he has made a big contribution to Blythe ward in the time he has served as Councillor.

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4 Jan 18

We can all do our own bit to help make ourselves safer, less vulnerable to becoming a victim, and making us feel a lot safer.

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Costa Coffee, Dickens Heath – my objection letter 

13 Dec 17

Please find posted my letter formally objecting to the application for a Costa Coffee in Dickens Heath, Solihull.

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Staying Well over Christmas 

12 Dec 17

I hope this information does not apply to you this Christmas and New Year but a bit of preparation can always help when you fall ill or injure yourself over Christmas/New Year.

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Coffee Cloud – Press Release 

12 Dec 17

This is a follow up of the recent post highlighting a planning application for a Costa Coffee shop in Dickens Heath, Solihull – directly opposite to the independent Coffee Cloud: https://cllrkenhawkins.

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St. Patrick’s – Christmas services 

11 Dec 17

Please read the poster for details of Christmas services this Sunday and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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Crime in Solihull – a few thoughts 

28 Nov 17

In short, crime fluctuates and when it has reduced in the past few years I (and others) have counselled that crime patterns do rise and fall and that we should not get too excited.

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Winter Service Plan – Solihull 

27 Nov 17

Its getting a bit chilly out there now so it seems a good time to repost the boroughs Winter Service Plan: Winter_Service_Plan The plan is self explanatory and informs us the resources to tackle poor weather must be used: In the right way In the …

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Do we really want a Costa Coffee in Dickens Heath? 

20 Nov 17

A bit of an issue, especially as Dickens Heath is served by Mortons (which is a really nice restaurant that serves coffee), The Chalice (that also provides coffee), a Tesco Express (that has a take-a-way Costa Coffee) and the wonderful Coffee Cloud…

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MIND Christmas Shop and Café 

15 Nov 17

I have been asked to promote the MIND Christmas shop in Knowle and am more than willing to do so.

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Improving Access to Adult Social Care in Solihull 

2 Nov 17

At a recent  Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Board Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Board I attended plans to improve access to adult social care provision in the borough were put before us to consider, specifically in respect of: Extra …

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25 Oct 17

Making or homes secure, locking doors and windows, is vital in deterring burglars.

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West Midlands Fire Service – Report for Solihull MBC 

11 Oct 17

This report was presented to Solihull Full Council yesterday evening, it can be viewed via this link: WMFS Solihull report The report examines the Fire Service Plan and a visit to the West Midlands Fire Service website has plenty of information, …

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Travellers Update – House of Commons debate 

4 Oct 17

I have today received a briefing note from the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner in relation to travellers.

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Fore Business Park – planning committee 

3 Oct 17

This has always been an interesting application and one I have reported on three occasions on my website, with links to the site via additional Facebook group messages (see below for links to these pages).

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Winter Warmth in Solihull 

2 Oct 17

One of these years the Daily Express is going to get its headline predicting an extremely harsh winter right.

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Wedding Vow Renewal 

25 Sep 17

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More Rogue ‘Recycling’ Bins 

8 Sep 17

After having the one illegally placed in Monkspath (see post of 29 August – https://cllrkenhawkins.

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St. Patrick’s Church – Blythe Ward 

7 Sep 17

From 1 September St Patrick’s Church, Salter Street, Cheswick Green will officially be a single parish church covering, Monkspath, Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath and parts of Earlswood.

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Blythe Walk – extention 

31 Aug 17

This is a continuation of the walk, from Monkspath,  over the motorway to the River Blythe; see this link for details: https://cllrkenhawkins.

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Rogue ‘recyling bins’ – Monkspath 

29 Aug 17

I just happened to be near the school chatting to a resident the other day when we noticed a blue van roll up, park outside the green recycling bin (unlawfully placed) and the two occupants get out to empty the bin of its contents.

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Baddesley Clinton – Local National Trust Walk 

21 Aug 17

Yesterday Jan and I, together with Mille, undertook the5 and bit miles circular walk encompassing Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House, both National Trust properties.

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Monkspath Post Office 

15 Aug 17

I received a letter from the Post Office informing me the office in Monkspath will be closed for refurbishment on Monday 4 September, reopening at 1pm Wednesday 6 September.