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Darkest Hour 

17 Jan 18

I skived off with the Godson over a long lunch to see this film as otherwise I would have missed the opportunity to see it.

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Double Dog Down 

15 Jan 18

Strange events abounded this weekend as the neighbours beloved Alsatian snuffed it with cancer which was a shame as it really was pet rescue project that eventually ended up in tragedy.

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Lorenz by Capt. Jerry Roberts 

7 Jan 18

This is a book written by one of Britain’s wartime elite cryptographers, Captain Jerry Roberts who working in “The Testery” at Bletchley Park .

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Walsall 1:2 Rotherham Utd 

1 Jan 18

First game of the season for me and this because of all the problems with the family etc.

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2017 – a bit of an improvement 

31 Dec 17

Compared with last year , 2017 was basically a repeat year but the family weren’t so bad to start of with, despite my Dad getting Bladder Cancer ruining things later.

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Star Wars 8 

31 Dec 17

As part of the Christmas activities, the family and me went along to the Telford iMax to see SW8 – The Last Jedi and I have to say I was mightily disappointed.

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18 Dec 17

The trouble with December is that amongst all the Christmas chicanery, there is inevitably an element of sickness as diseased and infected people get together with the healthy ones to create the usual winter flu epidemic.

A busy November 

11 Dec 17

I’ve been neglecting my blog for while now but I haven’y given up on it as it’s a great place to record what you’ve been up to.

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Remembrance Sunday and all that 

13 Nov 17

Remember the fallen It’s important to remember those who served the Country in Armed conflict.

Ricky Cool & The In-Crowd 

16 Oct 17

Essington RBL held a fund raiser on Saturday night for the Poppy Appeal with Ricky Cool The In-Crowd as the main attraction.


12 Oct 17

One of my cultural joys is Shakespeare and last night, along with some Cousins, I went to a live screening of the RSC’s Coriolanus .

Autumn sets in 

9 Oct 17

The nights are getting darker, the Poppy Appeal is gathering pace and the beer festivals are rolling out.

A visit to Phoenix Nights 

25 Sep 17

The Ska band on at The Beachcomber, Brean I’ve always wondered about the caravan culture in the UK and this weekend gave me an opportunity to experience it first hand as I was invited by some mates to a weekend in a brand new “Static” in Brean …

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4000 weekends 

18 Sep 17

Nick The Milk told me you had basically 4000 weekends in your life and this one has definitely been one of those where I have tried to wring every drop out of it.

Crime in Essington 

8 Sep 17

There is currently a bit of a problem in Essington as The Principality is suffering a prolonged outbreak of crime in respect of drug trafficking, burglary and van breaks-ins.

Bank Holiday Blues 

29 Aug 17

Aren’t Bank Holiday’s a trial these days? The travel in the UK with so many road or rail works makes travelling a real pain so unless you are away a few days before, you are likely to spend a good proportion of the time sat in traffic.


3 Aug 17

It’s funny how things come along like buses as the adage goes.

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BBC Wages 

20 Jul 17

To be honest I was a bit dispirited by the revelation of the wages paid out to the BBC “celebrities”.

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Sublime Product 

20 Jul 17

40 Years Old.

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Medieval Cricket 

10 Jul 17

Doesn’t Facebook drive you mad? Well it does some people.

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Putting the brakes on. And on. 

3 Jul 17

I’ve had an issue with brakes on two fronts, namely on the car and on the bike.

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Abducting A General by Patrick Leigh Fermor 

23 Jun 17

Major Orton loaned me this book and it is a well written account of an SOE operation to abduct General Kreipe from Crete in 1944.

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Theresa May’s legacy 

12 Jun 17

One thing that has become apparent from the recent General Election is Theresa May’s term as Home Secretary.

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The Secret War for the Falklands by Nigel West 

8 Jun 17

I saw this book in Lichfield’s Oxfam shop as I am interested in the subject and the cloak and dagger stuff sounded interesting.

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8 Jun 17

Today is my 57th Birthday, in case GCHQ haven’t already found out.