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7 reasons not to come to comms unplugged – and how to overcome them 

22 Apr 18

Comms Unplugged is truly unique.

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how to use video and target facebook groups to get results 

20 Apr 18

There is no doubting the importance of video to connect with an audience.

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save the whales! moral dilemmas in the age of micro-targeting 

18 Apr 18

What has whale meat got to do with the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal? Read on… by Ben Capper What are your thoughts on whale meat? How might this affect how you vote in future? Brief back story (bear with me): As members of the EU and the …

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comms professionals – are we culturally intelligent? 

15 Apr 18

Cultural intelligence – know what it is and where it may fit into your role? Read on and please take part in an associated piece of dissertation research to support a final year PR student.

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a not to be missed webinar – the complete guide to public sector social media in 2018 

15 Apr 18

On Thursday I’ll be co-hosting an important webinar which will reveal the latest insight and trends on the public sector’s use of social media.

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where do comms people do their creative thinking? 

5 Apr 18

For creativity to flourish it’s important to have time and space.

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local government is where the magic is happening 

2 Apr 18

One of the best things about the public sector is the willingness to share and learn from one another.

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caught out: how lack of crisis comms turned Australian cricket’s reputation to ashes 

28 Mar 18

Ever wondered what the Aussie cricket ball-tampering crisis has for comms? A stack of lessons by James Morton It probably says a lot about cricket’s esoteric appeal that the biggest scandal engulfing it for years has been ignited by someone stuffing …

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8 important comms lesson from a day of digital in Bristol 

27 Mar 18

Winner of the global smart city award, Bristol, was the perfect location to host the latest Granicus Digital Engagement Day.

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what does it mean for communicators if people #deletefacebook? 

22 Mar 18

Facebook has more registered users in the UK than every other social media platform with the exception of YouTube.

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death of an intranet 

18 Mar 18

  There are many ways to skin the internal comms cat.

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how to find royalty free music for your next video 

16 Mar 18

There is a new round of video skills workshops.

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how much are we worth? 

5 Mar 18

How much do you get paid? It’s a bit of a taboo subject, and of course we would all say not enough.

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ditching corporate speak – how one council is evolving its use of social media 

4 Mar 18

One of the things I love most about public sector communications is that good ideas, practice and insight can be shared and transferred elsewhere.

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how to shape your 2018 Facebook strategy with seven key questions 

4 Mar 18

A change of direction from the world’s largest social media platform must prompt a re-think.

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we’re a quarter through 2018… and just what have you learned? 

2 Mar 18

So 2018 is a quarter over and what, exactly, have you learned? I asked the members of the Public Sector Headspace group to suggest what has struck them so far this year.

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10 reflections on improving internal comms 

22 Feb 18

Improving internal communications can be a challenge in any organisation.

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talking heads: the comms career advice i would give to my younger self 

19 Feb 18

In this latest Talking Heads thought piece I asked some of the country’s top communicators for the career advice they would give to their younger selves.

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5 big dollops of social media learning 

18 Feb 18

The benefits of getting out of the office for a day to listen to, and learn from, colleagues has always been loaded with benefits.

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why the advertising industry is a little like the public sector 

18 Feb 18

The advertising industry is a little like the public sector? Yes.

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new talking comms podcast: the third episode’s a charm 

15 Feb 18

When you’ve scrolled and squinted and scrolled and squinted until your fingers and eyes can scroll and squint no more there’s a new way to get your comms fixes – the excellent Talking Comms Podcast.

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comms team 2.0 job description – a new download 

6 Feb 18

The way a comms team organises itself to deliver its key activities and priority work is one of the most important nuts to crack.

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keeping pace with the changing face of comms 

5 Feb 18

Across the sector, communications and m arketing teams are striving more and more to measure the impact they’re having.

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ice, ice maybe – how one team delivers its winter comms messages 

4 Feb 18

If you’ve ever worked in local government communications you’ll know first-hand how important it is to get your winter communications right.

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talking heads: generalists vs. specialists – which is best? 

24 Jan 18

Generalists vs.