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what I have learned from croatia 

13 Jul 18

sports and communications have many parallels not least around the benefits of effective team work and leadership by Amanda Nash There are many things I’ve been blamed for in my life, but England losing to Croatia in the semi-finals was probably …

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one team’s journey to campaign-based communications 

11 Jul 18

We know that great communications campaigns can have a big impact and deliver lasting change.

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the sword of personalisation 

10 Jul 18

Not a fan of relative strangers using your first name in their emails and direct mail to you? No, me neither.

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falling out of love with comms… 

9 Jul 18

We’ve all had bad days, week, even jobs.

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if you thought gdpr was annoying, wait until you hear about this… 

8 Jul 18

Ok, they’ve not got a catchy acronym yet but after the mind-numbing circus that was GDPR, you really need to be aware of the apocalypse that could be coming your way….

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the 10 golden IF this THEN thats of comms 

6 Jul 18

Be in comms long enough and you see some wearily familiar trends emerge.

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#futurecomms – building local public services for the future through modern communications 

4 Jul 18

While chat bots and artificial intelligence may steal the headlines, the real future of local government communications lies in working strategically, using insight and data and having the support of politicians and senior officers to build trust, …

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a nudge in the right direction: how to change behaviour 

1 Jul 18

Changing behaviours can reduce the strain on our public services.

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do we all need to be a bit more danny dyer? 

29 Jun 18

  It’s official, we need a little more no-nonsense honesty in our lives.

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linkedin – are you maximising your post engagement? 

26 Jun 18

Getting plenty from LinkedIn? How much do you know about your account? Maybe it’s time to up your game… by Alan Ferguson Before analysing any social media account I have some basic advice: Post a LOT, vary the post length, time of day, day of …

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8 lessons from the harlem globetrotters of communications 

24 Jun 18

  The Harlem Globetrotters, if you didn’t know, are an exhibition basketball team formed in the 1920s.

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how a sausage dog with wings helped increase voter turnout for a pilot scheme 

21 Jun 18

Sometimes it takes a cute dog to attract attention and lead a call to action.

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provocation, responsibility and relevance – the problem with lush & #spycops 

7 Jun 18

The Lush campaign – principled and brave or daft and misguided? by Ben Capper Every once in a while, a marketing campaign comes along that grabs our collective attention and gets us talking.

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while the truth is still putting on its shoes 

7 Jun 18

Fancy attending a workshop to discuss how to respond to misinformation in a social, digital world? Read on… by Eddie Coates-Madden Mark Twain is credited with articulating the idea that “a lie can travel half way around the globe while the truth …

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4 reasons to switch on your “out-of-office” on 19 June 

7 Jun 18

There’s a free event happening on 19 June in Leeds for communicators working in local or central government, the NHS, housing, and blue light services.

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the disaster that never happened and how we dealt with it 

6 Jun 18

  ‘Prepare for the worst, hope for the best’ is a well-used maxim.

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sunshine after the storm 

25 May 18

So 25 May has passed.

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how tackling the curse of knowledge is key for internal comms 

24 May 18

I t’s hard to not know what you know – let’s talk internal comms by Rebecca Roberts Yes, let’s state the flipping obvious but it IS really hard to not know what you know and often as marketing and communications professionals, you (should) …

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meghan, george and me – 8 things i learned from planning council comms for the royal wedding 

24 May 18

Any event soaks up the time of a busy communications lead.

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new ideas for what pr and comms should be… can you pour cold water on them? 

22 May 18

A new definition of what comms, advertising and PR is being road tested through conversation and debate.

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“we have to make their life better” – the jurgen klopp doctrine 

21 May 18

What has football got in common with the beautiful game, communications? More than you’d think when a charismatic, insightful German manager is involved… by Ben Capper I’m a Liverpool FC fan.

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when severe weather comms gets you a “hug from the public 

16 May 18

As comms people it can be easy to forget the importance of our bread and butter communications in the chase for flashy content, funny videos or slick campaigns.

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seizing the day – how one council used social media to place market its area 

14 May 18

  Do local councils have a role to play in place marketing? Of course they do.

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a collection of writing that questions as well as celebrates nhs comms 

11 May 18

The new #futurePRoof has been published with a collection of writing to celebrate the 70 years of the NHS.

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could the pr in gdpr actually mean something different? 

10 May 18

  GDPR – it’s your favourite subject, right? But with some creative thinking, and a proactive approach, maybe it could just turn out to be an opportunity… by Viki Harris The thought of GDPR used to make me shudder.