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what’s social enterprise got to do with housing? 

21 Jan 18

by Jean Jarvis We at FuseCiC think the answer is quite a lot and so have brought together some of the sector’s leading thinkers to share their thoughts, insights and expertise on how social housing providers and social enterprises can come together…

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the four first-class fundamentals of staff engagement 

21 Jan 18

Creating and maintaining genuine engagement with staff in organisations going through large and continuous change is difficult.

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social capital, comms people and coffee cups 

16 Jan 18

A project to look at social capital has been started by the CIPR.

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social customer services – take part in the largest public sector survey of 2018 

15 Jan 18

Have you cracked who deals with customer services enquiries on social media in your organisation? Do you know the topics which drive most engagement with your audiences? No? You’re not alone.

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I discovered – and bagged a double page magazine feature 

11 Jan 18

  Understanding and engaging with influencers is a really effective tactic in a smart comms plan or campaign these days.

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are you thinking what they’re thinking? 

10 Jan 18

David Holdstock, Director of Communications at The Local Government Association shares the highlights from the LGA’s annual heads of communications survey.

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where content marketing and organisational vision collide 

9 Jan 18

Content marketing.

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what we learned from judging best social media categories at the unawards 2017 

8 Jan 18


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why it’s just so difficult when you’re not gen z 

6 Jan 18

The thing with tech is just when you think you’ve mastered something it will likely change.

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what’s the one thing you want to do in 2018? here’s what some people are aiming for 

5 Jan 18

  What does the year ahead look like? What’s the one thing you want to do? I asked members of the Public Sector Comms Headspace Facebook group to talk about the one thing they wanted to do.

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some bold and some worrying predictions for public sector comms in 2018 

2 Jan 18

For the past few years I’ve blogged at the end of the year some predictions.

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we made it onto google news – here’s how we did it… 

20 Dec 17

The UnAward17-winning best guest post author is sharing more valuable insights, this time with a colleague sharing lessons on how to get the most from Google.

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aren’t we all comms people now? 

19 Dec 17

aren’t we all comms people now? It’s the industry challenge which never seems to completely go away.

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choose your own #ourday – behind the scenes at @mydoncaster 

18 Dec 17

Doncaster Council have raised the social media content bar in recent weeks with their brilliant storytelling and creative approach to discussing core services.

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11 hopes, fears and challenges for communicators in 2018 

17 Dec 17

December is the perfect time to reflect on the year just gone – the good, the bad and the bits in between – and to begin planning in earnest for the year ahead.

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the joy of partnerships… and some tips to make them work 

15 Dec 17

It takes two to tango.

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calling north east comms people, can you help hack to help a hospice? 

15 Dec 17

What is a hack day? It’s people getting together on a day and seeing what they can come up with to crack a problem.

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valuable lessons a comms person learned from a city of culture bid that missed out 

15 Dec 17

And the winner is…

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the fabulous ‘talking comms podcast’ episode 2 is here 

13 Dec 17

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same thing over, and over, and over again in our careers.

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is pr similar the world over? 

11 Dec 17

A book that maps pr the world over.

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make income generation everybody’s business 

5 Dec 17

  Income targets.

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it’s the most wonderful time of the year: reflections on the unawards17 

3 Dec 17

The UnAwards17 ceremony was a chance to recognise excellence, celebrate success, connect with new faces and say hello to old friends.

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supercharged social media 2018 – an exciting new workshop 

28 Nov 17

Social media.

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christmas present ideas for comms and pr people 

26 Nov 17

We’ve all been there…

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how a dumped speedboat thread went viral. BLOG: 

24 Nov 17

Doncaster Council have been pulling up trees just recently.