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December 2017 New Discoveries 

1 Jan 18

First of all, my I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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Autumn Term 2017 Exam Results 

14 Dec 17

Huge congratulations to pupils who took exams this term.

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Lichfield Festival of Music Success 

24 Nov 17

Congratulations to pupils who took part in the Lichfield Festival of Music last Saturday.

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Your Festival Needs You! 

13 Nov 17

On Saturday, I had the privilege of being part of a wonderful day of music-making at the Lichfield Festival of Music .

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2018 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence 

3 Nov 17

David was shocked and overwhelmed to hear earlier this week, that he’d been nominated for the Musicians’ Union Inspiration Award in the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence .

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Review: ABRSM Songbooks Plus 

29 Oct 17

At the end of October 2017, ABRSM published its new Songbook Plus series, designed to complement the existing Songbook range.

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ABRSM 2018 singing syllabus: more choice? 

8 Oct 17

A few weeks ago, ABRSM released its revised singing syllabus for use from 2018.

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September 2017 New Discoveries 

8 Oct 17

In this new monthly series, I’m hoping to share with you some of the new music and resources I come across in the course of my work.

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Taking Part in a Festival 

27 Aug 17

Thank you to Ruth Carlyle for allowing me to reproduce this article which she contributed to my end-of-term newsletter in December 2016: Have you thought about taking part in the Lichfield Festival of Music , (or indeed, another Festival closer to …

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Duets: are we missing the point? 

7 Aug 17

I don’t know about other teachers, but I try to make use of duets in my teaching at all levels.

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2016/17 Prizewinners Announced 

22 Jul 17

Congratulations to our six prizewinners for the academic year 2016/17.

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B Period 2017 Exam Results 

14 Jul 17

Congratulations to this term’s exam candidates on another excellent set of results: Osla C – ABRSM Grade 6 with Merit (Flute) Amy C – ABRSM Grade 5 with Merit (Theory) Zoë P – ABRSM Grade 3 (Flute) Well done everyone…

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ABRSM Flute Syllabus 2018-2021: highlights 

8 Jul 17

As many of you will know, ABRSM released it’s new flute syllabus this week to cover the period 2018-2021.

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Repertoire: beyond exams 

5 Jul 17

Instrumental teachers know how easy it is to become trapped on the exam treadmill, learning a few pieces, sitting an exam, then moving to the next grade.

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Music Lessons and Revision 

14 May 17

We’re just entering exam season here in the UK.

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Teaching Diplomas: which one should you choose? 

13 Feb 17

When people ask me about mentoring them for their teaching diplomas, they’ve generally already decided which diploma to go for, but what if you’re not sure? I’m going to focus here on the three first-level diplomas: the DipABRSM, ATCL and …

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Should we care about the copies we play from? 

16 Aug 15

In the days of yore (well, let’s say 20 years ago), when I wanted a piece of sheet music, I really had two options: either I went to a music shop and bought it, or I went to the library and borrowed it.

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DipLCM in Performance (Piano Recital): My Experiences 

6 Jul 15

I almost subtitled this post: ‘Anyone can do a diploma if I can, three days after coming out of hospital, and minus my gallbladder’… As I think everyone knows by now, I recently sat and passed the DipLCM piano performance diploma (recital …

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16 Jan 15

In order to get a bit more from life and to ensure we do actually do some of the things we say we’re going to do, some of us (mainly on Twitter) have challenged ourselves to select 15 goals of things we’d like to do in 2015 (I blame …

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#15for2015: 40-Piece Challenge 

29 Dec 14

You might have read on Twitter that some of us are setting ourselves fifteen goals for 2015 (partly to prevent another unexciting year, and partly to get round to doing some of those things we keep saying we’re going to do, but never get round …

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Managing the cost of music tuition: practical advice 

4 Oct 14

Some of you may have seen this BBC news article/report this morning.

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Teaching Diplomas: How long does it take to prepare? 

26 Feb 14

One of the questions I’m asked probably more than any other, is how long you should take to prepare for your teaching diploma (DipABRSM etc.

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New Beginnings 

2 Jan 14

My musical journey started many moons ago.

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Why a ‘live’ accompanist matters… Part Two! 

10 Nov 13

This is a follow-up post to the one I wrote last year about the importance of accompanying.

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“Where am I going?”: Motivation and Learning 

14 Jul 13

This is a slightly adapted version of an article which appeared in my end-of-term newsletter.