Staffordshire news and blogs Friday 20 April 2018
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Macaws move in 

20 Apr 18

Eight stunning scarlet macaws have winged their way to DZG and moved into our impressive, newly-built aviary.

Blog feature
Langan’s a star! 

19 Apr 18

Our latest Employee of the Month, Langan Turner, came to the aid of some visitors who braved a blizzard to get to DZG.

Blog feature
Hello little Zeus! 

18 Apr 18

DZG primate keepers have discovered our baby black and white ruffled lemur is a boy – and have called him Zeus.

Blog feature
Date with the paranormal 

17 Apr 18

Thrill-seekers have just a few more days to snap up the last few tickets for our special Paranormal Evening at Dudley Castle.

Blog feature
Bamboo banquet 

16 Apr 18

Offcuts from bamboo bushes at DZG have provided tasty treats for some of our animals.

Blog feature
Bag more benefits 

15 Apr 18

Anyone wanting to become a DZG member will bag more than they bargained for as we’re adding extra benefits to the popular scheme.

Blog feature
Animal architecture 

14 Apr 18

Our female guinea pigs are enjoying an extension to their castle enclosure – and its architecture is very in-keeping with DZG.

Blog feature
Fire hose fun 

13 Apr 18

Keepers got to grips with fire hose to produce a heart-shaped enrichment device for our animals.

Blog feature
Ebony’s exoskeleton 

12 Apr 18

Young school visitors can get an idea of the full scale of our super-sized spider, as we’ve boxed one of her moults.

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Calling all wildlife detectives 

11 Apr 18

Scouting and other community groups can become wildlife detectives at DZG – thanks to an exciting new quiz booklet in our activity packs.

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Great ape fundraiser 

10 Apr 18

We’re delighted to reveal our Ape Awareness Day pulled in more than £500 to help great apes in the wild and our own at Dudley Zoo.

Blog feature
DZG rocks! 

9 Apr 18

Dudley Zoo is joining the nation’s treasure-hunt trend by hiding three beautifully painted rocks around our 40-acre site.

Blog feature
Top of the camera class 

8 Apr 18

Two DZG staff members zoomed in on their camera skills at a photography course in Birmingham.

Blog feature
Fly in for bat day! 

7 Apr 18

Visitors can learn more about the many species of bats hanging around DZG as we mark International Bat Appreciation Day.

Blog feature
Wendy’s tears of joy 

6 Apr 18

Our seven chimps were fed by one of their biggest fans when DZG member Wendy Gray was given a Close Encounter experience.

Blog feature
Huge thanks Homebase 

5 Apr 18

Huge thanks to Homebase Oldbury who donated a van load of plants to us for our Songbird Crisis campaign.

Blog feature
When Majik met Jack! 

4 Apr 18

Ferrets Majik and Jack had a blast when DZG’s Education Team made them an indoor playground to see if they hit it off.

Blog feature
Rare baby makes appearance 

3 Apr 18

DZG is delighted to announce we’ve had our first black and white ruffed lemur birth in 21 years.

Blog feature
Ape artists! 

2 Apr 18

We’re going ape for the amazing artwork our chimps have painted to mark DZG’s Ape Awareness Day today.

Blog feature
Welcome Windsor! 

1 Apr 18

An egg-ceedingly Happy Easter to all our visitors and amazing animals – especially our latest addition, Windsor the Barbary lamb.

Blog feature
Pick of the bunch! 

31 Mar 18

There’s a treat in store for DZG storeman Mick Young who has been voted employee of the month.

Blog feature
Sprout’s Good Friday! 

30 Mar 18

It certainly was a Good Friday for DZG’s adorable Bornean orang Sprout who turned seven today.

Blog feature
School’s out! 

29 Mar 18

With many schools breaking up for Easter today, it’s an egg-cellent time to play at DZG! We’ve had impressive new play equipment installed at two of our play areas, just in time for the holidays.

Blog feature
Birthday balti 

28 Mar 18

A birthday curry was the order of the day as our handsome Sumatran tiger Joao turned six.

Blog feature
Planet-saving sweets! 

27 Mar 18

DZG’s Safari Shop today joined a sweet maker’s war on single-use packaging by becoming one of the first UK retailers to stock treats in compostable bags.