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DZG achieves VAQAS award 

22 Jan 18

We’re celebrating after achieving our 16th consecutive VisitEngland Accreditation Certificate.

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Snakes pair up! 

21 Jan 18

We’ve introduced a new breeding pair of snakes in the Reptile House following the arrival of a female to DZG.

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Raising penguin awareness 

20 Jan 18

We’re celebrating the wonderful world of penguins today as we raise awareness about the fascinating flightless birds.

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Farm’s new arrivals 

19 Jan 18

We’ve had 18 new critters hatch in the farm barn – but you’ll have to look really hard to spot them! As the tiny Peleng stick insect nymphs are only a few centimetres in size and as their name implies, they can easily camouflage themselves …

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Beautiful native birds 

18 Jan 18

We’ve been surveying the native birds living on our 40-acre site with help from Brewood Ringers and discovered some real beauties.

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Garden centre helps out 

17 Jan 18

We’re sending huge thanks to Willowbrook Garden Centre in Bromsgrove, who have kindly donated surplus potted Christmas trees for our new snow leopard enclosure.

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Gelada reveals gender! 

16 Jan 18

Watch as our Gelada baboon dad, Ebano, reveals the gender of his latest newborn… document.

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Pledging panda help 

15 Jan 18

Our red pandas, Yasmin and Gawa, are two of our most popular animals on site and we’re proud to pledge our support to helping their endangered cousins in the wild for the next five years.

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Chimps’ post-festive boost 

14 Jan 18

Surplus fresh cranberries provided a winter boost for our seven chimpanzee girls.

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Birthday party promotions! 

13 Jan 18

Calling all mums and dads, if you fancy organising a birthday party with a difference for your little monkey this year, then look no further than DZG.

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Thanks for the support! 

12 Jan 18

Huge thanks to two zoo members who have collectively raised £640 for our Orangutan Appeal with products made from their fab photos of our animals.

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Bench remembers Paul 

11 Jan 18

We ’ re remembering DZG gardener, Paul Oakley, with a memorial wooden bench located in the area where he used to tend.

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Charlie’s treats! 

10 Jan 18

Blue and gold macaw, Charlie, is getting stuck into new toys and treats following a festive donation from her adopter.

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Winter ready 

9 Jan 18

Our four Patagonian sealions are bulking up during winter.

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Tree-mendous fun! 

8 Jan 18

Festive firs from our Winter Wonderland Santa’s grotto are proving to be tree-mendous fun for DZG’s animals.

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Jorong’s all smiles! 

7 Jan 18

We’re wishing many happy returns to our handsome birthday boy, Jorong, who’s 23 today! And our gorgeous Bornean orangutan is all smiles as he’s heard from the zoo’s finance department that we’re starting 2018 with £223,000 raised towards …

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Narna loves her fruit! 

6 Jan 18

Narna, our Egyptian fruit bat is certainly making sure she’s getting her five-a-day this New Year – just look how much fruit she’s trying to munch on in one go! Keepers snapped the cheeky three-year-old with her feet full of strawberry and her …

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Enclosure spruce up! 

5 Jan 18

As we begin disassembling the decorations for another year, we’re appealing for donations of POTTED Christmas trees to help spruce up some of our enclosures.

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And the winning project is… 

4 Jan 18

The visitor votes are in and the winning 2018 animal redevelopment project is the Sumatran tiger enclosure.

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An extra head to count… 

3 Jan 18

Keepers have an extra head to count in this year’s census following the birth of a gelada baboon.

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Stocktake’s underway! 

2 Jan 18

From Asha the Asiatic lioness to Zeb the black and white ruffed lemur, every animal has to be counted as Dudley Zoological Gardens begins its yearly stocktake.

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It’s 2018! 

1 Jan 18

It’s 2018! We’re looking forward to another busy year ahead at Dudley Zoological Gardens with lots of exciting projects and species planned, including new binturong, naked mole rats and Prevost’s squirrel exhibits and a beach area for our young…

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80th year draws to a close 

31 Dec 17

It’s the last few hours of 2017 and DZG’s 80 th anniversary year.

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Feed raises funds 

30 Dec 17

Visitors have helped us raise more than £1,500 for in-situ conservation projects throughout the year by purchasing pots of nectar to feed our rainbow lorikeets.

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Free offer returns 

29 Dec 17

We’re relaunching our free return offer again for all our January and February visitors.