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Abandoned Road Works, 8th March 

8 Mar 18

Excavation work abandoned for the last four days at side of Amington Road, Tamworth opposite Bolehall Manor Club.

Flytipping newspapers, 25th February 

25 Feb 18

These newspapers along with other rubbish have been left by a car parking area next to a path at the very top of Calder.

3 potholes in milburn stonydelph, 23rd February 

23 Feb 18

These potholes have been here for a few months a couple of the have been fixed 6-12 months ago but then re-appeared.

Tudy this place up please, 22nd February 

22 Feb 18

So much plastic and glass strewn by the side of the road.

Vehicle abandoned, 2nd February 

2 Feb 18

Vehicle not moved/ abandoned for 1 month reg: FD52KRK Silver Hyundai Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Grassholme, Wilnecote Report on FixMyStreet…

Absolutely disgusting amount of litter on pathway on zig zag path between Peel Drive & Hockley Road, 15th January 

15 Jan 18

Good Morning, there is an awful amount of litter at this location.

Water running down road, 7th January 

7 Jan 18

Water running down road continuously could be water leak Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Stonydelph Lane, Wilnecote Report on FixMyStreet…

Wobbly lamp post at a 20 degree angle, 29th December 

29 Dec 17

The lamp post outside the front of our house has been hit by a couple of vehicles in the last few years.

Helium canister dumped, 8th November 

8 Nov 17

This canister has been dumped behind a tree opposite on Fossdale Road the entrance to Haltonlea.

Mattress floating in the lake, 8th November 

8 Nov 17

Somebody has disposed of a bed mattress here.

Extremly slippery footpath, 19th October 

19 Oct 17

The area of foothpath as you come off Lady Bridge where the bench is located is very slippery due to residue from leaf litter.

Mattress and bed dumped, 11th October 

11 Oct 17

Next to gates at track to railway Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Coton Lane, Tamworth Report on FixMyStreet…

Rubbish thrown into pond which is home to protected great crested newts, 24th August 

24 Aug 17

Pond was cleaned out some months ago and a new deck area established but now has become popular with layabouts with nothing to do except sit there , eat and drink and throw their rubbish in the pond Nearest road to the pin placed on the map…

Large section of fallen tree over path, 10th August 

10 Aug 17

A very large section of a tree has fallen over the path.

Large plastic bumper abandoned on verge, 4th August 

4 Aug 17

A large, black plastic bumper (from a lorry) has been abandoned/dumped on the grass verge (left hand side of Lichfield Road when travelling towards Hopwas) Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Lichfield…

Car parked in disabled space with badge displayed, 2nd August 

2 Aug 17

This car is in the disabled space and as a disabled driver having to park in a car park further away I think the owner should have a ticket so they do not do it again and think before they park Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically…

Fallen trees blocking the water flow, 1st August 

1 Aug 17

These boughs have fallen into the main channel of water near the footbridge.

Regular problem with litter, 1st August 

1 Aug 17

This area (a picnic table) is used by people who regularly leave large quantities of litter.

Same people selfishly parking all over the path, 31st July 

31 Jul 17

I have reported this same person before.

Car fully blocking pavement. I have watched a man in a mobility scooter have to turn around because he cannot get passed. Also I often have to walk on the road with my pram and 4 year old., 29th July 

29 Jul 17

This car is parked there all the time.

Green bin on floor full of non garden rubbish, 24th July 

24 Jul 17

This bin is a green garden rubbish bin full of non garden rubbish including a paint container.

Large tree fallen over the footpath in the park, 20th July 

20 Jul 17

The is obstructing the path.

Matress left outside empty property, 16th July 

16 Jul 17

Mattress left outside empty property has been there several weeks Report on FixMyStreet…

Fly-tipping, 15th July 

15 Jul 17

Yet more general household rubbish dumped in a beauty spot Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Tamworth Report on FixMyStreet…

Laurel hedge over grown in need of a cut back, 10th July 

10 Jul 17

Hedge is very over grown be coming a problem for people dumping rubbish in there.