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The Depths of Winter 

30 Dec 17

Something happens to me once the clock strikes 12 on 25th December.

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Never now to grow old 

28 Dec 17

On 28th December 1943, John Russell Faulkner of 504 Squadron was killed aged 21.

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Taking the air 

22 Oct 17

Almost a year has passed since a group of us got together in St Stephen’s Church, Fradley to talk about how we could record and tell the stories of RAF Lichfield, Staffordshire’s busiest World War Two airfield.

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Pictures of who? 

1 Oct 17

A box of photographs arrived in the post.

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Hospital Round 

28 Sep 17

A short and sweet post this evening.

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Pills ‘n’ Chills and Deli Bakes 

10 Sep 17

Yesterday I was in Tamworth for the summer food festival, talking to people about Living in Tamworth (the new monthly magazine I’m deputy editor of) in-between mouthfuls of locally produced pork pies, sausage rolls, blue cheese and spring rolls.

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29 Aug 17

Been catching up on messages (I’m sorry if I still owe you a reply!) and saw I’d recently received a lovely email from Claire who leads a volunteer group called the Heritage Gardeners in Glenside, New Zealand.

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Human Remains 

28 Jul 17

What’s in a name? Quite a lot actually, Juliet bab.

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Higher Education 

9 Jul 17

I recently went on a school trip to Stafford Grammar and had an excellent history lesson from the brilliant Mr Bateman, whose knowledge and enthusiasm were A* (or whatever the equivalent is now the grading system has been changed).

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Dead Wood 

22 Jun 17

One of the many upsides to doing whatever it is I actually do, is that people don’t feel the need to engage me in generic social chit chat about pleasant but dull subjects.

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Back on Track 

28 May 17

Time, once again, is on my side.

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Tiles of the Unexpected 

19 Feb 17

There’s a long running gag between me and my mates about how dangerous swans are.

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Angels and Demons 

28 Dec 16

Built in 1750 on the site of the Talbot Inn, as a private residence for wine merchant George Addams, the Angel Croft was converted to a hotel in the 1930s.

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In Fradley Fields 

13 Nov 16

RAF Lichfield, or Fradley Aerodrome as it was sometimes known,  was Staffordshire’s busiest airfield during the Second World War.

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The Leomansley Witch Project 

28 Oct 16

Imagine you’re watching a horror film.

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Crime Scenery 

23 Oct 16

I know.

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St Giles and St Michael 

28 Jun 16

St Giles is the patron saint of lepers and surely it’s no coincidence that there was a medieval hospital at nearby Freeford  caring for those unfortunates suffering from the disease.

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Higher Ground 

12 Jun 16

As these things go, the highest village in England is a decent title to have.

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Dark Water 

31 May 16

In Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the Little Mermaid lives, ‘Far out in the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest cornflower, and as clear as crystal”.

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Taylor Made 

25 May 16

Whilst I’ve been in Wolverhampton attempting to master the phonemic alphabet and the forty four sounds of spoken English, things have been a bit quiet here on lɪtʃˌfiːld lɔː However, the exams are over and my final assignment for the …

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Heaven Knows I’m Misericords Now 

22 Mar 16

The introduction to the guidebook for Holy Trinity at Eccleshall includes the following modern version of Psalm 84 Verse 10,  “I’d rather scrub the floors of in the house of my God than be honoured as a guest in the palace of sin”.

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Women’s Writes 

21 Mar 16

Last week, on International Women’s Day, one of my brilliant friends Patti shared an article with me on Facebook.

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Soul Sister 

6 Mar 16

Friend and well hunting expert Pixy Led described Nun’s Well at Cannock Wood as being, “…perhaps the most hidden of all the springs and wells I have investigated”, and it was only thanks to his post about the site on his brilliant  Holy …

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Lock Inn 

3 Jan 16

Last year, Christine Howles from the Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust and I spent a summer’s evening exploring the Fosseway section of the Lichfield canal.

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Bath Time 

21 Nov 15

Although the waters at the Roman Baths in Bath were once known for their healing powers (the mythological Prince Bladud and his pigs are said to have been cured of leprosy after wallowing here in 863 BC), the water is now considered unsafe and is …