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Lock Inn 

3 Jan 16

Last year, Christine Howles from the Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust and I spent a summer’s evening exploring the Fosseway section of the Lichfield canal.

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Bath Time 

21 Nov 15

Although the waters at the Roman Baths in Bath were once known for their healing powers (the mythological Prince Bladud and his pigs are said to have been cured of leprosy after wallowing here in 863 BC), the water is now considered unsafe and is …

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25 Oct 15

You’ve probably heard about the exciting developments in the Lichfield Waterworks Trust’s campaign to save Sandfields Pumping Station for the community.

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Take Me to Church Mayfield 

10 Oct 15

On my recent explorations of the North, I exchanged SatNav Woman for my Mum and a map.

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Abbey Road 

4 Oct 15

I was still feeling the effects of the lunar eclipse in the early hours of Monday on Tuesday morning.

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Capturing The Castle 

12 Sep 15

This year’s Heritage Open Days are now in full swing and yesterday a friend of mine took me on a grand day out to Astley Castle in Warwickshire.

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Lichfield Discovered Meet-Up 

8 Sep 15

Our Lichfield Discovered monthly meet-up is at the King’s Head on Bird Street tonight (Tuesday 8th September).

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Rode Trip 

1 Sep 15

The 462nd  Sheriff’s Ride and its spin-off take place this coming Saturday (5th September) and I’m marking the occasion with a post about posts.

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On the Rocks 

18 Aug 15

Lichfield is about as far as you can get from the sea.

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Not All About that Bass 

7 Aug 15

Last Sunday, I had an appointment at Burton upon Trent and wanted to make an afternoon of it.

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Bike Lock 

24 Jul 15

On Wednesday, Christine from the Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust and I set off on a joint expedition to explore the remains of the stretch of the Wyrley and Essington Canal between the Fosseway Level Crossing and Sandfields Pumping …

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Up Letocetum 

16 Jul 15

Wall, located just two miles to the south of Lichfield, is an incredible place to visit at anytime of the year.

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Midnight on the Hill 

30 Jun 15

Borrowcop Hill is a place that doesn’t want to give up its secrets easily.

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28 Jun 15

Perhaps the biggest faux pax you can commit about the place that gave the world Samuel ‘Dictionary’ Johnson, is to spell the name incorrectly.

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Blood and Water 

15 Jun 15

Last Saturday, our  Lichfield Discovered  group visited Sinai Park near Burton upon Trent, which has been described along the lines of, ‘the most important house in England to be in such a state’.

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Landscape Gardening 

9 Jun 15

I’m still not sure whether I live in Leomansley or Leamonsley but what I do know is that this area of Lichfield grew up around a fulling mill opened on Leomansley brook in the late eighteenth century, somewhere around where Leomansley Manor now…

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Social History 

31 May 15

This Tuesday (2nd June) at 7.30pm in the Duke of York, Lichfield Discovered is holding the first of its new monthly meet-ups.

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The Words and the Bees 

26 May 15

I had an hour to kill down in Lichfield and it suddenly occurred to me that I’d never looked to see if there was any graffiti, medieval or otherwise, on or in Lichfield Cathedral.

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Tame Adventures 

22 May 15

The Spring Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us which means it’s Bower time again! If you’re a Lichfeldian, the Greenhill Bower needs no introduction.

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Elephant Stone 

17 May 15

At the end of a long week of exams, assignments and driving backwards and forwards to Wolverhampton, I needed to refresh my tired eyes and mind.

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Off the Mark 

5 May 15

I’m supposed to be revising right now, but it does you good to have a little diversion now and again.

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Blue Alert 

24 Apr 15

The bluebells are starting to appear in Leomansley and Sloppy Woods! Access to the woods is via an entrance on Christchurch Lane or you can get there by walking across Pipe Green.

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20 Apr 15

I’m in the midst of writing an assignment so just a very quick one that I’m hoping to follow up when I’ve more time.

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Discovering the Future 

16 Apr 15

Our Lichfield Discovered group has been walking, talking, photographing and filming its way around Lichfield and the surrounding area for over eighteen months.

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The Duck Stops Here 

11 Apr 15

Shopping in Lichfield last week, I was called ‘me duck’.