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It’s All Over! 

31 Dec 17

It’s all over! It is New Year’s Eve and Christmas is well and truly over.

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Festive Season Day 6 – The Aftermath! Part 2 – It’s only a game…. 

29 Dec 17

Festive Season Day 6 – The Aftermath! Part 2….

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Festive Season Day 6 – The Aftermath! Part 1…. 

28 Dec 17

Festive Season Day 6 – The Aftermath….

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Festive Season Day 2 – the Eve 

24 Dec 17

Festive Season Day 2 – The Eve It is the day before Christmas and all through the house not a creature is stirring….

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Festive Season Day One…. 

23 Dec 17

Festive Season Day 1…..

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The Sad Demise of the Humble Horror Movie….. 

31 Oct 17

Source: The Sad Demise of the Humble Horror Movie…..

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25 Sep 17

What is it about cyclists?! Now don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are cyclists.

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The real Game of Thrones…. 

13 Aug 17

It is the very last series of the great TV Box Set Game of Thrones, but who would have thought that the real-life geo-politics of today would overshadow the mythical drama in terms of intrigue, the struggle for power, unbelievable hairstyles, murder…

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Wine gums, please….. 

7 Jul 17

I admit it.

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Home sweet home…. 

19 Jun 17

Well, it is a month now since we moved into our new home.

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Arise Little England…. 

11 Jun 17

Well, as one of my better and wiser friends tweeted (being a cool guy who is down with the kids): “Well.

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We’re in! 

20 May 17

Well we are in! We have moved.

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The joy of moving home…. 

18 May 17

I have read recently that “moving house” no longer makes it into the top list of most stressful life events.

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Happy Easter Everyone…. 

15 Apr 17

What the heck is going on in the world? Little Britain (for we are sadly no longer the United Kingdom) has turned its back on the one institution which has largely kept the peace on the continent of Europe (if you ignore the Balkan wars that is….

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It is Nineteen Eighty Four……Resist. 

25 Feb 17

At first I thought it must be “fake news”……but it wasn’t.

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To Fly. To Serve. My Arse! 

18 Feb 17

@ To Fly.

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America! What’s this got to do with me? 

31 Jan 17

For those (hopefully few) people turning a blind eye to events happening across the Pond in the US at the moment; for those hiding behind the “democratic will”,  take a pause.

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So that was 2016! 

31 Dec 16

So that was 2016.

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Just sayin’….. 

7 Dec 16

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It is a man’s world… 

27 Nov 16

It is man’s world.

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The truth is out there…. 

12 Nov 16

Do not worry America.

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Time to travel again…. 

12 Oct 16

I have just started to travel on business following a “lay off” of a couple of months.

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The Russians are coming….. 

14 Sep 16

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! This used to be the Cold War warning which would cause any American child to check under his bed anxiously.

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16 Jul 16

Jeremy Corbyn is a principled man.

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Should we stay or should we go? 

21 Jun 16

Please vote to remain.