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Moselele – Eight Years 

2 Apr 18

On Thursday it will be our 8th Birthday.

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Moselele Book 9 

1 Feb 18

We’ve made another book of songs.

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Jingle Bells 

4 Dec 17

It’s Christmas and that means you could give one of your relatives the gift of music this Christmas.

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End of an Era: The End of the Bambookelele 

28 Sep 17

We’re very sorry to have to say that we are bringing the production of Moselele Bambookeles to an end.

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Meet Moselele: #20 – Ian J 

4 Aug 17

And we’re up to 20 Meet Moselele posts.

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Meet Moselele: #19 – Peter H 

27 Jul 17

I know, I know, it’s been over a month since I insisted everyone should fill out Meet Moselele questionnaires, then only published one.

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Moseley Festival – 2017 

30 Jun 17

Moseley Festival starts today, no, not the Folk Festival and no, not the Jazz Festival.

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Meet Moselele: #18 – Fiona C 

23 Jun 17

“Meet Moselele” is back.

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Ukulele Festival of Great Britain – 2017 

13 Jun 17

This weekend is going to be a happy weekend and a sad one.

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Grand Northern Ukulele Festival – 2017 

1 May 17

It’s the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival this week.

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Moselele Book 8 

3 Feb 17

We’re really pleased that we have finished our eighth book of songs.

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Hello Potential Moselele People. 

4 Jan 17

Last year we put up this post for people that were thinking about coming along to Moselele.

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Merry Winterval 

5 Dec 16

With Christmas bearing down on us like an unstoppable force we thought it might be useful to let you know what our plans are for the next month or so.

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New Baritone Ukulele 

15 Nov 16

We’re really pleased to say that we, at last, have a Baritone size ukulele for sale.

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Spookelele 2016 

24 Oct 16

It’s the scariest time of  the year.

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Oxjam Brum 2016 

13 Oct 16

We’re really pleased that we’re going to be playing at Oxjam Brum on Saturday (15th).

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Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2016 

16 Jun 16

We’re very excited to be going to the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain on Saturday (the 18th).

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The Night Owl: 19th June 

7 Jun 16

We haven’t played a gig in ages.

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Six Years Old 

4 Apr 16

Happy Birthday to us.

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Moselele Book 7 

5 Feb 16

We’re pleased to say we’ve gone and completed our seventh book of songs.

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Valentine’s Gig 

20 Jan 16

The 14th February is not only Valentines Day but it’s also the day that some UK famous ukulele people are coming to Birmingham.

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Hello New People 

4 Jan 16

It occurred to us that some of you might have come across our site having got a ukulele for Christmas and be thinking about joining us at The Prince of Wales, (our next meeting is on Thursday the 7th).

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Happy New-Uke Year 

2 Jan 16

For some reason we completely forgot a Merry Christmas post.

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 

23 Nov 15

We’ve updated our Christmas songbook to include a load more festive songs.

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Spookelele Sing-A-Long 

20 Oct 15

We’ve got yet another sing-a-long to add to your calendar.