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Our Most Favourite Flag 

17 Jul 18

Naturally the Union Jack (Flag) is our most favourite flag of a national type nature …… …….

Blog feature
The Truth Will Always Out 

16 Jul 18

We are still a little taken aback by the palatial holiday apartment we have been given at our hotel complex ……..

Blog feature
Best Holiday Must Have Ever…….. 

15 Jul 18

Well, I think we have Nigel to thank for our best holiday must have ever this year.

Blog feature
Sea Legs Required. 

14 Jul 18

Last night we decided to go for an evening meal at Kalidon, the floating restaurant on the quay that Darrell has had his eye on since we arrived.

Blog feature
We Do Love A Greek Church 

13 Jul 18

As you know, we love a Greek church and as such we have been checking each day to see if the church we spotted in the middle of Elounda is open so that we could have a little peek inside and then light a candle, a long held Greek odyssey tradition…

Blog feature
A Bit Of Sculptural Culture In Agios Nikolaos 

12 Jul 18

We think we must have done a big circle round Agios Nikolaos during our day there, until our feet got the better of us and we could walk no further.

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Nigel Finds A Greek Treasure 

11 Jul 18

I have to say that Nigel has quite an art for finding the quaint and quirky of a Greek café type nature.

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Exploring Agios Nikolaos 

10 Jul 18

As there were a few storm clouds over Elounda we decided to leave “our” beach for a short getting a taxi to explore the pleasures of Agios Nikilaos round the bay……..

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The Elephants In The Room 

9 Jul 18

The covers on the sofa/beds in our holiday apartment lounge area have a very definite African theme to them, which Darrell says must be a current, de rigueur, must have in Greece ……… …… but to be honest I just can’t see it, Greece is just…

Blog feature
Home Thoughts From Abroad 

8 Jul 18

I couldn’t help noticing that sometimes Darrell drifts off into his own little world when gazing far across unbelievably blue sea to the mountains.

Blog feature
Crete Brings About A Change In An Almost Implacable Holiday Habit ……. 

7 Jul 18

Partaking in a pre and apres dinner cocktail has always been very much part of our holidays of a foreign type nature …….

Blog feature
Nigel, Found Without ……. 

6 Jul 18

I have a sort of feeling that this is going to be a holidays of swings and roundabouts as regards to our fortunes ……….

Blog feature
We’ve Got Wings ………. 

5 Jul 18

I have to admit that when we arrived at our hotel at stupid o’clock this morning, we were all totally incapable of taking anything in, we just went into what we thought was “the bedroom” and collapsed on either one of the twin beds.

Blog feature
And So …… Our Crete Odyssey Begins 

4 Jul 18

The eagles have landed …….

Blog feature
A Wolverhampton Development Of A Bus Type Nature ….. 

3 Jul 18

We’re staying with Lu for a couple of days before we jet off to the hotter climes of Crete as her house is very convenient for the airport and while we are here , well, Nigel just couldn’t resist a trip into Wolverhampton on the bus to see what…

Blog feature
Look Out Romantic Island Of Crete, Here We Come …….. Well Almost 

2 Jul 18

Passports – check, EHIC cards – check, an ample sufficiency of euros and a few pounds for emergencies and the airport – check ……… ……..

Blog feature
The Times They Are A-changing 

1 Jul 18

Well, after much planning and the poring over of plans, Darrell and Nigel’s room has been emptied ……… …… and The Towers is now full of the carcasses of new drawer units, cupboard and shelves and all the other paraphernalia that goes with …

Blog feature
An Art Installation ….. Or Something Missed By The Bin Men 

30 Jun 18

As you know Nigel had a habit of finding things on his daily meanderings…….

Blog feature
A Late Addition To Our HoliBob Packing …….. 

29 Jun 18

I thought we were almost packed for our Cretan Odyssey ……..

Blog feature
And There Was Light ……. 

28 Jun 18

I have to admit that there have been a few dark days Chez Le Towers of late ……..

Blog feature
Do Not Block The Entrance 

27 Jun 18

The temporary duck pond that tickled Nigel so much the other day is now drying up …… However, this is no bad thing, it had caused the little fella no end of worry knowing how many huge lorries must have passed over it each day.

Blog feature
Swings And Roundabouts Of A Confectionary Type Nature …….. 

26 Jun 18

With great sadness our Evesham confectionary emporium of choice, Mr Chills, is no longer ………………… However, all is not lost ………..

Blog feature
Ducks A Waddling And A Paddling 

25 Jun 18

There’s a rather large puddle, near the bridge, at the top of our estate ………..

Blog feature
Doggy Swim Suits? 

24 Jun 18

Hugh is passionate about his four beloved basset hounds who are often to be seen walking through Notting Hill in the latest Prada, Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana collars and bandanas But, Nigel doubts very much if they would, sadly, ever be seen in the …

Blog feature
Nigel Makes Darrell’s Day 

22 Jun 18

Nigel knows all to well that Darrell is a martyr to his rigorous beauty regime and there is nothing he appreciates more than a bonnet de douche to keep his hair covered when he gives it a deep conditioning treatment, or reversely, to stop his fringe …