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The Most Irritating Ad EVER……. 

20 Jan 18

Currently there is an ad on the TV for Nationwide Building Society that irritates us sooooooooooo much (even though we bank with them) that we fight for who can reach the remote fastest so that we can change channels, no matter what we are watching…

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Change Is In The Wind 

19 Jan 18

With all the bitter wind and rain over the past few days my usual mug of coffee just didn’t seem to be the right tincture to provide the required comfort factor on my early morning walk up to Lavender Fields for my usual Friday “Uncle Duties”.

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Nigel’s Slight Misunderstanding 

18 Jan 18

Sometimes Nigel has a tendency to take things a little too literally.

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Feed The Birds 

17 Jan 18

Darrell and I have treated Nigel to another window bird feeder …….

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Caught In The Act 

16 Jan 18

Yesterday I caught Nigel in the act ……….

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em …… 

15 Jan 18

If you can’t beat ‘em …… you may as well join ‘em ……..

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No One Loves A Dank Morning 

14 Jan 18

I don’t think any of us is really embracing getting up and out during the seasonal dark, dank, misty moisty winters mornings …….

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Darrell Sorts Out Our Next Greek Odyssey 

13 Jan 18

It’s that cold and grey time of year when Darrell starts feeling the call of the hot sun on his back, sand between his toes and a Greek souvlaki on his plate, so yesterday afternoon he demanded total silence after deciding it would be an opportune …

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Nigel Won’t Be Beat By Darrell 

12 Jan 18

It has to be said that where Darrell sets the trend, Nigel is not short to follow ……..

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Nigel’s Over Active Imagination 

11 Jan 18

Sometimes Nigel’s imagination is just a little too vivid for my liking ….

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Our First Confectionary Review Of 2018 – Original Halloren Balls 

10 Jan 18

As we said a couple of days ago our beloved friends Ze Monkeys dans exotic Germany sent us a wonderful parcel of Teutonic delicacies for Christmas and today we thought we would bring you the first of our reviews, which, after some light hearted …

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Darrell Trials A Few Beauty Products 

9 Jan 18

As you know Darrell is a robust metrosexual, taking great pride in his meticulous male grooming, so when Hugh, his best friend and mentor, sent him a huge pile of skin products to try he was thrilled beyond belief! I have to say, some of the items …

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Nigel Cookery Instructor Extraordinaire 

8 Jan 18

With so much chocolate left over from Christmas Nigel decided it might be an opportune time to introduce Iris to the art of the chocolate crispy cake! And it goes without saying that before any food preparation was done, all hands were scrupulously …

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Darrell Casts His Eye Over Current Tile Trends. 

7 Jan 18

As you know Darrell takes an avid interest in all things of an interior design type nature and has Homes Under The Hammer, Grand Designs and anything with Phil and Kirsty on permanent record.

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Nigel’s Florensic Mystery 

6 Jan 18

Nigel has decided to ask Tom a question of a deep probing and florensic type nature, and then hope he can understand the answer as he has noticed a sign attached to a fence on a piece of what just looks, for all intents and purposes, a piece of rough…

Blog feature
Evesham, Not Quite Vegas Yet …….. 

5 Jan 18

Evesham has a new set of six boundary signs, each depicting a famous and celebrated Evesham landmark …….

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A Wonderful Trip Down Memory Lane 

4 Jan 18

While we were staying with LuLu over the Christmas holiday, she very kindly invited us on a trip to Bridgnorth, a town that holds many happy memories for us, and well, it would have been most rude to refuse such a lovely offer.

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A Most Wonderful Present From Exotic Foreign Climes 

3 Jan 18

We’ve been here, there and everywhere over Christmas and New Year and as a result we haven’t really had the time to post absolutely everything we got up to, so today we thought we would go back to a very special present that we took with us to …

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Nigel’s New Years Revolution 

2 Jan 18

Yesterday afternoon Nigel announced that his New Years Revolution this year will be to have at least one Chai Latte in Brew Bear, his current coffee shop of choice, per week.

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New Years Day 2018 

1 Jan 18

Aghhhhh, I hope you don’t mind if I wish you a Happy New Year in extremely hushed tones, or better still, through the medium of mime this morning? Although our New Years Eve was a sedate and quiet affair, Darrell’s cocktails proved to be, how …

Blog feature
New Year’s Eve 2017 

31 Dec 17

Tonight we are saying a very quiet and sedate farewell to 2017.

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A Blast From The Past 

30 Dec 17

This morning our lovely postman called to deliver a HUGE blast from the past and something we have really missed since we stopped working.

Blog feature

29 Dec 17

Yesterday afternoon, after all the joyous excitement of Christmas, we decided that we needed a quiet and sedate day to refuel and recover.

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Special Presents From Mrs A, Norm and Sammy 

28 Dec 17

One of our most special presents this Christmas came right out of the blue from Mrs A, Sammy and Norm, our friends from our Swindon Monkey Convention back in September.

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A Wolverhampton Christmas 

27 Dec 17

Let’s just say that being back within the bosom of our Wolverhampton family has been very, very lovely ……… ……..