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1 Jun 15

Ok, so after over five years of living aboard, taking photos and writing about our adventures en-route we are now discontinuing to blog.

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Leaving Bradford on Avon. 

1 Jun 15

This is what I found when I zoomed in to the unusual abode high up on the hillside.

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28 May 15

We apologise for the breakdown in posting, this is because Google have changed something (security) and Microsoft have not updated Live Writer.

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Down Caen Hill. 

26 May 15

Alas our time was up and we wanted to reverse onto the water point and it was drizzling with rain.

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Devizes 2. 

25 May 15

Of course the town is best known for it’s brewery where they still use their heavy horses and dray to deliver the beer.

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On to Devizes. 

24 May 15

The next day turned out fine and clear after a day of rain which made for beautiful clear cruising.

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Honey Street. 

23 May 15

The Heron was watching for fish and kept taking off to move along right in front of Oakfield enabling me to get these lovely action shots.

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Just a perfick day. 

22 May 15

This was one of my favourite cottage views with that lovely ancient tree standing in the field.

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Leaving Crofton. 

21 May 15

This hired wide beam saw us coming and hastily pulled out in front of us, we had met them the day before and they were not very communicative! Anyway we caught them up when they were in the 502 yards long Bruce Tunnel.

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Crofton Beam Engine. 

20 May 15

What a fabulous tranquil spot this was right between the old pumping engine and Wilton Water.

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Cruising on. 

19 May 15

Leaving our lovely mooring spot right near the town we cruised on with locks and swing bridges about every mile.

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Hungerford Antiques. 

18 May 15

A boat had just left the town moorings and a lady on a small boat kindly moved along to allow us to moor there.

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To Hungerford. 

17 May 15

Leaving Kintbury under the bridge with the mysterious ‘Railway to Heaven’ up the side of the bridge, we passed the Vicarage and it’s neighbour in it’s beautiful canal side setting.

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16 May 15

On arrival here the lovely wide-beam Horse Trip boat was almost ready to leave.

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Leaving Newbury. 

15 May 15

Carolyn and I walked forward to set Newbury Lock and the boys followed on slightly later under Town Bridge.

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Around Newbury. 

14 May 15

Fortunately we had landed on W’s Fish Friday and it was only a six minute walk into the town centre.

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13 May 15

Another early start for us having heard the Cuckoo here as well..

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12 May 15

Next day we set off at 8ish and stopped at Tyle Mill Services, along with another boat which looked to be permanently moored there! The Moorhen and Ducks were enjoying a bit of sunshine here.

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Reading to Theale. 

11 May 15

We moored outside Tesco’s at Reading and popped in for a quick shop.

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River Thames des. res. 

9 May 15

Some, large or small, new or old with fashionable boat houses or special moorings.

Blog feature
River Thames 2. 

8 May 15

We left Shillingford under grey cloudy skies which got showery at times.

Blog feature
River Thames. 

7 May 15

By the time we arrived at Clifton Lock the weather had turned dull and cloudy with light rain.

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Onto the River Thames. 

6 May 15

We donned our life jackets before setting off, good job too.

Blog feature
Oxford 3. 

4 May 15

It was very busy down this end of the canal with walkers, cyclists, joggers and tourists.

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Kiddlington and beyond. 

3 May 15

We moored at Kiddlington Green and did a trolley run by bus down to Sainsbury’s.