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FAQ: Is UGC more helpful or harmful to journalism? 

17 Mar 18

The latest set of questions in the semi-regular FAQ section on this blog are about UGC , and come from a student at Liverpool John Moores.

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On International Women’s Day here are 7 data journalism projects about women’s issues 

8 Mar 18

Photo: Pixabay Women represent 49.5% of the world’s population, but they do not have a corresponding public, political and social influence.

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3 weeks left to enter the Data Journalism Awards 

5 Mar 18

One of the projects from last year’s winning portfolio in the young data journalist category The deadline for the Data Journalism Awards is now just 3 weeks away.

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Text-as-data journalism? Highlights from a decade of SOTU speech coverage 

5 Feb 18

January 2012: The National Post’s graphics team analyzes keywords used in State of the Union addresses by presidents Bush and Obama / Image: © Richard Johnson/The National Post In a guest post for OJB, Barbara Maseda looks at how the media has …

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What do journalists do with large amounts of text? 

2 Feb 18

Photo: Pixabay Barbara Maseda is on a John S.

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The first central database of victims in the Spanish Civil War and the Franco regime 

15 Jan 18

Bombings in Barcelona in 1938 (Image by Italian Airforce under CC) In a guest post for OJB, Carla Pedret looks at a new data journalism project to catalogue what happened during the Spanish Civil War.

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Now available under Creative Commons: my book chapter on data journalism 

8 Jan 18

When I agreed to write the second edition of the Online Journalism Handbook , I asked that the chapter on data journalism from the 2011 edition of the book be released under a Creative Commons licence.

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FAQ: How the use of UGC and verification has changed in journalism 

6 Jan 18

Photo by Autowitch The latest in my series of FAQ posts comes from a current MA Online Journalism student, who is writing an article for a German publication.

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FAQ: Top 3 tips for journalists wanting to get started in data journalism 

27 Dec 17

Photo by Benjamin Reay The latest in my series of FAQ posts comes from the National University of Sciences Technology (NUST) in Pakistan.

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All my data journalism ebooks are $5 or less this Christmas 

21 Dec 17

The prices of my 3 data journalism ebooks — Data Journalism Heist , Finding Stories in Spreadsheets and Scraping for Journalists — have been cut to $5 on Leanpub in the lead up to Christmas.

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How we did it: investigating Nigerian football agents 

19 Dec 17

Last year I was part of a team — with Yemisi Akinbobola and  Ogechi Ekeanyawu — that won a CNN MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year award for an investigation into Nigerian football agents .

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Local journalism is getting more data-driven — and other thoughts on Data Journalism UK 2017 

13 Dec 17

Megan Lucero of the Bureau Local – photo: Jonny Jacobsen Last week I hosted the second annual Data Journalism UK conference — a convenient excuse to bring together speakers from the news media, industry experts, charities and startups working in …

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Here are all the presentations from Data Journalism UK 2017 

11 Dec 17

Megan Lucero at Data Journalism UK 2017.

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Announcing a part time PGCert in Data Journalism 

7 Dec 17

Earlier this year I announced a new MA in Data Journalism .

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How to: get started with SQL in Carto and create filtered maps 

1 Dec 17

Today I will be introducing my MA Data Journalism students to SQL (Structured Query Language), a language used widely in data journalism to query databases, datasets and APIs.

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Information is Beautiful Awards 2017: “Visualisation without story is nothing” 

30 Nov 17

David McCandless, founder of the IiB awards, hosted the ceremony MA Data Journalism students Carmen Aguilar Garcia and Victoria Oliveres attended the Information is Beautiful awards this week and spoke to some of the nominees and winners.

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How one Norwegian data team keeps track of their data journalism projects 

29 Nov 17

In a special guest post Anders Eriksen from the #bord4 editorial development and data journalism team at Norwegian news website Bergens Tidende talks about how they manage large data projects.

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I’m delivering a 3 day workshop on scraping for journalists in January 

27 Nov 17

From January 23-25 I’ll be delivering a 3 day workshop on scraping in London at The Centre for Investigative Journalism.

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“Data matters — but people are still the best sources of stories”  —  insights from investigative journalist Peter Geoghegan 

23 Nov 17

Peter Geoghegan In a guest post Jane Haynes speaks to investigative journalist Peter Geoghegan of the award-winning news site The Ferret about data, contacts and “nosing up the trousers of power”.

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Data storytelling done right: 8 easy tips to avoid bad visualisation 

21 Nov 17

In a guest post for OJB, Steve Carufel interviews Dutch data journalist Thomas de Beus about visualisation, storytelling — and useful new tools for data journalists.

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Want to work as a sports data journalist? Inviting MA Data Journalism applications in partnership with FourFourTwo 

31 Oct 17

One of FourFourTwo’s infographics – they want to expand the organisation’s ability to produce social-friendly data-driven content As part of the new MA in Data Journalism I have partnered with a number of organisations who are keen to bring …

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9 *more* newsletters about data and vis? Yes! 

30 Oct 17

A few weeks ago I posted a list of 9 great newsletters about data .

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Announcing the line up for Data Journalism UK 2017 

24 Oct 17

The Bureau Local’s Megan Lucero We’ve confirmed the line up for this year’s Data Journalism UK conference on December 5 — and I’m pretty excited about it.

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Wanted: MA Data Journalism applicants to partner with The Telegraph 

19 Oct 17

The Telegraph was behind one of the biggest data journalism stories of the last decade As part of the new MA in Data Journalism we have partnered with a number of organisations who are keen to bring data journalism expertise into their newsroom.

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Audioboom is ending its free service. Here are some free mobile audio tools you can use instead 

9 Oct 17

Audioboom’s announcement that it will end free accounts It’s been widely rumoured for some weeks now that Audioboom was about to end its free service – and this morning an email to users of the service confirmed that.