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Disposable? Sure. Remembered? Oh, yes. 

15 Apr 18

We don’t always realise what we’re doing when we’re in the thick of it.

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A conversation With Music: Gordon Giltrap. 

23 Mar 18

This week, I’m thinking guitars and guitarists.

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Paul Murphy with Ragman Jones – a last recording 

17 Mar 18

It’s been two years now, two years and some weeks, since we lost Paul Murphy.

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Dempsey / Broughton 

4 Feb 18

Two generations of UK Folk.

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Chris Bowden: The story of the the story 

21 Jan 18

A casual conversation; an unexpected connection.

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Ed Doolan – an appreciation 

17 Jan 18

Thoughts on the passing of an old colleague News broke yesterday that Ed Doolan had passed away.

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Shame and scandal – a game of reputations 

31 Dec 17

2017: the year of risk-averse defenestration A while back, I was at a local station, in the meetingroom.

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Royalties! What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours – most of the time 

17 Dec 17

The joys of music publishing Pennies and pounds? If you can, and you’re West Midlands based, catch a John Mostyn music biz session.

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It’s only taken me 50 years to work this one out 

3 Dec 17

Onstage chemistry.

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A Fairport alumnus in trouble; time to rally round… 

19 Nov 17

A life of great guitar: Jerry Donahue The peerless Tony Kelsey messaged me the other day.

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All hail Hall! 

12 Nov 17

At last, a solid and sensible move at Local Radio level! Are the clouds about to lift? Very possibly…

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It was twenty years ago today; Notorious are coming out to play 

5 Nov 17

H ooked on Classics, look what you started…

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A West Midlands YouTube chart – August 2017 

13 Aug 17

New players? Yup.

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Have we lost much? Oh, yes we have. 

30 Jul 17

Ugly thinking and changing tech Missing you already…

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If was fifty years ago today! The merchandise is here to stay! 

5 Jun 17

Tell me about the good old days, son…

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West Midlands Rock Royalty at the Robin – Jim’s Jam 

4 Jun 17

Celebrating one of the greats…

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2017 60s flashbacks 

21 May 17

Something’s happening here…

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Surinder Sandhu and his funky Karma Machine 

7 May 17

One of the most exciting albums I’ve heard in years.

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Elections. Hustings. Culture. I’m so depressed. 

30 Apr 17

It’s election season.

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A West Midlands YouTube Top 50 – August 2016. 

21 Aug 16

The 8th bi-annual Radio To Go video survey Late August.

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The four quid studio. There’s a price to pay. 

7 Aug 16

1996 – £4,000 (if you’re lucky) 2006 – £400 2016 – £4 I’m a geek.

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Brexit, the Brum Music Biz and three wise men called John. 

16 Jul 16

I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks.

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The connections game. Spot that muso! 

26 Jun 16

Who’s that guy on guitar? Didn’t he use to be in…

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Payola? Still here. Methodology? Totally different 

19 Jun 16

Some traditions never go away.

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The album, the artist, the audience. Are we going full circle? 

12 Jun 16

Grudgingly, I find myself starting to agree with vinyl freaks.