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Where are the Tories Hiding? 

15 Jul 18

Warning On this very blog on Saturday, 16 th July 2016 to be precise, I foretold that Mrs May would be the last leader of the Conservative Party, how true that prophesy seems today.

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Wednesbury Gaumont Cinema to Return 

17 Aug 17

Having been away from the web for so long, quietly watching the local politics, I feel compelled to write about a good news story, its brilliant to see a major business is returning to our old town.

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A Vote for May will Destroy the Party 

3 Jul 16

What a disgraceful CON, in a last ditch attempt to deceive the party members and con people of this country, we hear there are calls for the leadership to be halted and Teresa May appointed as leader.

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Tory MP Who Cares for Britain Votes for BREXIT 

9 May 16

Crispin Blunt, chair of the Foreign Affairs select committee, came out for Brexit live on the Daily Politics :show.

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Osborne Robs from the Poor 

18 Mar 16

When Osborne robs British poor disabled to help pay for Europe, you know its time to BREXIT, Only a discredited Prime Minster would allow a discredited Chancellor to cut disabled benefits but NOT cut one penny from the £55Million a day we pay to a …

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Cooper Must Resign 

14 Dec 15

Years ago we told you of the incompetence, years ago we asked the government to step in, the Government has finally taken over Sandwell children’s services, COOPER MUST RESIGN.

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A Hint of Democracy 

30 Jul 15

This last few weeks we have heard from failing Labour administrations in Birmingham, Sandwell, Wolverhampton and Dudley, just how wonderful it would be for them to get their hands on extra money to become a massive authority.

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West Midlands Council JOKE 

20 Jul 15

So the powers that be want us all to jump up and down with excitement about the proposed West Midlands Super Council, there is however one little problem to this cunning plan, most of the councils are in a complete mess and failing.

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Sandwell Council Accounts Failure 

18 Jul 15

Once again the local circus is in town, this time Sandwell Council has been found guilty of “Mismanagement” and “misconduct” after failing to file the correct legal documents for the last 18 months the Charity Commission was forced to investigate…

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Sandwell’s children services “inadequate” 

5 Jun 15

The people of Sandwell deserve better, with heads of departments gone, cabinet members gone, staff sacked , staff re-employed, but once again Sandwell is still inadequate Sandwell residents have become accustom to inadequacy from this leadership but …

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Tom doesn’t think Labour overspent 

1 Jun 15

Yes just weeks after he was reported as throwing his name in the hat as a contender for the role of Labours deputy leader , Tom has now appeared on the BBC’s Sunday politics show.

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Tony Blair resigns 

27 May 15

Yes Tony Bliar is reported as writing to the UN boss Ban Ki-moon to confirm his resignation.

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To All our Readers 

14 Feb 15

We have not gone away , We have not moved to a new web sight We are back by popular demands Yes after the last of many emails asking were have the real Tories in Sandwell gone we are back brewing up controversy Next Post soon…

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Will Mr Cooper apologise to the people on the St Georges day parade? 

22 Nov 14

Once again Labour show their true colours and status, this time a Labour MP passes comment about our national flag, the cross of St George hanging on a house, not long ago Sandwell Labour cut funding for the St Georges day flag waving parade saying …

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Mr Watson who do you support ? 

10 Nov 14

I have to ask if the famous comical circus merry go round called Sandwell Labour have been appointed main political advisers to the Miliband election camp, as Labour have now embarked on a plot to make rED Miliband look stupid in defeat .

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Red Eds 2p 

4 Nov 14

Red Eds problems escalate this week, when he is photographed giving a beggar what looks like 2p coin, his grip on power continues to ebb away as Labours share of the vote melts in Scotland, but worse still he is racing to a 33 month low in YouGov …

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Why Does Sandwell Hate The Motorist ? 

29 Oct 14

While its shouting Cuts Cuts Cuts and sacking its low paid workers, wonderful Sandwell Council famous for listening to its residents spent £600,000 on consultation and drawing up plans for a modified Birchley Island only to ignore it, Regular …

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Sandwell’s Circus Performance 

18 Oct 14

With a performance worthy of a BBC TV comedy series and with 5 stars for effort the news sites of the BBC news the Halesowen News and as usual a few days later it appears in the ES The Police are investigating allegations of corrupt land deals …

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People See Through Red Ed 

7 Oct 14

Yes all over the UK people are finally waking up to Red Eds drivel, funnily a number in his own party have as well and they are not frightened to say it Sandwell Tory said There’s an old saying “he couldn’t run a whelk stall ” I have to agree…

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Sandwell Democracy 

28 Sep 14

I was shocked to hear this morning that democracy has been severely damaged in Sandwell by my own Conservative Party, In scenes reminiscent of a North Korean township, Conservative Party officials walked into Warley Conservative Association and …

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The Union stays intact 

19 Sep 14

The Scottish have said NO in a vote which saw 80% of the people turn out to vote giving a result of around 55%-45% , so the Union holds and the £ is already trading higher Politicians MUST take note of what has happened here today, the people are …

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Ten Labour councillors quit the party 

3 Sep 14

The wheels continue to fall off Miliband’s band wagon with 10 councillors leaving his party, it not known why, but accusations have been made as to “personal agendas” I hear next week’s executive Labour meeting in Wrexham has been cancelled.

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Rotherham, a National disgrace 

28 Aug 14

Yes an inquiry finds 1000’s of Children were abused in Rotherham while the council was so busy taking children from families due to their parents political memberships.

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Sandwell’s Duck Soup 

24 Aug 14

The Marx Brothers were a family comedy act famous for a film called Duck Soup, Sandwell Labour are now famously in the soup for killing Geese, 100’s of them in parks around the borough and this was filmed for all to see Here we have two well known …

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Les Jones, Conservative Candidate for the PCC 

15 Aug 14

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate I’m so pleased to hear a good old Conservative stalwart Les has been selected to be the Conservative party ‘s candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner.