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Blog Post: A chance to save nature – by Samantha Lyster 

6 Jul 18

It’s a rare situation where national political debate is sparked by women wearing bikinis.

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Blog Post: RSPB Sandwell Valley – What it means to me 

5 Jul 18

It is often difficult to answer the question about why you enjoy a site so much.

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Blog Post: #VolunteersWeek2018 

7 Jun 18

Volunteering means different things to different people.

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Blog Post: My Visitor Volunteer Experience by Laura 

1 Jun 18

I started volunteering at RSPB Sandwell Valley near Birmingham in March 2018 as a Visitor Volunteer.

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Blog Post: Top 5 butterflies to spot this month 

1 Jun 18

We’re all of a flutter! It feels like it’s been both summer and winter these last few weeks, with blazing temperatures on one day and relentless rain the next – not to mention the thunderstorms and rather astonishing displays of lightning! But …

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Blog Post: Smelly Sandwell Valley by Sue Fox 

17 May 18

After a few weeks volunteering at RSPB Sandwell Valley, usually on a Tuesday, I found that this was the day when, once every few weeks, the tanker comes to collect the waste from the septic tank! That got me thinking, what does all the wildlife make …

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Blog Post: My first month as a Learning Assistant Intern by Christina Nijar 

14 May 18

It’s been about a month since I joined the RSPB Sandwell Valley team and it’a been bit of a whirlwind so far.

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Blog Post: Owen helps save the albatross! 

11 May 18

Hi, I am Owen! I am not only speaking for myself, but for the Eco-council at Witton Middle School in Droitwich.

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Blog Post: St George and the Dragonfly 

20 Apr 18

Almost everyone knows the great legend of St George and the Dragon, the brave knight who fought to rescue a princess and later became known as the Patron Saint of England.

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Blog Post: The elusive butterfly and other tales 

5 Apr 18

Spring is late this year and every time we cleared the snow on the reserve we had more a week later, but last Sunday was warm and pleasant so we set off to Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham to find our first butterfly of the year.

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File: Canada Geese. 

3 Apr 18

Territorial feud.

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Blog Post: SpawnWatch 

28 Mar 18

You may have heard of the Big Garden Birdwatch, but have you heard of SpawnWatch? For the next two weeks our volunteers will be keeping an eye out for our amphibian friends and any frog spawn – those amazing little green clumps of jelly! We’re …

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Blog Post: Spring, spring, spring! 

16 Mar 18

After being hit by stormy winds and snowy blizzards from the east, we’re all waiting in anticipation for spring to finally arrive.

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Comment on Golden Eye 

15 Mar 18

Golden Eye  taken today 15/3/2018 at Sandwell Valley, See photo at  Sandwell Valley photo’s…

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Comment on Grey Heron died the next morning after tasking this Photo 2 (Portrait ) 

15 Mar 18

May have been shot, notice what looks like a Pellet mark at the top by the eye, The Two photo,s was take just a few feet from the bird…

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Blog Post: Volunteering at RSPB Sandwell Valley by Jenni Wilding 

9 Mar 18

I have been volunteering at the RSPB Sandwell Valley Reserve for over a year now, and my only regret is that I didn’t start volunteering sooner, having lived in the local area for a fair number of years.

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Blog Post: Sandwell snipe almost steal the show… but not quite 

1 Mar 18

I often say that I always leave Sandwell Valley as a volunteer with a new memory which will often stay with me for a while – last Friday in the hide was no exception – a joyful couple of hours in the afternoon with two memories.

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File: Snipe 

14 Feb 18

Common Snipe from the Lakeside hide.

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Comment on tuneful Sandwell Valley 

12 Feb 18

what tune can you play…

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Forum Post: RE: A chilly day in February 

11 Feb 18

Very nice pictures Lawrence, and hope your buddy liked his day out.

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Forum Post: A chilly day in February 

11 Feb 18

It’s been some time since I posted here…

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Blog Post: Dipping into Forest Bathing 

25 Jan 18

The Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, offers the RSPB another pathway to connecting people with nature, and to develop a unique wellness approach that could potentially help those suffering from stress.

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Blog Post: Winter Weather and Super Sightings 

19 Jan 18

After a month or so of snow and frost icing over the car park and freezing part of our lake, we’re back into full swing here at RSPB Sandwell and looking forward to what the New Year will bring.

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Blog Post: Trees and the wood wide web (part 2) 

19 Dec 17

“Underground there is another world” said Suzanne Simard, one of the leading researchers on the wood wide web.

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File: Cold feet? 

9 Dec 17

Robin waiting patiently for free food.