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Pearls for Tears. 

18 Oct 17

Princess Margaret in 1951.

Study in light. 

30 Aug 17

1952 Lucas-Freelight brochure, recently advertised and sold via eBay.

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Westerly sets the sun. 

5 Jul 17

From The Lichfield Mercury, August 8th, 1941.

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One fleeting image 

17 Oct 16

Even his daughters are all in their ninth decade of life.

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On a clear day…. 

30 Sep 16

On the 2nd of May 1985 -(date on the back thanks to Mom) – my dad has photographed me staring forth with my binoculars from the Barr Beacon War Memorial (236 metres) on a visit home.

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27 Apr 16

Spring 1991, and Ken carries me over the threshold of what will be our home for the next 25 years.

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Out of the woods 

11 Apr 15

Great Uncle Jack (John Horton, left) and his younger brother, my grandad (Alfred Noah Horton).

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Where roads meet 

23 Mar 15

…………Fragments of hand written notes come to me from my Aunt Mary about her early years in Stonnall and Walsall Wood, and married life in Lynn Lane, transcribed by my cousin Rosalind.

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Playing different parts 

18 Jan 15

I wonder whether Orgreave House feels uncertain….

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Add other ingredients and mix well 

5 Jan 15

I paused  – for the purpose of taking this photograph – from heaving my wooden spoon around the luscious, peaty amalgam of this season’s rather late Christmas Cake.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls 

24 Oct 14

The site of the Old Tollgate Cottage, near Orgreave.

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Let’s join hands 

14 Oct 14

Received, sincere and helpful advice during her “confinement”, by my mother in 1961.

Ringing home 

1 Sep 14

My parents finished building the house at 155 Bosty Lane, Aldridge by the summer of 1957.

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Piping down the valleys wild. 

14 Jun 14

Lane Avenue, Bentley, near Walsall – nineteen thirty something….

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Dirty Money 

30 May 14

Ken, my husband, dug up this livery button in the vegetable garden of our cottage the other day.

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Those were the Days 

14 May 14

St Matthew’s, Walsall, a parish church with Norman origins.

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The tiny parlour 

7 May 14

My dad told me that when he was at work pegging out building plots for the new estates that were springing up north of Birmingham in the post-war years, he would marvel at how inconveniently small the allotted spaces for sitting room, dining room, …

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Beyond the Curtain Wall 

1 Apr 14

These snuff-brown pieces of thick, stiff, dry, hide have the passing appearance of relics from a medieval fortress siege.

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15 Mar 14

Berrow’s Worcester Journal attributes to itself the distinction of being the oldest surviving newspaper in the world.

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A figure in the mist. 

29 Jan 14

Beyond the helmet of imaginings that my head is often bubbled within, Ken and I live in a subtle microclimate here.

Come up and see my etching. 

7 Jan 14

These etched copper pictures of topographical scenes were popular in the 1970s, and this one, of our local parish church, was very much appreciated by my parents, and by me, and  it hung, for many years, on the wall at the top of the stairs in 155, …

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A Christmas Mystery 

24 Dec 13

Knitted, carved, sculpted, or cast….

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The road to matrimony 

12 Dec 13

“I prithee, Remember I have done thee worthy service.

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The well laid table 

12 Nov 13

With its replica WW1 trench, the excitement and pathos of soldiers’ lives on active service is well represented in the Staffords’ regimental museum at Whittington Barracks.

Haunting memories 

30 Oct 13

They will soon be a forgotten set of rituals, all the practices of amateur photography before the advent of the digital camera.