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Learning at Work Week 

16 Apr 18

We have Learning at Work Week coming up from 14 – 18 May.

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Our Strategy, and good news for Staffordshire families 

9 Apr 18

I wanted to make sure that you had all had a chance to familiarise yourselves with the Plan on a Page , the short version of the council’s Strategy.

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The importance of talking openly and honestly about death 

26 Mar 18

I’m attending a friend’s funeral tomorrow, and, as well as reflecting on his life and the people he leaves behind, I couldn’t help but make the connection with the Dying Matters Staffordshire discussion that we’ve started on talking openly …

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The importance of diverse teams 

19 Mar 18

I’ve been reflecting on decision making and diversity this week, and would value any feedback from readers.

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Identifying our values and making them work 

12 Mar 18

You will remember my talking about formalising a new set of values in the organisation as part of our Workforce Strategy.

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Thanks to our gritting crews, a ministerial visit, and recognition for Families First 

5 Mar 18

I couldn’t start this week’s entry with anything other than the winter weather – the combination of snow and wind has made it especially challenging for those keeping the roads clear.

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Putting the MTFS into action 

27 Feb 18

We had the first meeting of the combined Wider Leadership Team last week.

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Visit to our gritting vehicle fleet and future STP projects 

12 Feb 18

I spent an enjoyable couple of hours this week back on the shop floor of our Fleetcare operation, getting to understand the challenges of maintaining and repairing our vehicle fleet.

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Meeting with Staffordshire MPs, and continuing the success of Building Resilient Families and Communities 

5 Feb 18

We had our quarterly meeting with Staffordshire’s MPs this week in Portcullis House in Westminster.

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Special Blog: Medium Term Financial Strategy 

24 Jan 18

We have published our Medium Term Financial Strategy, which includes next year in detail and the further out years in decreasing levels of outline.

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Encouraging our creative industries 

22 Jan 18

I visited Falmouth University with colleagues from Staffordshire University on Tuesday to see how they support entrepreneurs and businesses in Cornwall.

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The importance of cyber security 

8 Jan 18

In the coming weeks, all staff will be required to do some mandatory cyber security training.

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Happy New Year 

2 Jan 18

Firstly, I would like to wish you, your families and friends a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in 2018.

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas 

18 Dec 17

It almost feels too early to be wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but Christmas Day is only a week away.

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Senior Managers’ Conference, and a thanks to our highways teams 

11 Dec 17

We had our Senior Managers’ Conference last week.

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The Digital Revolution 

4 Dec 17

We seem to be making real progress on the Smart Staffordshire work, in which the county council is working with our universities, businesses and the Staffordshire public sector.

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Remembrance, and St Peter’s Bridge 

13 Nov 17

I am extremely proud of Staffordshire’s close links with the military, and therefore it was humbling to see so many people in our county pay their respects to the fallen over the weekend.

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Putting you front and centre 

6 Nov 17

Hopefully, you will have received my email message on the recent Connecting Us survey.

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Making the most of HS2, discussing the Better Care Fund, and the LEP’s annual conference 

23 Oct 17

I can never complain about this being a boring job.

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The Local Government Challenge, and a Connecting Us Survey reminder 

2 Oct 17

We had two teams participating in Local Government Challenge this week, run by the West Midlands Employers (WME) of whom we are a member.

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Connecting Us Survey and Burton Gateways update 

25 Sep 17

The Connecting Us Survey is just about to go live, and I would like to take the opportunity to encourage you to make sure that your voice is heard.

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Crowdfunding, and thanks 

18 Sep 17

There’s a hugely important milestone in our People Helping People work this week, with the launch of the Crowdfund Staffordshire platform.

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Praise from Ofsted for our children’s services 

12 Sep 17

This week, we have received confirmation of the result of the recent OFSTED inspection of the Children’s Service.

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Summer breaks, My HR and the return of IRONMAN 70.3 

29 Aug 17

I hope that you have all had a relaxing break over the summer and had the opportunity to spend some well-earned time with family and friends.

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Dignity in Care 

14 Aug 17

I spent the best part of a day with the carers who look after our most vulnerable people at the annual Dignity Awards, held this year in Newcastle-under-Lyme College.