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SLT Away Day; Providing a better health and care system 

31 Jul 17

The Cabinet and the Senior Leadership Team had our long-awaited Away Day last Monday to consider the direction of Staffordshire County Council over the coming 4 years.

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Improving children’s services 

26 Jul 17

I attended a working dinner this week with a group of local authority leaders on the subject of improving children’s services.

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People First Digital Always, and the smart working survey 

17 Jul 17

There has been some great progress made in recent months on smart working and specifically in the digital arena.

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Video Blog: The importance of digital 

3 Jul 17

In my first video blog, I talk about the importance of digital and the opportunities it presents to us here in Staffordshire.

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The importance of diversity 

28 Jun 17

As a large organisation employing some 5,000 staff, one of our real strengths is the diversity of our workforce, and the contribution this makes to the way we deliver better outcomes for Staffordshire and our people.

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The Grenfell Fire 

20 Jun 17

The fire in the Grenfell tower block in Kensington was a truly horrific event, one that defies description in any normal way.

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End of year budget 

12 Jun 17

I’ll probably refrain from making any observations on this week’s General Election, as the dust has not settled and there remains much that is undecided.

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Manchester, and Volunteering Week 

30 May 17

I could not start this week’s entry in any other way than to pay my respects to the relatives of those killed in Monday’s terrorist attack in Manchester, and to wish those injured a full recovery.

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Learning at Work Week; Stafford Office Moves 

22 May 17

Last week was Learning at Work Week, and it was a real pleasure to join a group of colleagues undertaking a 2 hour session on project and change management.

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NHS IT Ransomware; The Trusted Executive 

15 May 17

The ransomware attack on NHS IT systems dominated media coverage over the weekend and really brought home the importance of cyber security for an organisation like ours.

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My election experience as Returning Officer 

8 May 17

The highlight this week was undoubtedly the county council election on Thursday, and the results day on Friday.

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Comparing the challenges of the public and private sector 

2 May 17

I spent a day last week in my Colonel Commandant role in the Army.

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Big Ideas Need Attention to Detail Too 

24 Apr 17

I spent a very useful couple of hours in Northfield Village in Stafford with Philip Atkins and Mike Wilcox, Leader of Lichfield District Council.

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Learning a work: the recipe for success 

19 Apr 17

I hope that you have all enjoyed a relaxing break over Easter, even if it was only the long weekend.

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The Care Brokerage Team, SMART working and creating the conditions for more and better jobs 

10 Apr 17

I spent a very useful and enjoyable hour with the Brokerage Team this week, learning more about how we commission care for the frail elderly.

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Working in a flexible organisation 

4 Apr 17

The office moves in Stafford have been running on rails – I’m very grateful to all involved for the effort and can-do attitude that everybody has displayed.

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The issues around building houses in Staffordshire 

13 Mar 17

I spoke at a conference on the subject of development in Staffordshire this week.

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Creating a more agile and confident organisation 

6 Mar 17

This week we had the first Senior Managers’ Conference for almost exactly a year.

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Discussing Smart Working at the Senior Managers’ Conference 

27 Feb 17

This week sees the first Senior Managers’ Conference for a year.

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Delivering the Health and Care Sustainability and Transformation Plan 

13 Feb 17

It’s been a busy and mixed week, with a lot happening.

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Moving towards life long learning 

7 Feb 17

I’ve spent the weekend at the Staffordshire University strategy weekend, along with the other governors.

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How we fit in with the Government’s new Industrial Strategy 

30 Jan 17

Last week saw the publication of the Government’s Industrial Strategy , it’s plan to grow the UK economy and spread the benefits across the whole country.

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The challenges of an ageing population 

23 Jan 17

Health has again this week loomed large in our consciousness.

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Future plans for Stafford’s Beaconside site and keeping people active 

16 Jan 17

Philip Atkins and I met with Kai Liu on Friday.

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Looking forward to a busy year 

9 Jan 17

Firstly, and most importantly, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.