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UK Corporate Games to return to the county 

11 Aug 17

Sports and leisure has always played an important role in society and a strong offer has the ability to generate visitors, jobs and prosperity for an area.

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New Deputy Leader for the Council 

9 Aug 17

As some of you may already be aware, Ian Parry took the decision to step down from the Cabinet and Deputy Leader in July to focus on a new role with the Centre for Public Scrutiny.

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Supporting people living with dementia and those caring for them 

21 Jul 17

Dementia is a subject that many of us don’t talk about, but is something that can have a devastating impact on not only individuals, but on their family and friends too.

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Exciting times for our county town 

17 Jul 17

You will have heard me talking about growing the county’s economy before, attracting more better paid jobs that put more money into people’s pockets to spend in our town centres in their leisure time remains a key priority for the county council.

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New bridge successfully installed over A50 

10 Jul 17

Over the weekend we saw the successful installation of a new bridge on the A50 near Uttoxeter as part of wider plans to improve transport links, support business and unlock land for new housing and economic growth.

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Planning for new Staffordshire History Centre moves ahead 

30 Jun 17

You will have heard me speak about our plans for a new Staffordshire History Centre before and It’s exciting to see the project moving ahead with partners and design team now all on-board.

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Celebrating Armed Forces Day 

22 Jun 17

Armed Forces Day is this Saturday (24 June) and as a big supporter of the forces we all hope people will join the county council in showing our support for the brave men and women who make up our Armed Forces community.

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Celebrating three years of Superfast Staffordshire project 

15 Jun 17

Superfast broadband is recognized as the next essential utility for everyone, whether it’s for business, schools, or leisure and when we don’t have good access we miss it.

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Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 

8 Jun 17

VIDEO: How ‘Leek Food Co-op’ is Helping people lead healthier and happier lives Throughout this week we have been recognising and celebrating the contributions of the thousands of volunteers helping out across the county to make Staffordshire a …

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Remembering the Battle of Messines and its Staffordshire connections 100 years on 

31 May 17

On 7 June 1917 Allied troops were fighting their way into the village of Messines in Belgium in one of the most successful offensives of WWI.

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Welcoming new county councillors 

26 May 17

This week we had our first Full Council meeting since the election in May and welcomed 31 new members to the Chamber.

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Countdown on for IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire 

18 May 17

It’s hard to believe it’s almost a year since our last IRONMAN, but it’s back for the third time and there’s now less than a month to go.

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Making a difference in local communities 

12 May 17

There are lots of people in our communities going out of their way to make a real difference within their local neighbourhoods and following the County Council’s local elections on 4 May, 62 councillors were chosen by the people to represent them.

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Backing Stoke-on-Trent‘s bid for City of Culture 2021 

24 Mar 17

I’ve often spoken about how Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent have always been closely linked and are steeped in history with a proud and rich heritage going back many years.

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Working through the Chancellor’s Budget 

9 Mar 17

This week we had the Chancellor’s Budget and while we work through the detail and what it means for Staffordshire, there appears to be support for small businesses, money for skills training, help for  those in need, and more childcare to help …

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Staffordshire Strikes Gold again and hits the national headlines 

2 Mar 17

This week Staffordshire made the international headlines again with the discovery of yet more golden treasure.

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Nurturing our young entrepreneurs 

27 Feb 17

It’s great to see thousands of our young people taking part in this year’s young enterprise scheme to help develop their personal and business skills.

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Highways crews battle with Storm Doris 

24 Feb 17

Storm Doris made herself known this week as she swept across the county, bringing with her winds of up to 60 mph which brought down dozens of trees and power lines.

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Growing the County town and beyond 

15 Feb 17

I keep repeating that growing our county remains a priority for the County Council and stagnating is not an option.

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Nominations now open for Staffordshire’s dignity in care Awards 

8 Feb 17

It’s that time of year again when we start the search for our Dignity in Care champions and you’re invited to nominate care workers, carers, volunteers, young people, family members, teams and organisations.

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Approving plans for record spending on care 

3 Feb 17

I met with Cabinet colleagues on Wednesday to approve plans for a record £300million spend on caring for the elderly, people with disabilities and vulnerable children.

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Welcoming Chancellor to Redhill Business Park 

25 Jan 17

On Monday we welcomed Chancellor Philip Hammond to the county for a visit of the new GE facilities at the county council-developed Redhill Business Park in Stafford.

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Securing the future of the iconic Shire Hall 

20 Jan 17

Most towns and cities have their own iconic buildings loved by their residents, and for the people of Stafford and the county, it’s the town’s Shire Hall.

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Looking forward to our second Staffordshire Day 

18 Jan 17

We all remember what a huge success our first ever Staffordshire Day was last year, well we’re now planning for this year’s which we hope will be even bigger and better.

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How Staffordshire helped shape Tolkien’s Middle-earth 

16 Jan 17

Most will agree that JRR Tolkien is one of the world’s most successful writers whose books are read the world over and became blockbuster films, but less known about is the huge influence that our wonderful county had on him.