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March in Ron’s words 

21 Mar 18

It look as though spring has been put on hold this year.

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February on Tameside 

13 Feb 18

A belated welcome to 2018 from Tameside.

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A year in brief 

25 Oct 17

The last year has gone fast and has been a very successful for the reserve.

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September volunteer work day 

10 Sep 17

There’s lots of jobs to get through on the reserve this time of year so many we could be working every weekend.

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Seven months on Tameside 

6 Sep 17

Our volunteers have had an exciting year with phase two of our profiling work completed, the island in the river Tame created and lots of new planting done.

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Tameside’rs hard at work 

13 Mar 16

Thanks go out to all the Tameside volunteers who’ve been coming to our work days over the past few months.

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October and November on the reserve 

27 Nov 15

Thanks to all the Tameside volunteers that have been on the reserve working hard.

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Year Ends 2013 

4 Jan 15

I can’t believe that yet one more year’s gone all the work days and project completed as well as a few laughs along the way.

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Thank You Tameside’rs 

7 Oct 14

We’ve had a manic few months on Tameside I hear you say what’s new!! Many thanks to all the Tameside volunteers who came out for the regular work days and all the extra days we have held, not forgetting the members who come along to our …

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Pictures from June 

9 Jul 14

Thanks to everyone who came along to our last two workdays in fact the Tameside’rs got so enthusiastic that we even had an extra day.

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April and May 

16 May 14

The last two month have gone so fast and along with the months our task days and as normal our volunteers have been busy on the reserve.

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March Work Day 

23 Mar 14

Thanks to everyone who came out on the March work day, yet one more successful day with lots achieved.

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A Wet Start 

22 Feb 14

I must admit I didn’t want to get out of bed on that cold January morning, I’d just about had enough, but as I approached the site I could see all the Tameside volunteers and it somehow felt right.

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Look Out 2014. 

27 Dec 13

2013 comes to a close we’ve had a busy year, once again.

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Room With A View 

6 Oct 13

Septembers has been a hectic one with much work and information to take on board.

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Hard at work on Tameside 

18 Aug 13

We’ve had two successful work days, the “Wild About Tamworth” event and a visit from the Tamworth in bloom judges and I almost forgot the newt survey.

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April and May 

26 May 13

someone said the other day what will you talk about in your blog if you don’t go on about the weather, well I don’t really know as I’m quite dyslexic and don’t seem to remember names, I can’t make endless list of what’s on site at any …

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March, So Cold 

14 Mar 13

Sundays work day was so cold, bitter winds, chill factor -8 but did we give up NO.

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February, cold and wet. 

9 Mar 13

February was the worst , think we’re all fed-up with this cold wet weather.

January Volunteer Day 

26 Jan 13

Its very cold very , very wet after the floods and I must admit I felt like staying in my warm bed.