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Vicarage Views 

6 Oct 16

The lovely sunny autumn days have inspired me to get out and about around the Vicarage with the camera on my mobile phone.

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Vicarage Recipes: Bean and Bacon Lunch Bowl 

3 Oct 16

It’s turned rather chilly this week.

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Picturing the Word 

2 Oct 16

Recently I have started combining two tech blessings – the YouBible app and my mobile phone’s camera, using YouBible’s nifty ‘image’ menu that appears if you underline a verse.

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Parish Beauty 

28 Sep 16

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged and too much has happened to write about: much joy, much sadness and many glimpses of beauty.

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What do Vicars do all day? 

24 Feb 16

It can be hard to imagine what a Vicar does all day, particularly if you watch Midsomer Murders, where the clergy mainly seem to skulk about looking sinister and then getting murdered.

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A Walk in the Tow-un 

13 Feb 16

On Wednesday mornings I meet with our Families and Community Worker, Dreamer, to pray.

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Bags of Blessing: Lent in the Vicarage 

10 Feb 16

So today we launch into Lent.

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DTNT Decluttering: Days 3 & 4 

4 Feb 16

Wednesday was quite a cluttered day here in the Vicarage.

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DTNT Decluttering: Day 2 

2 Feb 16

Today has been pretty busy in the Vicarage.

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Doing the Next Thing: the February Declutter Game 

1 Feb 16

I am terrible at throwing stuff away.

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Do the Next Thing: Do It With Prayer 

31 Jan 16

My distractibility and butterfly mind can be a creative strength.

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Doing the Next Thing: Trying Again 

26 Jan 16

I started so well.

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Sunday Blessings 

10 Jan 16

It’s been a busy Vicarage Sunday with the treat of special visitors to add to the usual joy of meeting with the saints.

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Doing the Next Thing: A Result! 

9 Jan 16

In my week and a bit of Doing the Next Thing, I have failed to do various admin tasks.

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Doing the Next Thing: But not Everything 

8 Jan 16

My sister and I are expert procrastinators.

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Doing the Next Thing: Getting Up 

7 Jan 16

I have many faults, but I think my worst one is probably my slothful attitude to mornings.

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Baking not Blogging 

6 Jan 16

Didn’t get time to write a proper blog post this evening.

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Gone and the Telly 

5 Jan 16

Today felt like the first proper day of the New Year here.

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Doing the Next Thing: Reading 

4 Jan 16

The Engineer is in Year 6 and his class does this ace thing every morning: 20-30 minutes of silent reading before the register.

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Doing the Next Thing: Planning 

3 Jan 16

I’ve used a Filofax style planner for a few years now.

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Doing the Next Thing: Bible Reading 

2 Jan 16

The turn of the year brings suggestions of bible reading plans, especially whole bible plans, all over social media.

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2016: A Year of Doing The Next Thing 

1 Jan 16

Happy New Year! I am not great at New Year’s resolutions – holidays are such a terrible time for making me unrealistic about my capacity to be Wonder Woman.

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Urban Autumn Colours 

5 Nov 15

It has been a week of sore feet: I spent this morning in AE with the Queen, who, it turns out, has a David Beckham injury – a broken metatarsal.

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September is for Standing and Speaking 

30 Sep 15

The September sunshine is streaming through the Vicarage living room windows as I type.

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Gone Autumn News 

18 Sep 15

Those of you who follow the progress of Gone, our friend who’s been long term homeless, will be sad to hear that he’s back in prison for a stint.