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If my disciples stay quiet, the stones will cry out. 

25 Mar 18

  ‘I tell you,’   Jesus replied,  ‘if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.

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May they be one as you, Father, and I are one: overcoming segregation in the church 

19 Mar 18

God is using the changes in our parish to make us read the scriptures from a fresh perspective.

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When Jesus saw their faith. The healing of the paralytic, a physical expression of true faith. 

6 Mar 18

In Mark’s gospel, physical healings and miracles, done by Jesus, parallel a spiritual reality in his followers.

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Advent according to Revelation chapter 6 

10 Dec 17

When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained .

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Marrow of Modern Divinity notes from week 3. 

2 Oct 17

Antinomian is pleased that Evangelista has silenced Nomista and so asks Evangelista to explain the covenant of grace.

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Marrow of Modern Divinity week 2: of the covenant of works 

28 Sep 17

Of the law, or the covenant of works.

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Marrow of Modern Divinity: week 1 notes and study questions 

28 Sep 17

Marrow week 1: to the reader and introduction Fisher confesses to living as “a proud Pharisee” (a legalist – living by the law) but was shown “the way of faith and salvation by Christ alone and how to embrace it in his heart”.

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My immediate response to the Manchester terrorist attack. 

24 May 17

I am writing on the morning after the bomb in Manchester which killed 22 people, injured another 59 and we are waiting for news of those who are still missing, including an eight year old girl.

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Fake news and the influence of the powerful has been around since the first Easter morning. 

18 Apr 17

This is the text for my letter from the vicarage for May 2017.

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The cross of Christ is God’s warning and invitation to all. 

15 Apr 17

Just last month, on March 16th, a coroner in West London issued a serious warning to all smartphone users.

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Countering liberal mottos with “Radical agreement” and “Good inclusion”. 

12 Apr 17

Just do it.

Blog feature
Ray Ortland Word Alive Galatians session 4 #WAevent2017 

12 Apr 17

Evidences of grace.

Blog feature
Ray Ortland Word Alive 2017 Galatians session 3 #WAevent2017 

11 Apr 17

Good is calling Galatian style churches back to himself.

Blog feature
Ray Ortland at Word Alive. Galatians session 2 #WAevent2017 

10 Apr 17

Jesus is always inviting us to himself.

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How “good disagreement” and “radical inclusion” are close cousins of incipient secularism. 

10 Apr 17

I was recently asked to complete a survey about how seriously my son’s school takes character development.

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Ray Ortland at Word Alive 2017. Galatians session 1. #WAevent2017 

9 Apr 17

Francis Schaeffer wrote: “The central problem of our age is not liberalism or modernism, nor the old Roman Catholicism or the new Roman Catholicism, nor the threat of communism, nor even the threat of rationalism and the monolithic consensus which …

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By what kind of death did Jesus die? What death do all humans face? 

29 Mar 17

“But we have no right to execute anyone,” the Jews objected.

Blog feature
How can someone die and never die? 

24 Mar 17

When Martha went to meet Jesus, after her brother, Lazarus, has died, she told Jesus that she believed confidently in the general resurrection of all people.

Blog feature
How should I respond to sub-Christian mottos like “Good Disagreement” and “Radical Inclusion” 

21 Mar 17

What follows is taken from my letter to Holy Trinity Church in our April magazine in response to the mottos “Good disagreement” and “radical inclusion” which are being banded about in Church of England circles at present.

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From the vicarage March 2017 – post synod reaction 

9 Mar 17

“You never listen to me.

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How banns can be banned and we can still be missional 

20 Feb 17

Marriage in the Church of England is a complex legal thing.

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Reaching the Unreached – session 3 

8 Dec 16

Simon Smallwood spoke last at this year’s RTU conference, on the subject of the third section of the RTU vision statement: To see a movement of Christ centred churches, reaching socially deprived people in a grass roots way .

Blog feature
Reaching the Unreached – session 2 

22 Nov 16

Graham Miller from London City Mission led the second at Reaching the Unreached.

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Reaching the Unreached 2016 – session 1 

21 Nov 16

It was brilliant to be reunited at the Reaching the Unreached conference on Saturday with faithful ministers who share the same passion for Christ-centred ministry in areas of high social deprivation.

Blog feature
Why communion without a human “priest” still communion. 

3 Nov 16

There was once a prisoner in solitary confinement who had lived a notoriously evil life since rejecting the Christian faith of his parents, who had baptised him as a child.