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Flower Power 

16 Apr 18

Florals, ahoy! The weather’s a balmy 12°C and there’s a suggestion of spring in the air.

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Cool In A Kaftan 

2 Apr 18

I bought this crazy 1970s cotton kaftan for a song in a charity shop last week.

Blog feature
From Bed Covers & Babouches to Bollywood & Books – This Week’s Charity Shop Finds 

23 Mar 18

I’m probably the only person in the world to create an outfit entirely around a bag but just look at that handsome Indian prince astride his horse.

Blog feature
What’s Cooking? My Mini Kitchen Makeover 

21 Mar 18

Wanna to see my kitchen? This is my latest mini make, like my real one HERE , its furnished entirely from inherited bits and pieces, other people’s junk, hand-made stuff and lucky eBay finds.

Blog feature
Maximum City – 48 Hours In Mumbai 

19 Mar 18

I was planning to write about our weekend of vintage fairs but the weather put paid to that.

Blog feature
Charity Shopping & Mini Makes 

16 Mar 18

Look! I’m finally out of the doll’s house and back to full-size.

Blog feature
Slumming It – Touring Mumbai’s Dharavi Slum 

28 Feb 18

Courtesy of Reality Tours If you’ve ever flown into Mumbai you’ll know that there’s no avoiding the third largest slum in the world, Dharavi, a sprawling mass of corrugated tin, cardboard and blue tarpaulin running alongside the international airport…

Blog feature
Indian Epic – Travels in Kutch, Gujarat – Textile Heaven 

22 Feb 18

Kutch is famed for it’s rich textile heritage so what better way to spend our final day than overdosing on them.

Blog feature
Indian Epic- Travels in Kutch, Gujarat – Birding in Banni 

20 Feb 18

Just before sunrise on Friday morning we were collected from Devpur by an ecologist his driver fromthe Centre for Desert and Ocean ( CERO ) and taken to the Banni Grasslands, a semi-arid region skirting the Great Rann of Kutch for a morning of bird…

Blog feature
Indian Epic – Travels in Kutch, Gujarat – Around Mandvi 

18 Feb 18

Wednesday was spent with fellow Devpur house guests Carey Gary, exploring the area around the coastal town of Mandvi.

Blog feature
Indian Epic – Travels in Kutch, Gujarat – The Desert, Crafts & The Party Monks of the North 

16 Feb 18

Wednesday got off to slow start after we got caught up in a traffic jam caused by a herd of water buffalo taking a morning stroll.

Blog feature
Indian Epic – Travels In Kutch, Gujarat – The Temples, Ruins & Tombs Of The West 

14 Feb 18

Shortly after 8am accompanied by fellow Devpur house guest Susan, a German-born architect living in Zurich, we set off to explore Kutch’s west coast.

Blog feature
Indian Epic – Travels in Kutch, Gujarat – Bhuj’s Museums, Palaces, Temples & Crafts 

12 Feb 18

Ready for more? On Monday morning, after a sociable breakfast spent chatting to K and the other guests, Ramji drove us to the Medieval town of Bhuj.

Blog feature
Indian Epic – Travels in Kutch, Gujarat – Devpur Homestay 

10 Feb 18

Namaste! We’re back! Be afraid – be very afraid, we took so many pictures during our stay in Gujarat you might be sick of the sight of India by the end of the week.

Blog feature
In It For The Long Haul – Travel Outfits, Packing & Charity Shop Finds 

5 Jan 18

Compared to what I’ve worn earlier this week I’m looking rather muted today.

Blog feature
Absolute Beginners – Vix’s Adventures In Crochet 

2 Jan 18

Happy New Year!! WEARING: Inherited crochet maxi coat with 1970sRicci Michaels of Mayfair psychedelic dress (bought from Vintage Relics at The End of the Road festival, 2016) You may have noticed that I’m rather fond of crochet clothing.

Blog feature
India Comes To Coventry – Visiting The V&A’s Crafts Of The Punjab Exhibition 

29 Dec 17

All dressed up and somewhere to go! This week seems almost interminable so realising that today was probably our last chance to visit an exhibition we’d set our hearts on seeing, it was the perfect opportunity to jump in the van and shake off the …

Blog feature
The Woman In White 

22 Dec 17

When I spotted this 1970s gown in a charity shop window a few weeks ago my heart skipped a beat.

Blog feature
Ready To Go – Travel Packing & Some 1970s Inspired Finds 

20 Dec 17

The Seventies are dead…

Blog feature
Proud Mary – Today’s Outfit Plus Some Charity Shop Tat 

18 Dec 17

It’s the Dead Relatives Society bash.

Blog feature
Dressed To Impress (Yourself) 

15 Dec 17

Catching up with my blog reading after an afternoon spent in the pub, I was blown away by a post Hollie published yesterday which mentioned several of my favourite bloggers / ex-bloggers – as well as me! Aging is what you make it.

Blog feature
Lamani Love – The One Where I Share My Tribal Collection 

8 Dec 17

It’s all a bit grim here today, heavy snowstorms and positively Arctic temperatures with weather warnings issued for the weekend, even our schools are closed.

Blog feature
Trust In Me – Georgian Splendour In Sleepy Shropshire 

6 Dec 17

A rock gig and a boozy Wetherspoons all-dayer, what my birthday week was lacking was some culture so this morning, wrapped up in big coats, hats and thermal undies we headed across the border to the county of Shropshire.

Blog feature
Exotic Styling – Fashion Porn For Vintage Lovers 

1 Dec 17

When I was clearing the book shelves at The Cottage I came across a book which must have belonged to my mum.

Blog feature
Recycle, Reuse – From Cot Blanket to Blanket Coat 

29 Nov 17

In late November 1966 with the arrival of her first born imminent, my 24 year-old mother got out her crochet hooks.