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Walsall Property Market Predictions 2018! 

16 Jan 18

A belated Happy New Year to all my Blog reading friends!!  Trust the holiday season has treated you all well.

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WALSALL LANDLORDS – THREE THINGS I’ll be doing over Christmas 2017!! 

12 Dec 17

My Blog reading friends and existing clients will know that at some point over the Christmas break I get fed up of all the eating, drinking and partying.

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Today’s Buy To Let Deal Is A Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! 

8 Dec 17

Leading on from my last BTL deal, I came across another similar property on Tamebridge on Harebell Close this time.

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Interest Rate Increase Kills the Walsall Property Market! 

5 Dec 17

We all do something to try and keep fit don’t we?  My choice of the fitness elixir is to take from the cup by combining a bit of fun and comradery which translates to Badminton (alas too many injuries to carry on playing football).

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Today’s Buy To Let Deal Yields 5.04%, Two Bed Terraced, Poppy Drive, Walsall, WS5. 

1 Dec 17

A modern two bedroom terraced house, Poppy Drive, Walsall, WS5 on the very popular Tamebridge estate.

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Walsall Property Sales Drop by 51.83%! 

28 Nov 17

I was having a lazy Sunday morning, reading through the newspapers at my favourite coffee shop in Walsall.

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Today’s BTL Deal, One Bed Semi, Wareham Close, Walsall, WS3 Yields Of 7.20%. 

24 Nov 17

A one bedroom terraced house in a popular estate in Walsall for rentals.

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How many Walsall properties will be illegal to ‘Rent Out’ in 2018?! 

21 Nov 17

For the last 10 years, every private rental property must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating before being marketed.

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Today’s Buy To Let Deal yields 5.50% is a 2 Bed Terraced house with Loft Conversion, Walsall, WS4. 

16 Nov 17

A 2 bedroom terraced house in the Rushall area of Walsall, WS4, currently marketed by Purple Bricks (0121 721 9601).

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How much are Walsall Buy-to-Let Yields a year? 

14 Nov 17

Purchasing your first Walsall buy to let (BTL) property is not the same as buying one to live in.

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Walsall Town Centre, Tameway Plaza – ‘No Mortgage’ Investment Opportunity 

13 Nov 17

If you follow the Walsall Property Market News like I do (not just the residential) then, you will be well versed with past, present and planned future developments.

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Today’s 3 Bed Semi Buy To Let Deal Yields 5.57%, Alderley Crescent, Walsall, WS3. 

10 Nov 17

A three bedroom semi detached house on a prestigious and popular estate in the Coalpool area in Walsall.

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Walsall Property – Jargon Busting Terminology (PART 2) 

7 Nov 17

I have had a massive response from my Blog reading friends since I posted last weeks article on Jargon Busting.

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Buy To Let Deal Of The Day, Gower Street, Walsall, WS2. Yields 4.95%. 

5 Nov 17

A two bedroom semi detached house in the Pleck area of Walsall, WS2.

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Today’s By To Let Deal, Britannia Road, Poppyfields, Walsall, WS1 With Yields Of 5.28%. 

1 Nov 17

A two bedroom end terraced house on the popular Poppyfields estate in Walsall.

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Walsall Property – Jargon Busting Terminology (PART 1) 

31 Oct 17

Something different this week for my blog reading friends…in recent months I have been asked on several occasions to explain certain terminology that has cropped up during Walsall property transactions or just in conversation.

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Today’s Buy To Let Deal Yields 5.41% 2 Bedroom Semi Detached House, Bank Street, Cannock, WS12. 

28 Oct 17

A two bedroom semi detached house, Bank Street, Cannock, WS12.

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Is Moving Home in Walsall – ‘Mission Impossible’? 

24 Oct 17

Moving to a larger home is something Walsall people with growing young families aspire to.

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Today’s Buy To Let Deal Of The Day, 3 Bed Town House, Walsall, WS2. With Yields Of 5.77%. 

24 Oct 17

A three bedroom end town house, Norfolk New Road, Reedswood, Walsall, WS2.

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What if…the UK Population lived on One Street??!! 

17 Oct 17

In my line of work I meet many property entrepreneurs…from budding enthusiasts…to seasoned developers.

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Today’s Buy To Let Deal, 3 Bedroom Semi Detached House, Booth Street, Walsall, WS3. With Yields Of 7.52%. 

17 Oct 17

A very nice 3 bed semi detached house in Blakenall Heath, Walsall.

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Avoiding a ‘Nightmare’ Walsall tenancy! 

10 Oct 17

My neighbour came to see me the other day.

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5 reasons why NOT to use Gumtree to let a Walsall Property 

9 Oct 17

Honestly I could write a book about this.

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Today’s Buy To Let Deal, Pimpernel Drive, Walsall, WS5 With Yields Of 5.73%. 

9 Oct 17

A modern two bedroom terraced house, Pimpernel Drive, Tamebridge, Walsall, WS5.

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Do we have a ‘triple speed’ Walsall property market? 

3 Oct 17

As you might imagine…“What’s happening to the Walsall Property Market?” is a question I am asked often & repeatedly.