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Warmer but wetter than last year (WS7 weather report 22-1-2018) 

22 Jan 18

After yesterday’s snowy interlude today starts off mild with the air temperature already above 6c at the time of my observations (approximately 06;30 hours).

It’s snowing! (WS7 weather report 21-1-2018) 

21 Jan 18

With snow / sleet steadily falling at 09:00 hours you may be surprised to hear that this cold weather is actually a sign of better things to come – but it is.

Miserable start to the weekend. (WS7 weather report 20-1-2018) 

20 Jan 18

It is a cool and very overcast start to the day with the air temperature, at approximately 08:00 hours, only just above 2c.

Today and the outlook for the weekend. (WS7 weather report 19-1-2018) 

19 Jan 18

It is a cold start to the day with some light grass frost and possibly icy patches around.

How windy was it in the night? (WS7 weather report 18-1-2018) 

18 Jan 18

During the early hours of this morning strong winds were operating in our area and at 02:43 hours my weather station recorded at top speed of 40mph.

Odd flurry of snow (WS7 weather report 17-1-2018) 

17 Jan 18

Yesterday saw the odd light flurry of snow and today will present a similar level of risk (around 25%).

Chilly start – Any risk of snow? (WS7 weather report 16-1-2018) 

16 Jan 18

It is a chilly and breezy start to the day.

Inclement weather (WS7 weather report 15-1-2018) 

15 Jan 18

The air pressure, at the time of my observations, was reducing rapidly and had already fallen below the 1000mb mark.

My first car – Austin A40 6480 FD 

14 Jan 18

Today’s little poem is about my first ever car in 1976 when I was seventeen.

A change afoot (WS7 weather report 14-1-2018) 

14 Jan 18

A quick look out of the window during this morning’s observations sees a very overcast sky and, sadly, it is unlikely that we will see many bright spells today.

Lots of variation over the years (WS7 weather report 13-1-2018) 

13 Jan 18

Today sees us with a mild start to the day with the air temperature at 06:53 hours near to 5c.

Starting with a whisper (WS7 weather report 12-1-2018) 

12 Jan 18

The air pressure at the time of my observations (approximately 06:20 hours) was steady at nearly 1026mb.

Air pressure rising (WS7 weather report 11-1-2018) 

11 Jan 18

As I wrote this blog (at approximately 06:30 hours) the air pressure was rising rapidly suggesting a diminishing risk of rain today.

A better start to the day (WS7 weather report 10-1-2018) 

10 Jan 18

Yesterday we thought that the air temperature of 2.2c at 06:30 hours was pleasant well today it is even milder at nearly 6c! The air temperature will, however, only rise another degree or so to around the 7-7.5c mark as the day passes.

Getting warmer? (WS7 weather report 9-1-2018) 

9 Jan 18

Every thing is relative and today, compared to yesterday, starts off with the air temperature at 2.2c at 06:32 hours – this is almost tropical! Today sees the air pressure steadily reduce as a low pressure system to the N and W of our region begins …

A day to wrap up warm (WS7 weather report 8-1-2018) 

8 Jan 18

It is a very chilly start for the first day back for many schools.

Grass frost (WS7 weather report 7-1-2018) 

7 Jan 18

It is a cold and slightly frosty morning that greets us today.

Some early rain (WS7 weather report 6-1-2018) 

6 Jan 18

The air pressure will rapidly rise today and by midnight it will have climbed up to around 1024mb from, the at observation reading, of 1009mb.

Walsall v Manchester United 7 January 1975 – What a night! 

5 Jan 18

On the eve of FA cup third round day I just wanted to share with you my little poem about the greatest memory I have about the FA cup.

A cooler period ahead (WS7 weather report 5-1-2018) 

5 Jan 18

Today sees the beginning of a cooler period of weather developing in our area although the full effects of the northerly climate will not be felt for another 72 hours or so.

Rain to start the day? (WS7 weather report 4-1-2018) 

4 Jan 18

Just to provide some difference today will see a wet rather than extremely breezy start.

Storm Eleanor comes to visit (WS7 weather report 3-1-2018) 

3 Jan 18

It is a very breezy start to the day and it is likely to remain so for the majority of the daylight hours.

Back to work weather (WS7 weather report 2-1-2018) 

2 Jan 18

Today, for many, is the first day back to work and the good news is that the roads should be without any weather hazard to deal with.

New Year’s Day Weather 2018 (WS7 weather report 1-1-2018) 

1 Jan 18

Happy New Year everyone! Today starts off  the new year with a “bitsa” of a day with some bright spells and the risk of the odd shower or two.

New Year’s Eve Weather 2017 (WS7 weather report 31-12-2017) 

31 Dec 17

It is amazing how similar this New Year’s eve is to the corresponding one last year.