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Flytipping, 23rd April 

23 Apr 18

A number of household doors and bags of rubbish have been flytipped, to the entrance of a field.

Possible abandoned in Berryfields, Stonnall, 23rd April 

23 Apr 18

I am reporting a possible abandoned car in Berryfields, Stonnall.

Cars continually par on pavement blocking it and obstructing entrance to Shakespeare Ave. Very danagerous coming into street, 19th April 

19 Apr 18

Dangerous and obstructive parking of vehicles Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 1 Shakespeare Avenue, Lichfield Report on FixMyStreet…

Bag of Litter hanging on hedge plastic lid off bucket sized tub in hedge near railway bridge litter etc on lane end of Portway Lane, 12th April 

12 Apr 18

Bag of rubbish thrown onto the hedge, plastic paint tub lid thrown onto the hedge near Rail Bridge, general litter along the lane.

Extensive littering all along Lynn Lane, 10th April 

10 Apr 18

As of 10th April 2018 there is extensive litter strewn all alongside the roadside running the full length of Lynn Lane, from Stonnall to Shenstone.

Waste corrugated plastic roofing, metal poles and felled conifers dumped in hedgerow rear of Haymoor, 8th April 

8 Apr 18

Inappropriate dumping of DIY and garden waste in hedgerows along Boley Cottage Lane, the lane is getting increasingly untidy.

Dumped fridges,car tyres and abandoned vehicle dumped on car park spaces at rear of Summerfield Rd, 6th April 

6 Apr 18

Fridges and car tyres have been dumped on car plots at the rear of Summerfield Rd but now we have an abandoned car on plot! However will the council do anything about it because they have deemed the land to be private property! Nearest road…

Runaway trolley, 2nd April 

2 Apr 18

A trolley had escaped the Morrisons compound and is terrorising the neighborhood.

Road flooded again, 2nd April 

2 Apr 18

The road was flooded in September last year, Didn’t repair my gate way, Flooded again last Monday tanker came out on Saturday jetted drain water went Flooded again today my field is really bad had to move sheep last week please fix these…

Dog waste bagged up and discarded on pathway and in bushes and lots of litter!, 31st March 

31 Mar 18

Burton Old Road Streethay approaching railway, several black poo bags slung into hedges and on the floor.

Manhole cover in roadway is broken in two places, 30th March 

30 Mar 18

This cover is broken in two places on the corners of the triangle cover, it is also in the line of most vehicle wheels along this road Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 5 Romilly Close, Lichfield…

Overflowing dog waste bin, 27th March 

27 Mar 18

This bin clearly hasn’t been looked at a while.

Items dumped, 26th March 

26 Mar 18

Household items dumped greencroft garages Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 99 Dimbles Lane, Lichfield Report on FixMyStreet…

Bath tub and rubbish dumped, 21st March 

21 Mar 18

Bath tub and rubbish dumped at side of lane in starkey lane Cannock Chase.

Transit van parked on pavement & double yellow lines everyday, 20th March 

20 Mar 18

This vehicle stops me parking legally with Blue Badge everyday by parking on double yellow lines pavement.

Large amount of dog fouling on Wyrley and Essington Canal Towpath. One culprit appears to be a white man who dog walks 5/6 dogs on a regular basis. He was seen by a colleague of mine to let his dog foul on top of the canal bridge and not bag up the dog excrement. I had previously engaged him in conversation about the number of dogs he had last week (approx 1115hrs 14.03.18) and he advised me that dogwalking was his business. He had come from a white van parked on White Horse Road. Unfortunately I did not have anything to record the registration number., 19th March 

19 Mar 18

Dog fouling on canal towpath and on bridge over canal.

Van been abandoned about 4 weeks, 14th March 

14 Mar 18

Been abandoned a long time.

Dog fouling, 10th March 

10 Mar 18

Dog fouling on pavement, Mutilple times Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Willett Avenue, Chasetown Report on FixMyStreet…

Abandoned HGV trailer, 8th March 

8 Mar 18

This trailer has been left parked since mid-February on double yellow lines.

Large commercial item flytipped, 27th February 

27 Feb 18

A large commercial type item (water tank/ fridge?) has been flytippe along Bullmoor Lane.

Litter strewn along verge of this lovely country lane, 26th February 

26 Feb 18

Litter spoiling this country lane Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Moor Lane, Stockwell Heath Report on FixMyStreet…

Litter, 21st February 

21 Feb 18

Excessive litter along the length of the A51 between its junctions with the A515 Lichfield and Brereton hill lane Upper Longdon.

Tree fallen down, 17th February 

17 Feb 18

Tree had fallen down, partially blocking the pavement Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 28 Tamworth Street, Lichfield Report on FixMyStreet…

A lot of rubbish on side of highway, 16th February 

16 Feb 18

Rubbish built up on side of road to an unacceptable standard Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): A5148, Lichfield Report on FixMyStreet…

Dog poo, 15th February 

15 Feb 18

There is dog poo all the way down on the one side of the street, we have to walk that way to school and children are treading in it, its been there for 2 weeks Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps)…