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Severe speeding, 14th July 

14 Jul 18

Someoneis going tobe killedor severely injured due to cars cutting through our street and using it as a short cut.

Henley speech therapist suffers devastating injuries after being hit by speeding car 

13 Jul 18

A PAEDIATRIC speech therapist has been left struggling to talk herself after suffering devastating injuries when a speeding car ploughed into the side of her as she pull off her driveway.

Banned driver Robert Brown who killed brothers Corey and Casper Platt-May awaits decision on sentence 

11 Jul 18

Robert Brown was travelling at more than twice the speed limit when he mowed down Corey and Casper Platt-May, aged six and two…

Hedges obstructing footpath., 11th July 

11 Jul 18

Hedge at number 30 hopstone road is out of control, it covers the footpath so when walking past it you have to walk in the road.

Birmingham six-death crash road to get speed cameras 

6 Jul 18

The Birmingham City Council-funded £90,000 project will enforce the existing the 40mph limit.

Average speed camera plan for Middleway corridor 

6 Jul 18

Plans are being drawn up to install average speed enforcement cameras along a stretch of road in Birmingham where six people lost their lives last year.

Speeding drivers taken to court by Hamstead pupils 

6 Jul 18

Drivers caught speeding outside a Great Barr school were shamed into slowing down – by being hauled in front of a court of schoolchildren.

Speeding, dangerous mini island., 6th July 

6 Jul 18

We have at least one dangerous situation here per week.

Blog comment
Creynolds Lane – Request for reduction in speed limit 

5 Jul 18

On behalf of residents of Creynolds Lane I have submitted a representation seeking a reduction of the current 40mph speed limit to 30 mph.

Blog social media
30 days of human comms #45 University of Reading 

2 Jul 18

I’ve written before about the trend for drawing a line in the sand on social media.

Loose manhole cover-School Rd, corner of Larchmere Drive B28 8JB, 2nd July 

2 Jul 18

Loose manhole cover since roads re-surfaced end of 2015/16.

Speeding motorists, 1st July 

1 Jul 18

This street appears to be used as a shortcut between Cornyx Lane and Damson Lane.

Speeding cars, 30th June 

30 Jun 18

Cars speeding past at all times of the day.

Speeding along the road, especially during after work traffic and in the evenings., 26th June 

26 Jun 18

Osmaston Road is being used by many drivers to bypass the last bit of Quinton Road, if they are turning left onto Northfield Rd afterwards.

Blog politics

26 Jun 18

I have been out and about again as part of the Oscott Labour team meeting local residents and reporting issues like speeding vehicle’s Sundridge Road and fly tipped rubbish at the junction of Oscott School Lane and Old Oscott Hill.

Hit and run driver ‘was speeding when he killed grandad outside Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium’ 

26 Jun 18

Police accident investigator says Malcolm Williams was speeding when he lost control of his van – killing bus driver Paul Foster…

Dangerous driving/speeding, 24th June 

24 Jun 18

This road is becoming increasingly dangerous with the parked cars for the hospital towards the end of the road (closest to the hospital) making it hard for vehicles to be able to get past (especially emergency services and buses) and drivers…

Information ref new Average Speed ANPR Fixed Speed Cameras 

20 Jun 18

Request to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council by dennis fallon .

Speeding vehicles, 18th June 

18 Jun 18

Leominster Road, spark Hill is 20mph zone.

The streets in Birmingham where police catch most cars speeding 

17 Jun 18

The minimum penalty for speeding is a 100 fine…

Acocks Green dad died in Magaluf after being hit by speeding car – inquest finds 

13 Jun 18

THE HEARTBROKEN family of an Acocks Green father who died in Majorca have spoken out after a coroners inquest found he had been hit by a speeding car.

Local news
Crash on Collingwood Drive 

12 Jun 18

Thanks to Ashley Preece of Birmingham Live for allowing me to use this picture.

Cars speeding, 9th June 

9 Jun 18

It’s now 20mph zone.

Local news
Signs reportedly taken down after confusion over speed limit changes on Northfield main road 

5 Jun 18

Readers were confused after signs for a speed limit change – from 40mph to 30mph – appeared on the A38 between Northfield and Longbridge yesterday (Monday 4th June).

Street is crumbling and so are the speed bumps, 4th June 

4 Jun 18

The street is crumbling, the parking bays are filling with water cause of the drains blocking up and the speed bumps need to be across the whole road as it’s not stopping cars speeding.