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Traffic lights

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Traffic lights hidden by trees, 17th June 

17 Jun 18

The traffic lights at the junction of Anderton Park and Woodstock Road are becoming buried in trees and hedges from the corner property, which are impeding visibility for drivers at this corner..

Traffic lights not acknowledging road user, 16th June 

16 Jun 18

As I travel along fordhouse Rd approaching the junction with Elston Hall Lane..

Pothole, 14th June 

14 Jun 18

Turning left from Hall Road, just after the traffic lights there is a pothole that is getting worse.

Broken traffic lights, 11th June 

11 Jun 18

There is a briken traffic light on the parade.

Traffic light not facing traffic, 8th June 

8 Jun 18

Two traffic lights are facing wrong direction so approaching traffic can not see the lights until they are almost level with the lights.

Very bad signage and road markings, 5th June 

5 Jun 18

On the approach to the island from prince’s Way the road markings are inadequate.

Traffic lights not working, 5th June 

5 Jun 18

The traffic lights have not been operational for two days now, causing problems for traffic and pedestrians Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Police Station Fletchamstead Highway, Coventry Report…

Traffic light sequence causing long delays, 5th June 

5 Jun 18

The traffic lights at the junction are causing long delays both up Wollaston Road and Collis Street.

Buttons not working on pedestrian crossing on Black Country route Wv14 Bilston. At the top of Railway Drive on the same side as Morrisons superstore, 2nd June 

2 Jun 18

There has only been one button working on this crossing for a while but now the other one doesn’t work so therefore the traffic lights are not activated to stop traffic.

Traffic lights out, 1st June 

1 Jun 18

Traffic lights not working in all directions.

Parking Blakemore Drive, 30th May 

30 May 18

Since hospital staff have been moved from the traffic lights at rectory road they are now parking here.

Pedestrian crossing traffic lights not working, 28th May 

28 May 18

Traffic lights at this pedestrian crossing located on B4124 Harborne High Street opposite Joe Richards Greengrocers and The Boston Tea Party restaurant are not working.

Traffic lights not working for pedestrian crossing, no lights at all, 21st May 

21 May 18

Lights not working at all, noticed am 21st may, busy road to cross without the crossing working.

Traffic lights out, 20th May 

20 May 18

All lights are out at this junction Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 229 Commonside, Pensnett Report on FixMyStreet…

Adjust traffic lights, 18th May 

18 May 18

Adjust the traffic lights at the junction of Bournbrook Road and Bristol Rd to take into account the current roadworks there – and the last time I checked the nearby Aston Webb Boulevard/Selly Oak bypass still hadn’t been added to the various…

The lane change at B384 and A38 junction, 17th May 

17 May 18

There used to be 3 lanes on the B384 joining to the A38 coming from the City Centre, going into 4 lanes on the A38, one of them was for turning right but now there is only 3 lanes as you go over the traffic lights, the people in the right hand…

Pedestrian crossing stuck on, 13th May 

13 May 18

The pedestrian traffic lights are always changing to red even when no one is crossing, it appears the button is stuck.

Traffic Lights out in all directions, 12th May 

12 May 18

Saltwells Road/Halesowen Road traffic signals out in all directions Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 58 Cole Street, Dudley Report on FixMyStreet…

Badly damaged surface, 11th May 

11 May 18

Badly damaged surface on road by traffic lights.

Traffic lights damaged by collision, 10th May 

10 May 18

Police witnessed van colliding with pedestrian crossing traffic light – van YS11YMT driver Simon Smith 23.03.68.

Serious traffic congestion every morning backing onto roundabout, 4th May 

4 May 18

You’ve recently installed traffic lights here.

Traffic lights out as power cut hits Lichfield city centre 

3 May 18

A power cut has left parts of Lichfield without electricity.

Large deep pothole just before the lights at bearwood, 2nd May 

2 May 18

Pothole in the right hand lane just before the traffic lights going towards birmingham Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Cornerways, 1 Hagley Road West, Harborne Report on FixMyStreet…

New Fosse Way – Potholes., 30th April 

30 Apr 18

On New Fosse Way in between the 2 islands there is a pothole formed at the pedestrian traffic lights and the slip road that joins from the island has several potholes as shown in both photos.

Changes to crossings at Lichfield junction designed to improve traffic flow along key city centre route 

27 Apr 18

Changes to a junction in Lichfield will help improve the flow of traffic through a key city centre route.