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Traffic lights

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Potholes, 17th March 

17 Mar 18

Large potholes/long sections out of the tarmac through the turning left/right arrows centre of the traffic lights Moss Grove/Stalling Lane.

Flyposts, 12th March 

12 Mar 18

On several traffic lights along road Report on FixMyStreet…

Dangerous jumping RED traffic lights, 9th March 

9 Mar 18


2 big potholes next to a long drain, caused my side wall on my tyre to rip open leaving me with a £300 bill as emergency call out as I couldn’t drive the car and it was 3am., 9th March 

9 Mar 18

Came through the traffic lights and hit this pothole, caused my tyre to blow out instantly as it ripped the side wall open and left me with a £300 bill as I had to phone a mobile tyre fitter to come and change the tyre as it was 3am.

Abandoned Road Works, 8th March 

8 Mar 18

Excavation work abandoned for the last four days at side of Amington Road, Tamworth opposite Bolehall Manor Club.

Streetsbrook Road – Pothole At Traffic Lights., 7th March 

7 Mar 18

On B4025 Streetsbrook Road, at the traffic lights where you would turn left into Station Approach, right into Ashleigh Road and straight over past the fire station, there is a pothole in the left hand lane just before Station Approach.

Frankley Beeches Road – Deep Potholes., 4th March 

4 Mar 18

The bottom end of Frankley Beeches Road near to Inverness Road, Lofthouse Crescent and Hilltop Road, on both sides of the road near the curbs there is deep potholes formed, found just past the pedestrian traffic lights.

Light timing fucked, 27th February 

27 Feb 18

Traffic lights stuck on red, Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Huskisson Way, Shirley Report on FixMyStreet…

Bristol Road South – 2 Potholes., 19th February 

19 Feb 18

On Bristol Road South at the traffic lights junction where Ashill Road is on the left, there is 2 potholes formed in the left hand lane literally just before Ashill Road on the side heading towards Rubery.

10cm deep x 30cm pothole A452, 15th February 

15 Feb 18

10cm deep x 30cm pothole A452 – growing deeper.

Set of 10cm potholes on junction, 14th February 

14 Feb 18

Set of 10cm deep x 40cm long potholes right on the junction of Warwick Road A429 and B4113 Leamington Road, at the traffic lights.

Traffic lights out completely, 12th February 

12 Feb 18

Traffic lights out completely in all directions.

More Fly posting along Soho rd, shop area, Handsworth., 10th February 

10 Feb 18

There is yet more Fly posting put along Soho Rd, some put on Holyhead Rd, Handsworth, put on Street light post, Traffic lights, signs post.

Central grass reservation filled with litter and dog poo, 7th February 

7 Feb 18

The central reservation on streetly Rd is full of litter, bottles, cans, empty fast food containers etc.

Watch: Local ‘legend’ puts life on line to direct traffic at one of Birmingham’s busiest junctions 

7 Feb 18

With the traffic lights out, Steven Singh jumped into in action in Great Barr…

Silver Car abandoned, 7th February 

7 Feb 18

Car parked and unable to check if taxed as REG is not recognised on DVLA Check OE56GGE, this is causing traffic disruption as it is stopping cars passing freely when traffic lights are at red Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically…

Traffic lights phasing incorrectly., 1st February 

1 Feb 18

The Traffic Lights are phasing incorrectly again! They were fine for a few weeks.

Blog politics
Traffic Lights Out 

30 Jan 18

A resident has just told me the lights on Harborne Road, by Ormsby Court are out of action.

4 inch deep pothole by traffic lights by tesco, 29th January 

29 Jan 18

Two pot holes by tesco traffic lights on ridgacre road the main one is 4 inches in depth and atleast 11 inches wide x 22 inches long, this pothole is extremely dangerous and recently caused damage to my power steering column due to the force…

Many Potholes, 27th January 

27 Jan 18

A rather worn out road surface with many large potholes, from the bridge over the canal for around 50 meters towards traffic lights near Hare Hounds public house.

Yardley Wood Road – Graffiti on direction sign., 26th January 

26 Jan 18

On Yardley Wood Road where it meets Wake Green Road traffic lights junction as you head towards Showell Green Lane, there is graffiti on the direction road sign as seen in the photo.

Misery for motorists as A51 roadworks cause tailbacks from Tamworth to Lichfield 

10 Jan 18

Three-way traffic lights on key road making journeys a nightmare for rush hour drivers…

Local news
Clean Air Day – the Kings Heath experiment 

8 Jan 18

On December 1st, 2017 a Clean Air Action Day took place in Kings Heath, mainly on the High Street/Alcester Road.

Rubery Lane – Deep Potholes., 2nd January 

2 Jan 18

There is potholes deep ones now formed at the traffic lights on Rubery Lane on the side heading towards Great Park, the screenshot shows the location to find them.

Traffic lights stuck on read (17:55 Sat 30th Dec), 30th December 

30 Dec 17

Traffic lights at bottom of car park ramp only let one car through at a time and then eventually stuck on red.