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Women urgently warned over ‘dangerous’ new ‘peegasm’ toilet trend 

11 Jul 18

The trend – being given a bizarre name online – has swept the internet…

Twisted internet pervert jailed for preying on US children 

9 Jul 18

Benjamin Reynolds created fake web account to lure kids into sending pictures…

Twenty Four Hours in Police Custody 

26 Jun 18

Last night’s episode was a belter wasn’t it? … see Channel 4 ‘catch up’ on the internet, if you missed it: 10pm on 25th June.

Internet giant Google backs down and finally gives Sutton Coldfield ‘Royal Town’ status 

17 Jun 18

MP Andrew Mitchell said the Royal Town name is ‘cherished and well-used…

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Public Notice to All Sandwell Labour Councillors. 

15 Jun 18

Here is a notice that I have sent to all the Labour Councillors at corrupt Sandwell.

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Google confirms Royal title in victory for Sutton Coldfield 

15 Jun 18

Internet Goliath Google has finally agreed to use Sutton Coldfield’s Royal Title on all Google Map products throughout the world in a victory for the Royal Town.

Cutting your carbon footprint with packaging 

14 Jun 18

You can’t use the internet, switch on the tv or tune into the radio these days without hearing about the impact we’re having on our environment.

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provocation, responsibility and relevance – the problem with lush & #spycops 

7 Jun 18

The Lush campaign – principled and brave or daft and misguided? by Ben Capper Every once in a while, a marketing campaign comes along that grabs our collective attention and gets us talking.

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Financing Your Life And Choices 

4 Jun 18

Once upon a time shopping was simple.

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A Weird Phenomenon 

22 May 18

Nigel spotted something very, very weird when he got to Tom and The Lovely Laura’s estate yesterday morning.

Over-usage of mobile phones at night is linked to depression and disrupted sleep 

16 May 18

With an epidemic of social media and over-usage of mobile phones across the country, it seems to me that it is hardly surprising that this over-use may ultimately have a negative effect on our health.

Database of services 

10 May 18

Response by Lichfield District Council to Tay Jiva on 10 May 2018 .

Trees behind the house are so overgrown that openreach cannot fix/reach the telephone pole. We have no telephone or internet. Our road is not cabled either so the phone lines are our only option., 2nd May 

2 May 18

This pole was supposed to be fixed last June but never happened.

Knowle hairdresser launches new social media challenge in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital 

2 May 18

A KNOWLE hairdresser has started a new viral internet trend which is flooding social media across the globe in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

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Robert Goerman Reviews “The Slenderman Mysteries” 

25 Apr 18

An excellent new review from Robert Goerman of my recently published book, “The Slenderman Mystreries.

Pamela Anderson heartbroken as she tells Piers Morgan of Julian Assange ‘torture’ 

17 Apr 18

Assange, who has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, recently had his internet access cut off…

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Sparks – Wonder Girl 

9 Apr 18

Currently reading a fine biog of Sparks, Talent Is An Asset, which prompted me to go snuffling about the darkest corners of the internet…

West Midlands Police chief slams ‘irresponsible’ online retailers for selling ‘relay’ car theft tool 

8 Apr 18

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson has written to the online internet giants to say it is not responsible…

Weird Arseholes presents Gary Powndland & Friends 

3 Apr 18

Weird Arseholes presents Gary Powndland Friends Live Comedy Wolverhampton’s own internet sensation Gary Powndland is doing his first full length show, and where else but his hometown! Gary will be giving his unique perspective on life and has …

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Would you buy your Walsall home off the internet? 

27 Mar 18

People say buying a house or moving home is stressful.

View from the House – 16th March 2018 

16 Mar 18

Mark Twain allegedly said that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Wayleave Charges 

15 Mar 18

Request sent to Coventry City Council by J Wray on 15 March 2018 .

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Regulating the Internet and Cloud Computing 

14 Mar 18

M’ learned friend has recently written about * Cloud* Computing as being somebody else’s computer in somebody else’s data centre and I have to agree with him.

March 4th – I was going stir crazy. A bad day – the internet was… 

5 Mar 18

March 4th – I was going stir crazy.

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New Article on the Slenderman… 

20 Feb 18

Over at Mysterious Universe , there’s a new article from me on the Slenderman phenomenon and my new book on the subject, The Slenderman Mysteries .